Fanatec Reveal GT DD Pro – Brand new PS5 Direct Drive Wheel

Fanatec have just unveiled their PlayStation 5 version of the CSL DD wheel base, designed specifically for Gran Turismo 7. Here are all of the details and everything you need to know.

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Fanatec Gran Tursimo DD Pro Revealed

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Fanatec has finally revealed the secret product that they teased during their Black Friday announcement. And boy is it a big product reveal.

The brand new product is none other than Fanatec’s PlayStation 5 compatible CSL DD wheelbase, named the GT DD Pro.

What is the Fanatec GT DD Pro?

The Fanatec GT DD Pro is a direct drive wheelbase exclusive for PlayStation 5. It is officially licensed by Gran Turismo, and even features Gran Turismo in its name.

The GT DD Pro racing wheel was developed alongside Gran Turismo 7 developers Polyphony Digital, making it the perfect racing wheel for the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 game when it releases in March 2022. This is the official racing wheel for Gran Turismo 7.

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The GT DD Pro was developed alongside the CSL DD wheelbase meaning it shares it’s technology with the mighty popular CSL DD.

By bringing direct-drive technology to PlayStation 5 consoles, the GT DD Pro has become only the second-ever PlayStation compatible direct-drive racing wheel. And guess what, Fanatec produced the first direct-drive wheel for PlayStation in the form of the Podium F1.

The GT DD Pro shares much of its insides with the CSL DD, meaning just like the CSL DD, the GT DD Pro also produces 5Nm of torque in its base form. And it also comes with an optional Boost Kit which increases the torque output to 8Nm.

Again, like the CSL DD, the GT DD Pro features exclusive Fanatec technology named FluxBarrier, which improves the detail and clarity of the force-feedback.

One of the best things about the GT DD Pro is that it comes ready to use with PlayStation 5 consoles straight out of the box.

The GT DD Pro Steering Wheel Design

Fanatec has worked with Polyphony Digital directly to design the steering wheel. The wheel features Gran Turismo branding and is constructed using fibreglass-reinforced plastic.

Like most Fanatec steering wheels, the GT DD Pro wheel features a selection of buttons and other inputs. In total, there are 11 push buttons and five 5-way directional sticks. One of these directional sticks is dedicated to menu navigation while the other four allow for in-game control adjustments.

Towards the top of the steering wheel is a bright white OLED screen which allows for tuning access as well as telemetry displays. And on the rear of the wheel are two in-built shifter paddles.

The steering wheel also uses the QR1 Lite quick-release. This will let you quickly remove the steering wheel so you can interchange wheels as you switch racing disciplines.

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The Fanatec GT DD Pro Racing Wheel Bundles

Unlike the CSL DD, which only comes as a stand-alone wheelbase. The GT DD Pro comes in a pre-packaged bundle, featuring a Gran Turismo licensed steering wheel rim and the CSL 2-pedal set.

In total there are four different bundles you can purchase.

GT DD Pro (5Nm)

This bundle gives you everything you need to start sim racing, straight out of the box. It comes with the 5Nm direct drive wheelbase, the Gran Turismo licensed steering wheel and the 2-pedal CSL pedal set.

This base bundle costs €/$699.95.

Buy from Fanatec now

GT DD Pro (8Nm)

If you fancy more torque, you can pick up the 8Nm bundle. This includes everything from the 5Nm bundle above, but with the addition of the Boost Kit. Just like with the CSL DD, the Boost Kit increases torque output to 8Nm giving more powerful force feedback.

The 8Nm bundle costs €/$849.95.

Buy from Fanatec now

GT DD Pro (Premium)

At the top of the tree sits the premium bundle. This bundle includes the 8Nm GT DD Pro and steering wheel. However, this bundle improves the pedals by including the 3-pedal CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit. This bundle includes the improved pedals at a discounted price compared to purchasing separately.

The Premium bundle costs €/$969.85.

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GT DD Pro (Express Delivery)

Finally, if you want the quickest delivery of the GT DD Pro, you can order the express delivery bundle. This includes the 5Nm bundle but aims to get it delivered to you before Christmas 2021.

