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Fanatec has one of the widest sim racing product ranges on the market. But which Fanatec products are best, and which should you consider buying. This guide rounds up all Fanatec reviews for popular products such as the CSL DD, GT DD Pro, DD1 and more.

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With so many sim racing products available from racing wheels to pedals, shifters to cockpits, Fanatec boasts one of the most well-rounded sim racing product ranges. But which Fanatec products are best?

In this detailed guide, we take a look at every Fanatec product, compare each one, and give each product a rating. We’ll also link to the best Fanatec reviews for a more detailed analysis of each Fanatec product.

The goal of this guide is to showcase which Fanatec products sit above the rest in terms of performance, design and value for money. Hopefully, this will help you narrow down which Fanatec racing wheel, pedal or peripheral is right for you.

All Fanatec reviews compared

Below is a comparison table of all Fanatec products we have tested and reviewed. We have included a link to our review of each product as well as a quick link to the product in the Fanatec webshop.

The ratings below have been dictated by our review while using each product and are based on the design, performance, build quality and value for money of each Fanatec product. Each Fanatec review rating is a score from 0-10 with 10 being the best.

ProductProduct typeRatingReviewWhere to buy
CSL DDWheel base9.4Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
GT DD ProWheel base9.1Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
DD1Wheel base9.2Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
DD2Wheel base9.3Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
Formula V2.5XSteering Wheel9.2Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
McLaren GT3 V2Steering Wheel8.9Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
ClubSport F1 Esports V2Steering Wheel9.1Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
CSL Elite WRCSteering Wheel8.2Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
ClubSport BMW GT2 V2Steering Wheel8.4Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
CSL PedalsPedals7.9Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
CSL Pedals Load CellPedals8.9Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
CSL Elite Pedals V2Pedals8.2Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
ClubSport Pedals V3Pedals9.1Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
ClubSport V3 InvertedPedals9.1Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5Shifter8.6Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
ClubSport Handbrake V1.5Handbrake9.2Full review hereBuy from Fanatec
RennSport V2Cockpit8.9Full review hereBuy from Fanatec

The best Fanatec wheel bases

Fanatec’s range of racing wheels and wheel bases used to be the best around. Up until a few years ago, Fanatec’s product lineup included wheel bases from more budget-friendly belt-driven wheels, through to mid-tier wheel bases and then high-performing direct drive wheels.

Then Fanatec completely refreshed their wheel base lineup with the introduction of the low cost direct drive wheel bases. Both the CSL DD and GT DD Pro introduced a new wave of small, direct drive wheel bases that quickly became best sellers.



ClubSport DD

DD1 & DD2

Fanatec CSL DD
Fanatec GT DD Pro
Fanatec DD1 & DD2
  • From €349.95

  • 8Nm of torque

  • Xbox & PC

  • From €599.95

  • 8Nm of torque

  • Xbox, PS5 & PC

  • From €799.95

  • 12-15Nm

  • Xbox, PS5 & PC

  • From €1199.95

  • 20 - 25Nm

  • Xbox & PC

Fanatec’s current range of wheel bases includes both the CSL DD and GT DD Pro which offer 5-8Nm of peak torque. Then there are the two high-performance wheel bases, the DD1 and DD2. These produce 20-25Nm of peak torque.

If you are looking for a Fanatec wheel base, there is no real middle ground between the 8Nm and 20Nm wheel bases.

Small direct drive Fanatec wheel bases
ProductPriceCompatibilityWhere To Buy
CSL DD 5Nm€/$349.95Xbox, PCBuy from Fanatec
CSL DD 8Nm€/$449.95Xbox, PCBuy from Fanatec
GT DD Pro 5Nm (Bundle)€/$699.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
GT DD Pro 8Nm€/$599.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec

On the more budget-friendly side of Fanatec’s racing wheel offerings are the CSL DD and GT DD Pro. Both of these wheel bases are almost identical in terms of performance.

The main difference between the two racing wheels is their compatibility with consoles. The CSL DD is Xbox and PC compatible, while the GT DD Pro is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

The extra compatibility of the GT DD Pro does make it a touch more expensive, coming in at around €/$100 more expensive. Other than the compatibility and the increased price of the GT DD Pro, both wheel bases perform identically.

