The GT Omega Black Friday Sale Is Live

GT Omega Black Friday Sale
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GT Omega, everyone’s favourite sim racing cockpit and gaming chair manufacturer, have just set their Black Friday deals live!

If, like many, you have become rather addicted to sim racing or just gaming in general throughout 2020. The news that GT Omega have reduced some of their most popular gaming chairs, and racing cockpits is fantastic news!

So what is included in the sale, and how do you make these days up until Black Friday count, before everything goes back up to regular price?

Where Can I Get The GT Omega Black Friday Discounts?

All of the discounts which GT Omega have announced for Black Friday, are available on their own website. Here you can browse their entire product lineup, and view the best discounts.

Buying directly from GT Omega is possibly the best way to buy any of their products. You get a full warranty and support with GT Omega themselves, meaning should anything go wrong. It’ll be as easy as possible to get any issue resolved.

View all of the deals available on GT Omega’s official website.

Where Can I See All Discounts In One Place?

If, like us, you don’t fancy scrolling through pages and pages of products, just to find the deal you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. You can head right over to our GT Omega Black Friday hub to view every discount in a single place.

From there, you can click through and purchase directly from GT Omega. Eliminating all the faff of having to search through pages and pages of products.

View all GT Omega Black Friday deals in our Black Friday hub.

GT Omega Black Friday Deals

What Are The Best Deals?

APEX wheels Stand

The main product with the biggest discount is the APEX Wheel Stand. Which in itself is one of the better stand-alone racing wheel stands you can buy.

In the UK, the APEX Wheel Stand is down to just £124.95. Making it one of the cheapest wheel stands or racing cockpits you can buy at the moment.

View the APEX Wheel Stand here.

Gaming Accessories

There are also some huge savings to be had on gaming accessories. Up to 42% off in fact! If you are looking for a gaming mouse mat for some extra performance. Or a backpack to transport your laptop and game accessories, then now is the time to pick them up.

View all GT Omega accessories here.

Elite Series Gaming Chair

The Elite Series chairs by GT Omega is technically a mid level gaming chair. However it is without a doubt comfortable enough to be used for hours and hours of gaming.

View all Elite Series gaming chairs here.

Get An Extra 5% Off On Top Of The Black Friday Prices

If the GT Omega Black Friday deals aren’t enough for you. Then we can help you get another 5% off all prices, including the already discounted products.

If you follow any of our links on this page, or on our Black Friday hub page, then an extra 5% discount will be added at the checkout.

If, for any reason it doesn’t automatically apply the discount, use the code GTO5.

Grab Your Sim Racing Gear Here

You can use the links below to shop for your favourite sim racing products, or for any products that we may have recommended. These links are affiliate links, and will earn us a small commission, with no additional cost for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What date is Black Friday in 2020?

Black Friday falls on Friday 27th November 2020, however GT Omega have already announced their Black Friday deals.

Will GT Omega reduce products more on Black Friday?

GT Omega have confirmed that the discounts that they've already announced will be final, and there wont be any further reductions come Black Friday.

What is the biggest discount?

The discounts vary from 10% all the way up to a mighty 42%!

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