Fanatec Release New CSL Universal Hub

Fanatec have just unveiled another new product. This new product is the CSL Universal Hub, allowing you to race with a whole host of wheel rims including real wheels!

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Fanatec CSL Universal Hub

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Fanatec have been on a roll recently, with a new product announcement every month for the past few months. We covered previous product launches, both the Podium M4 GT3 Wheel and the new McLaren GT3 V2 wheel.

You can view a complete comparison of the McLaren GT3 V2 vs V1 wheel here.

This week, we have just seen that Fanatec have released a new Universal Hub to add to their lineup.

The Fanatec CSL Universal Hub is a more budget friendly version of the ever popular ClubSport Universal Hub. And it will allow sim racers to connect almost any wheel rim to a Fanatec wheel base. This includes real world wheel rims!

Use the links below to visit the Fanatec online store.

Fanatec CSL Universal Hub (North America) – $149.95
Fanatec CSL Universal Hub (Europe) – €149.95
Fanatec CSL Universal Hub (Australia) – $259.90

What is the Fanatec CSL Universal Hub?

This new Universal Hub is similar to the more expensive ClubSport Universal Hub. It essentially allows you to attach any wheel rim to any Fanatec wheel base. This opens up compatibility options quite a lot, and even allows racers to attach real-world wheel rims to race with.

Just like the ClubSport Hub, this cheaper option features a host of face buttons and other inputs, along with integrated shifter paddles, and an integrated LED display.

Universal Hub Wheel Compatibility

To be more precise, you get access to eight push buttons, a single 2-way rocker switch, two 2-way toggle switches, and a 7-way FunkySwitch.

These inputs will allow you configure a whole range of in-game functions such as wipers, lights, ignition, TC settings and more.

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On top of the additional inputs, you’ll get a pair of shifter paddles. These feature Snap-dome activation, which dramatically improve the activation feedback every time you pull a shift.

Both the button module and shifters sit on a move-able base, allowing you to slide the module to fit the wheel you are using.

There is a nice LED screen sitting on top of the hub, allowing you to see live data such as speed or RPM as you race. It also opens up the option to allow for tuning menu access. The tuning menu allows you to adjust your settings such as force feedback settings while you drive.

Finally, on the rear is the redesigned quick-release system, which featured on the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel. This quick-release allows you to easily attach and detach your wheel without the need for tools. And in our hands on experience with the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel, it worked very well.

How much does the Fanatec CSL Universal Hub cost?

Fanatec’s new CSL Universal Hub is ready to ship right away, and costs just $149.95 / €149.95.

In comparison to the existing ClubSport Universal Hub which is priced at $349.95, that’s a whopping saving of $200!

The ClubSport Universal Hub does feature better compatibility, and higher build quality. However if you’re a PC or PlayStation sim racer, and just want to be able to attach your favourite real-world wheel rim. Then the CSL Universal Hub is a much more cost efficient way of doing so.

Fanatec CSL Universal Hub Compatibility

The good news for fans of real-world wheel rims, is that the new CSL Universal Hub allows for the use of almost any real-world steering wheel rim.

As long as your real-world wheel rim has threaded holes at 3×50 mm or 6×70 mm, it will be compatible. Many real-world wheel companies such as Momo, Sparco, and OMP all produce wheels with this thread pattern.

Attach to real world wheel

The hub itself features width adjustments, allowing you to slide the button modules and shifters to a width which fits your wheel rim.

When it comes to compatibility across the Fanatec range of wheel bases, the second bit of good news is that it is compatible with every Fanatec wheel base! That includes all current CSL Elite wheel bases, all ClubSport wheel bases and the mighty Podium direct drive wheel bases.

If you want to use this Universal Hub with a direct drive wheel base, and you want to utilise the high torque mode on offer. You will need to equip the ClubSport Quick Release Adaptor, which is fully compatible with this hub.

It will also work with all of the current lineup of Fanatec wheel rims. That’s great news if like us, you already have a size-able Fanatec wheel rim collection!

The only bad news in terms of compatibility is when it comes to console compatibility. Unfortunatly the CSL Universal Hub is only compatible with PC and PlayStation platforms. Meaning that Xbox sim racers wont be able to use this hub. Instead Xbox gamers will have to purchase the ClubSport Universal Hub.

Overall, the new Fanatec CSL Universal Hub is a much more budget friendly approach to the Universal Hub concept. Allowing racers to access a wider range of compatibility options for under half the price of the Clubsport Universal Hub.

The Fanatec CSL Universal Hub is available to buy now for just $149.95.

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