You can pick up each wheel base in a lower-powered 5Nm form, or opt for a more powerful 8Nm configuration. I would highly recommend the more powerful 8Nm version of either wheel base as 5Nm feels a little underpowered.

Despite the 5Nm wheel configuration feeling a little low-powered, both the 5Nm and 8Nm wheel bases perform incredibly well. The force feedback is incredible and really competes with high-powered direct drive wheels.

High-performance Fanatec wheel bases
ProductPriceCompatibilityWhere To Buy
DD1€/$1,199.95Xbox, PCBuy from Fanatec
DD2€/$1,499.95Xbox, PCBuy from Fanatec

The original direct drive wheel bases, both the Fanatec DD1 and DD2 have been around for a good few years. These two wheel bases are among the most popular high-performance direct drive wheels, thanks to their performance and compatibility.

The DD1 and DD2 each offer different levels of performance, with the DD1 being the less powerful of the two. The DD1 can produce up to 20Nm of peak torque, and the DD2 can produce up to 25Nm of peak torque.

Both wheel bases offer great force feedback performance and detail and remain two of the best premium wheel bases. Each wheel base features an integrated OLED display allowing for live telemetry and customisation.

Despite being older than the newer CSL DD and GT DD Pro, both of these premium wheels bases remain compatible with all Fanatec’s current range of steering wheels. And both still make for an excellent purchase if you’re looking for high-end performance.

The best Fanatec pedals

CSL Elite V2

CSL Pedals

ClubSport V3

V3 Inverted

CSL Elite V2
CSL Pedals
ClubSport V3
Fanatec ClubSport V3 Inverted Pedals
  • €299.95

  • Xbox, PS5, PC

  • From €79.95

  • Xbox, PS5, PC

  • €399.95

  • Xbox, PS5, PC

  •  €599.95

  • Xbox, PS5, PC

Much like their wheel base offering, Fanatec has a few distinctly different pedals in their current ecosystem. You have the choice between extremely budget-friendly pedals such as the CSL pedal set. All the way up to premium pedals such as the ClubSport V3 pedals.

It is worth noting that Fanatec currently doesn’t have any extremely high-performance pedals such as those available from brands like Heusinkveld or Asetek.

Budget Fanatec pedals

If you are looking for a budget set of sim racing pedals, Fanatec does have a low priced two pedal set, the Fanatec CSL Pedals. This set includes two pedals, a throttle and a brake. These are fine, although the brake pedal does not include a load cell so aren’t as realistic as their other pedal offerings.

You can upgrade these the to CSL Pedals LC which include a third pedal with a load cell. This gives you a complete three pedal set with a load cell brake pedal. It’s important to say that the resistance of the load cell brake pedal is incredibly stiff, which can put some sim racers off.

Sitting above the CSL Pedals LC in terms of performance are the CSL Elite Pedals V2. This is another three pedal set with a load cell brake. The construction is of a higher quality than the CSL Pedals LC, and the brake offers better levels of resistance.

The downside of the CSL Elite Pedals V2 is that they cost €/$100 more than the CSL Pedals LC. This is a big jump in price for a small increase in performance and quality.

ProductPriceCompatibilityWhere To Buy
CSL Pedals€/$79.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
CSL Pedals LC€/$199.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
CSL Elite Pedals V2€/$299.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
ClubSport V3€/$399.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
Clubsport V3 Inverted€/$599.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
Premium Fanatec pedals

On the more premium and high performance side, Fanatec offer the ClubSport V3 pedals. These can be purchased in their normal form or an inverted layout. These pedals start at €/$399.95 putting them in a more premium category.

Much like the other pedals that Fanatec offer, the ClubSport V3 pedals include three pedals with a load cell brake. What makes these pedals stand apart from the others is the level of customisation available.

You can adjust each pedal individually in many ways. You can change the pedal positioning along with the resistance, pedal travel and more.

These pedals also include a much higher build quality and nicer design than other Fanatec pedals. They are an excellent choice of sim racing pedal that many sim racers swear by.

The best Fanatec steering wheels

Fanatec have a huge range of steering wheels, way too many to list here. Instead, I’ll talk about some of the best steering wheels across Fanatec’s extensive lineup.

