How To Change Pedal Stiffness on Logitech Pro Pedals

The new Pro pedals form Logitech come with a wide array of adjustability. You can swap out springs and elastomers to adjust the stiffness of each pedal. In this guide, I'll show you how to change the stiffness of the Logitech Pro Pedals.

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In this guide, I’m going to be showing you how to adjust the pedal stiffness for each pedal on the Logitech Pro Pedals. The solution is pretty ingenious and requires no tools whatsoever.

As you can see from the included manual, there are four different strength springs included. Two are pre-installed to the throttle and clutch already, and there are an additional two springs included in the box.

The stiffness ranges from brown being the stiffest, then red, then yellow and finally white being the softest spring. So the white spring will require the least amount of force to fully depress, while the brown will require the highest.

How to change the spring on the throttle and clutch

Changing these springs in and out is incredibly easy. Simply pull back on either the throttle or clutch, whichever you wish to change first. Then lift the whole rear pedal mechanism up. This will essentially allow the rear of the pedal to slide away from the front.

Remove Logitech Pro PEdal Spring

You can then remove the spring, and replace this with a different one. The pedals come pre-installed with the red spring on the clutch and yellow spring on the throttle.

If I hold all springs together you can see some difference in height and coil tightness.

So then it is a case of choosing the spring you wish to try out. Slide it onto the rear of the pedal, and then slide over the rear locking mechanism. Once both of these are back on the pedal, ensure the white arrow is pointing upwards. Then pull back and re-insert the pedal into its spot.

Logitech Springs

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And that is all you need to do and you’re ready to race again.

I changed the clutch spring out a few times to try and find the correct stiffness, eventually opting for the stiffest brown spring. And then for the throttle, I opted for the red spring, making it a little stiffer than standard.

How to adjust the brake stiffness

The brake uses the same principles as the other two pedals, but involves a few extra steps due to its complexity. The instructions show you exactly how to change the elastomers at the rear of the brake pedal, and what combination produces the highest and lowest levels of resistance.

Remove Logitech Brake Pedal

Much like the throttle and clutch, the brake pedal comes pre-installed with three elastomers, and then there are another three included in the box, along with some lubricant to ensure everything works smoothly.

To remove the brake assembly, you pull back on the brake pedal just like we did for the throttle and clutch. It will be stiffer to remove than the throttle and clutch so you will have to pull a little harder.

Once it is out of its slot, you then have to unscrew the blue part that includes the load cell wording on the top. Once unscrewed, you can simply remove the lower part of the rear brake assembly.

Here you will see the elastomers, and you can also see the red elastomer on the end of the brake. Simply remove these and replace them with the new elastomers. There is lubricant on them already to allow for smooth movement, so you’ll need to wipe it all down and re-apply the lubricant when adding new elastomers.

Logitech Pro Brake Pedal Assembly

Once you have installed the elastomers into the brake assembly, slide the rear part back onto the shaft. And then re-attach the blue part by screwing them together.

Finally, pull back on the brake once more and re-insert it into its slot, ensuring that the white arrow is pointing up.

And that is how you adjust the brake assembly.

As you can see, this process is incredibly easy and takes just a couple of minutes. You may only have to do this once or twice until you find your ideal pedal stiffness, but it’s a neat way of adjusting the pedals.

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