Forza Motorsport Car Pass Explained

Forza Motorsport is launching alongside a car pass. But what is included in this car pass, how much is it, and is it worth buying?

Forza Motorsport Car Pass Explained

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Forza Motorsport is launching with a car pass which can be purchased. The car pass can be bought either individually or as part of any upgraded edition of the game.

With Forza Motorsport games releasing a large number of DLC and downloadable cars in the past. Many are wondering how the car pass will work for Forza Motorsport 8.

In this guide, I’ll run through how the Forza Motorsport car pass works, how much it costs, what’s included and whether it is worth buying.

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What is the Forza car pass?

The Forza Motorsport car pass is a piece of additional content which brings extra cars into Forza Motorsport over time. It can be looked at as a season pass with new cars being available only for car pass owners.

There will be 30 new cars added to car pass which will become immediately playable in Forza Motorsport for car pass owners. One new car will be added every week, meaning players will get new cars for a total of 30 weeks after the game’s initial launch.

How does Forza car pass work?

The newest Forza Motorsport places a big emphasis on Forza’s new Builders Cup game mode. In this game mode, you’ll take cars that have been divided into different categories out on track to compete with similar cars. You’ll spend time with your car of choice which will level up your car allowing you to upgrade it for future races.

The car pass feeds directly into the Builders Cup giving players fresh challenges across Forza’s lifespan. New cars will become immediately playable as part of the Builders Cup which should keep the game feeling fresh with a new car each week.

How much does Forza Motorsport car pass cost?

At launch, the Forza Motorsport car pass isn’t available to buy individually. If you want to access the bonus cars via car pass, you will need to buy one of the upgraded versions of the game.

Car Pass is included with the Deluxe edition, Premium edition, and the Premium Add-Ons bundle.

Each of these bundles includes a variety of additional bonuses as part of the bundle, but each edition includes the complete 30-car car pass. Below is the cost of each different Forza Motorsport bundle

Forza Premium Add-onForza Deluxe EditionForza Premium Edition
Game not includedForza Motorsport GameForza Motorsport Game
Race Day Car PackCar PassRace Day Car Pack
Car PassCar Pass
VIP MembershipVIP Membership
Welcome PackWelcome Pack
Buy Premium Add-onBuy Forza Deluxe EditionBuy Forza Premium Edition

What does the car pass include in Forza Motorsport?

Forza and the developers at Turn 10 haven’t detailed which specific cars will be included in the entire car pass. However, they have given us information on the first four cars to be added to Forza Motorsport via the car pass.

Each of these cars will be released on a weekly basis. Beyond these four cars, we don’t currently know any of the future cars to be added.

What cars are included in the Forza Motorsport car pass?

Below are the first four cars to be added to Forza Motorsport as part of the car pass.

CarRelease date
2018 Volkswagen #22 Experion Racing Golf GTI5th October
2019 Dodge #9 American V8 Road Racing TA Challenger12th October
1999 Nissan #23 NISMO Clarion R39119th October
2020 BMW M2 Competition Coupe26th October

Is Forza Motorsport Car Pass worth buying?

Forza Motorsport already launches with an impressive 500 cars. This should be enough for the majority of players to get a lot of value from this new Forza Motorsport game, especially for those who are playing on Game Pass.

The car pass extends the lifespan of Forza Motorsport by giving players new cars every week which can be used across all of Forza’s game modes.

If you’re planning on playing Forza Motorsport for years to come, the car pass could well be worth considering. You also get access to additional content if you buy it as part of Forza’s premium bundle making it relatively good value.

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