This large range of steering wheels is one of the major draws of the Fanatec ecosystem. As a sim racer, you can swap and change any wheel with any wheel base and grow your collection over time.

No matter your budget, you have a good range of steering wheels available. Fanatec’s steering wheels start from just €/$119.95 with a few different options available for under €/$200.

Most of Fanatec’s steering wheels sit within the €/$300 – €/$400 price range, although some do stretch up to a whopping €/$1,499!

In the table below are some of the best picks from the steering wheel range across a range of different budgets.

Formula V2.5X

Porsche 911 GT3

McLaren GT3 V2

F1 Esports V2

Formula V2.5X
Porsche 911 GT3
McLaren GT3 V2
F1 Esports V2
  • €399.95

  • PS5 + PS4

  • From €549.95

  • Xbox + PS5/4

  • €199.95

  • Xbox + PS5/4

  • €269.95

  • PS5 + PS4

Budget Fanatec steering wheels

At the lower price range, the McLaren GT3 V2 is a fantastic steering wheel. It is one of the many officially branded Fanatec wheels boasting the McLaren partnership.

This steering wheel recently got an update, with the V2 wheel improving on some of the original weaknesses. This is a steering wheel I raced with for around a year, and it performed incredibly well throughout my use.

Mid-range Fanatec steering wheels

The mid-range price point is where Fanatec wheels really shine. Within this price range you have a large number of steering wheels from formula-style wheels to circular wheels.

My favourite has to be the Formula V2.5X. This steering wheel has one of the very best formula-style designs of any sim racing wheel. It features a perfect amount of inputs including buttons, joysticks and encoders.

There is also a range of LED lights that act as rev lights and flag lights, and the wheel is constructed from carbon fibre.

Premium Fanatec steering wheels

Breaking the €/$500 mark are the Porsche 911 GT3 steering wheels. There are a few different designs to choose from with different wheel shapes and finishes.

Whichever design you choose, they all sit as some of the best Fanatec steering wheels available. All Porsche wheels feature a large number of inputs from push buttons to encoders. And each one has the Porsche logo sitting front and centre.

The best Fanatec peripherals

Fanatec also offer a range of different peripherals outside of racing wheels and pedals. These additional peripherals include one of the best sim racing shifters around, a handbrake and a few different paddle modules.

Each of these peripherals can be used alongside most other Fanatec products.

ProductPriceCompatibilityWhere To Buy
ClubSport Shifter SQ V 1.5€/$259.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
ClubSport Handbrake V1.5€/$129.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
Podium Button Module Endurance€/$199.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
Podium Advanced Paddle Module€/$179.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module€/$99.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
ClubSport Static Shifter Paddles€/$59.95Xbox, PS5, PCBuy from Fanatec
Shifter and handbrake

Both the Fanatec shifter and handbrake can be used with any sim racing setup from any brand. Each can be connected directly to your PC allowing you to add them to any sim racing setup.

The shifter in particular is an excellent sim racing product. It includes both a H-pattern and sequential mode and both perform very well.

The shifter can be mounted in various different ways depending on your sim rig layout. And it can even be mounted to the Fanatec handbrake.

Button and paddle modules

Fanatec also sells a range of modules that can be attached to various Fanatec steering wheels. Both of the ClubSport paddle modules add two shifter paddles to your steering wheel. These can be attached to most Fanatec wheels to add extra functionality or improve the shifter performance.

On the high-performing end, the Podium Advanced Paddle Module adds six additional shifters to your steering wheel. These can be configured in your sim racing game as shifters, clutch paddles or other inputs such as DRS and ERS.

The Podium Button Module Endurance is the same module found on the Porsche 911 steering wheels. It adds a huge number of inputs to your steering wheel. There are a variety of push buttons along with joysticks and rotary encoders. There is also a display and LED lights to aid with shifting.


Hopefully this guide on everything Fanatec has been helpful in narrowing down which products if any are suitable for your sim racing setup. Our Fanatec reviews that are linked at the top of the page give a much more in-depth review of each product and whether each individual Fanatec product is worth buying.

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