How To Calibrate Fanatec Shifter: Complete How To Guide

If you've recently purchased a Fanatec H-Pattern Shifter the first thing you need to do is calibrate it. Follow this quick guide to find out how to calibrate Fanatec shifter.

How to calibrate fanatec shifter
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Introduction to calibrating your Fanatec shifter

Setting up and calibrating your Fanatec shifter is a relatively quick and simple process, but it is essential to calibrate your sim racing shifter before it can work correctly in-game. The process simply involves calibrating each gear of your H-pattern shifter individually through your Fanatec racing wheel.

This process is the same for every Fanatec wheel. The only difference you may run into is the button combination to enter the Fanatec shifter calibration mode on your wheel. I’ll include the button combination below for the most common Fanatec wheels.

The Fanatec shifter we are using for this guide is the ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5. The ClubSport shifter can serve as both a sequential or H-pattern shifter and includes 7 gears in H-pattern mode.

Step 1 – Connect your Fanatec shifter to your racing wheel

The first step is a simple one. Simply connect your Fanatec shifter to your wheel. This can be done in two ways. Either connect it via an RJ12 cable into the rear of your Fanatec wheel base, or connect it directly to your PC via USB.

Once all of your peripherals are connected and your wheel base is connected to either your Xbox, PlayStation or PC, power on your Fanatec wheel base.

Step 2 – Enter the shifter calibration mode

The next step is to enter the shifter calibration mode. This is done directly on the Fanatec racing wheel. You will simply have to press a two-button combination to enable shifter calibration mode.

This combination is different on some steering wheels, however, I’ve included some of the most popular wheels below. The two buttons listed below have to be pressed at the same time. Then you should see on your OLED display of either the steering wheel or wheel base that shifter calibration has started.

  • ClubSport Formula V2.5, V2.5X or Podium F1 – Tuning button + the bottom right push button (in the cluster of three centred buttons)
  • McLaren GT3 V2 – Tuning button + “P” button (top right under the RSB button)
  • ClubSport Universal Hub V2 – Tuning button + button labelled “5” (on the top of the hub)
  • Podium Button Module Endurance – Tuning button + bottom right yellow button

Step 3 – Calibrate each gear

Once you are in the shifter calibration mode, you can then go through and calibrate each gear individually using the Fanatec shifter. You will know you are in the shifter calibration mode as the display on your wheel or wheel base will ask you to select the first gear. To complete the full calibration follow the steps below.

How To calibrate Fanatec Shifter Guide
  • Using the Fanatec shifter, engage first gear.
  • Once the first gear is engaged you will have to press the relevant button on your steering wheel.
    • This is almost always the same button that you pressed with the tuning button to enter the shifter calibration mode. For example, on the ClubSport Formula V2.5X, you press the bottom right push button once first gear is engaged.
  • After pressing the button on your steering wheel, the display will change and ask for the next gear.
  • Engage the second gear on your shifter and press the same button on your steering wheel.
  • Repeat this step for all gears.
  • If your shifter doesn’t have a 7th gear, you can just engage the neutral position and press the button to continue.

Once this process is complete, your Fanatec shifter will be successfully calibrated and should be working perfectly. You may need to repeat this process if you change your hardware setup or if you recalibrate your racing wheel.

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