Fanatec Rally Button Module – Everything You Need To Know

Fanatec have revealed more information about their upcoming Podium Button Module Rally. Here is everything you need to know about this new Fanatec wheel module.

Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally
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Fanatec has made huge strides recently by announcing multiple sim racing products which are also being used in real-world motorsports. The Podium Button Module Rally is the latest of these cross-over products.

This rally-focused button module is the base for the official 2022 Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 WRC car, driven by Sébastien Loeb. In fact, Loeb won the 2022 Monte Carlo Rally using this exact wheel! Pretty cool right.

This button module was designed and developed in collaboration with the M-Sport World Rally Team who Loeb drives for. Due to its use in the Puma WRC car, this module has been designed to be extremely lightweight by using motorsport grade materials including carbon fibre.

What are the features of the Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally?

This button module sits as the base for your sim racing wheel. You can attach a variety of wheel rims to this button module, with the module itself handling all of the electronics.

It features a whole host of buttons and switches much like other Fanatec wheels, making controlling your car while racing incredibly smooth and easy. The full list of inputs are;

  • Nine RGB backlit push buttons
  • Two D-pads
  • Three 12-way multi-position switches
  • 1 inch OLED display

The push buttons all feature RGB backlighting which is fully adjustable for both colour and brightness. And like many Fanatec wheels, this button module will come with interchangeable button caps.

The D-pads are an unusual addition to a Fanatec wheel. They sit in the corners of the button module and allow for quick menu access and navigation without having to take your hands off the wheel.

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There are the usual multi-position switches that you often find on Fanatec wheels. These are 12-way switches that will each allow for a range of tuning and adjustment while driving.

And finally, the signature Fanatec OLED display sits at the top of this button module. This will show real-time telemetry while also allowing you to access the tuning menu to make adjustments.

How much is the Podium Button Module Rally and when is the release date?

A release date hasn’t been announced by Fanatec just yet, but we are expecting this to become available at some point in 2022. Fanatec states on their website that more details about availability and pricing are to follow during the year.

You can view more information about this button module here.

How compatible is the Fanatec Rally Button Module?

As the Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally is sold as an individual module, you will need to purchase a separate wheel rim to turn this into a full steering wheel.

Thankfully Fanatec has made attaching almost any wheel rim incredibly easy. You will be able to fit almost any wheel rim to this button module including the majority of current Fanatec wheel rims.

On the rear of this button module is a 6 x 70mm bolt pattern. Read our complete guide on PCD and bolt patterns here.

This allows you to mount a range of third party wheel rims as long as the bolt pattern matches.

Is this button module Xbox and PlayStation compatible?

So far it has only been confirmed that this new button module will be fully Xbox and PC compatible. Fanatec has stated that this module is compatible with the Podium Hub, the ClubSport Universal Hub V1 and V2 for Xbox.

We don’t know if it will be PS4 or PS5 compatible just yet.

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