The Express delivery bundle costs €/$849.95.

Buy from Fanatec now

GT DD Pro (5Nm)

GT DD Pro (8Nm)

GT DD Pro Premium

GT DD Pro Express Delivery

Fanatec GT DD Pro (5Nm)
Fanatec GT DD Pro 8Nm
Fanatec GT DD Pro Premium bundle
Express delivery Fanatec
  • GT DD Pro base package

  • €/$699.95

  • GT DD Pro Plus Boost Kit 180

  • €/$849.95

  • Includes CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit

  • €/$969.85

  • 5Nm model delivered before Xmas

  • €/$849.95

How much does the Fanatec GT DD Pro cost?

The GT DD Pro costs from just €/$699.95. This price includes the GT DD Pro wheelbase, the Gran Turismo licensed steering wheel and pedal set.

There are a couple of other options to consider before hitting the buy button.

You can also purchase the Gran Turismo DD Pro with the Boost Kit. This increases torque output to 8Nm, and costs €/$849.95.

Finally there is the Gran Turismo DD Pro Premium bundle. The premium bundle includes the Boost Kit, and upgrades the pedals to a three pedal set with load-cell. This bundle costs €/$969.85

Buy the GT DD Pro from the EU

Buy the GT DD Pro from the US

When is the GT DD Pro release date?

The Fanatec GT DD Pro goes on sale on the 26th November 2021, with a first delivery date of March 2022. You can also purchase the GT DD Pro to be delivered before Christmas this year!

If you pay for the express shipping option you can get the whole GT DD Pro 5Nm bundle delivered before Christmas. Be quick with this one as I’m sure these pre-Christmas units will sell out extremely fast!

Can I pre-order the Fanatec GT DD Pro now?

You will be able to pre-order your Fanatec GT DD Pro bundle from the 26th November 2021 onwards.

We would highly recommend getting in early if you are planning on buying one. As the Fanatec website has a tendency to go down when big products are announced. Availability might be at a premium, so an early pre-order is the way to go.

Where to buy the Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel

The only place you can purchase the new GT DD Pro wheel is via Fanatec’s website directly. Below are the links to the products.

Buy the GT DD Pro from the EU

Buy the GT DD Pro from the US

What’s included with the Gran Turismo DD Pro bundle?

Whichever bundle you choose you will get the following included in the box. Of course with the premium bundle, you will get the three-pedal load cell pedals instead of the two-pedal set. And with the 8Nm bundles, you will also receive the Boost Kit 180 included in your bundle.

  • Gran Turismo DD Pro direct drive wheelbase
  • Steering wheel for Gran Turismo DD Pro
  • Pedals for Gran Turismo DD Pro (two-pedal set)
  • Table clamp
  • 90W power supply (regional)
  • 4x T-nuts for rail mount system
  • USB cable (Type-C to Type-A)
  • RJ12 connection cable for pedals
  • Pedal spacers for hard-mounting
  • Torx Key
  • Quick Start Guide

This bundle does include good value for money. There are a few options that Fanatec normally sell as optional extras included. These include the CSL DD table clamp, which normally retails for €29.95.

If you opt for the premium bundle you’ll also get the CSL Load-cell pedals included at a discounted price.

Gran Turismo DD Pro compatibility

The GT DD Pro has been designed to work flawlessly with PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles. And is even developed with Polyphony Digital ensuring it works perfectly with Gran Turismo. It is also perfectly compatible with PC’s.

The Fanatec SDK ensures that this wheel will be compatible with all major racing games that are available on both PlayStation 5 and PC.

If you wanted to purchase the GT DD Pro and switch out the steering wheel for a different wheel rim, good news. This wheelbase is compatible with all current Fanatec steering wheels.

The GT DD Pro features Fanatec’s QR1 Lite quick-release system.

It is also compatible with all other peripherals such as the Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake, Shifters and Pedals.

This makes the GT DD Pro the perfect base to build your perfect sim racing setup around.

Gran Turismo DD Pro Review

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Watch the official launch video for the GT DD Pro

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