Fanatec Release New F1 2023 Limited Edition Steering Wheel

Fanatec has revealed a new limited edition F1 2023 steering wheel as part of their Black Friday sale. There are only 2023 units available so be fast if ordering! Here is all the info including price.

Fanatec F1 2023 Wheel APM

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As part of their 2023 Black Friday sale, Fanatec is celebrating with a limited edition F1 2023 steering wheel. This new steering wheel features an exclusive colourway and has a limited quantity available.

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What is the Fanatec ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2023?

The new F1 2023 ClubSport steering wheel is a variant of the ever-popular Fanatec Formula V2.5X steering wheel. This limited edition wheel comes with an exclusive colourway and an ever-so-slightly different design.

This limited edition steering wheel is available over Black Friday and only has limited quantities available, meaning once it has sold out, it’s gone forever. There are exactly 2023 units available to purchase on a first come first served basis.

Fanatec are launching this limited edition sim racing wheel as part of two different bundles. Both bundles include the new QR2 quick release wheel-side adapter along with two different paddle modules. The cheaper of the two bundles includes the Magnetic Paddle Module, while the more expensive bundle includes the more premium Advanced Paddle Module.

ProductSale PriceRRP
Fanatec F1 2023 Wheel APMF1 2023 Wheel + APM€499.95€679.85
Fanatec F1 2023 Wheel MPMF1 2023 Wheel + MPM€399.95€599.85

Fanatec F1 2023 steering wheel design

This limited edition steering wheel features a unique combination of coloured accents, forged carbon fibre and premium materials throughout.

The first thing you may notice is the bright teal-coloured suede hand grips. These utilise a high-quality synthetic suede rather than real Alcantara and certainly allow this wheel to stand out from the crowd.

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The teal accents continue throughout the wheel and have been integrated into the 5mm thick forged carbon fibre faceplate. There are green metallic flakes infused with carbon to produce a unique finish.

The design of the Formula V2.5X wheel which is the base of this limited edition wheel features a few tweaked design features. The hand grips feature a cutaway segment at the bottom to emulate a real-world Formula 1 steering wheel.

The teal colour palette is enhanced with the use of white and yellow on the front-facing rotary encoders. The push buttons also feature a gradient effect across the front of the wheel and the joysticks have a teal accent as well.

Around the back of the wheel, you’ll find the new QR2 quick release adapter which is ready to be used as part of Fanatec’s new quick release architecture. You will require a wheel base with the QR2 base-side adapter to be able to use this.

Choice of paddle modules

The difference between the two different F1 2023 wheel bundles are the paddle modules that are included. You can choose between the ClubSport Magnetic Paddle Module or the Advanced Paddle Module.

The Magnetic Paddle Module features a set of magnetic shifter paddles that are designed to give really nice feedback every time a shift is pulled. The Advanced Paddle Module however includes four extra paddles.

You’ll get two dual clutch paddles that sit underneath the main shifters along with two additional paddles above which can be programmed in-game.

Only 2023 units available

As mentioned earlier, there are only 2023 units available of this limited edition Fanatec F1 2023 steering wheel. Both Fanatec sim racing wheel bundles are available to purchase from the 20th November 2023 meaning they’re currently live on the website now.

Below are a couple of links to both F1 2023 bundles.

BundleEU LinkUS Link
Fanatec F1 2023 Wheel + APMBuy from EU storeBuy from US store
Fanatec F1 2023 Wheel + MPMBuy from EU storeBuy from US store

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