Fanatec Reveal Exclusive F1 2020 Wheel

Exclusive Fanatec F1 2020 Wheel

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Fanatec have once again followed their yearly tradition of releasing an exclusive F1 wheel rim to coincide with the launch of the latest F1 video game. This year is no different. 2020 sees Fanatec launching a stunning forged carbon racing wheel.

This wheel rim is a limited-edition wheel that will only have 2,020 units produced and sold world wide. Fanatec have officially unveiled the wheel, and it is priced at €449.95 / £397.

The wheel itself is based on the current ClubSport Formula V2 wheel, offering all of the same functionality. The CS Formula V2 wheel currently costs €369 / £325.

This exclusive steering wheel will be compatible with most of Fanatec’s wide product lineup. It will work with the CSL Elite wheel base, ClubSport V2 & V2.5 wheel bases, and the incredible direct drive range, Podium DD1 & DD2.

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Unfortunatly for Xbox owners, this new Fanatec F1 2020 wheel is a PS4 exclusive, and will only work on PC and PS4 consoles. Sorry Xbox gamers!

The stand out design of this new Fanatec racing wheel, is the stunning orange design cues and the forged carbon that runs throughout this wheel rim. Fanatec have also done away with the usual Alcantara finishing on the hand grips. Instead, they have gone with a perforated leather finish. This looks great, but only time will tell how well it will perform against the lovely Alcantara.

The forged carbon found in this new Fanatec wheel provides a different visual appearance to standard carbon fibre. Rather than being woven like traditional carbon fibre, forged carbon is injection molded with resin. This gives its appearance an almost urban camo look to it. Teamed with the orange colour scheme, this wheel rim looks distinctly military.

This exclusive F1 2020 Fanatec racing wheel features the usual plethora of functionality. This includes a selection of buttons, rocker switches and Fanatec’s aptly named “FunkySwitch”. It will come with the ClubSport paddle shifters, but just like the Formula V2, it can be upgraded to fit the Podium Advanced Paddle module.

Remember to check back after 3PM today to see the full unveiling of the F1 2020 Fanatec exclusive wheel.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.