Fanatec QR2 Released – Available To Buy Now!

Fanatec has revealed and released their new quick release. The new Fanatec QR2 is available to buy from today. Here are all of the details including price, availability and which version you should be buying.

Fanatec QR2 All Types

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OK, I feel like I really shouldn’t be getting so excited over a new quick release but I am! Fanatec has been teasing the new QR2 for what seems like forever.

From today, you can finally place your order for the new QR2 quick release. In this guide, I’m going to run through everything you need to know about the Fanatec QR2 including delivery date, price, different versions and more.

What is the Fanatec QR2?

The infamous QR2 is Fanatec’s second iteration of its quick release. The QR1 has been around nearly as long as Fanatec themselves and was really due an update. This QR2 does exactly that offering a more stable and easier to use system.

The older QR1 featured locking nuts which in some instances enabled higher torque performance modes. There was also reports of some flex in some QR1 quick releases, specifically the QR1 Lite.

The QR2 has been designed to reduce or completely remove any flex or give that was previously noticeable. Fanatec also claim to have reduced the mechanical noise during driving with this new QR2, as well as an overall improvement in force feedback detail.

The new Fanatec QR2 also features an easier method of attaching wheels to your wheel base. You no longer have to hold the quick release while attaching a wheel. You simply push it onto your wheel base and it clicks into place.

Brands such as MOZA and Asetek have debuted new racing wheels over the past few years, both using very impressive quick release systems. The QR2 is Fanatec’s answer to these.

Different versions of the QR2

Much like the QR1, there are multiple versions of the new QR2. There are three base formats of the wheel-side quick release, with a range of additional bundles available.

There is a pro version of the QR2 which can be used in both sim racing and a real-world race car. Then the standard QR2 offers an almost identical experience, but cannot be used in a real-world car. Finally, the QR2 Lite is a cheaper, plastic version of this new quick release design.

Fanatec QR2 Pro

Starting with the most expensive version of the QR2, the Pro version boasts the ability to be used in real-world motorsport. This is a feature that the majority of sim racers will never need to use making it possibly a little overkill for a sim rig.

Combining this feature with a price tag of €199.95 makes the QR2 Pro a quick release that isn’t our recommended version.

Shop the QR2 Pro here.

Fanatec QR2

The standard QR2 is my pick of the new lineup. It features an all-aluminium construction and a similar build quality to the QR2 Pro. This version of the new quick release cannot be used in a real-world car. The removal of this feature puts the QR2 at a price of €99.95.

Shop the QR2 here.

Fanatec QR2 Lite

Finally, the QR2 Lite is the budget version of the new quick release. It features the same internal design, however, the construction is mainly from plastic.

Much like the older QR1, this version of the new quick release will probably be standard on lower-priced Fanatec wheel bundles. At just €59.95, it is certainly the most affordable version of the new Fanatec quick release. Shop the QR2 Lite here.

How much does the Fanatec QR2 cost?

With so many different versions of the Fanatec QR2 available, we need to break down the cost of each version. There are also a range of bundles available which pair the wheel-side and base-side quick release together. You will need both parts to have a functioning QR2.

QR2 Pro (Wheel-side)€199.95Everything
QR2 (Wheel-side)€99.95Everything
QR2 Lite (Wheel-side)€59.95Everything
QR2 Type M (Base-side)€149.95Podium wheel bases
QR2 Type C (Base-side)€69.95CSL DD, GT DD Pro

Type-M or Type-C. What’s the difference?

When it comes to the base-side of the quick release, there are two versions. And you need to choose which you need carefully as both only work with specific wheel bases.

The base-side of the quick release is designed to replace the existing wheel shafts that protrude from Fanatec wheel bases. You will need to uninstall the older wheel shaft, and replace it with the new Type-M or Type-C base-side quick release.

Fanatec QR2 Wheel Base
QR2 Type-M

The Type-M base-side adapter is designed to work with the higher power Podium wheel bases. This includes the DD1, DD2 and the Podium Racing Wheel F1.

The Type-M is constructed from a single block of aluminium and has a brushed metallic finish. The Fanatec QR2 Type-M costs €149.95.

QR2 Type-C

In comparison, the Type-M adapter is designed to work with both the CSL DD and GT DD Pro. This base-side adapter is also constructed from aluminium but doesn’t feature the metallic finish, instead opting for black.

The Fanatec QR2 Type-C costs just €69.95, which is a lot lower than the Type-M.

Fanatec QR2 bundles

As you will need both the wheel-side and base-side part of the QR2 to have everything working, Fanatec has released a selection of bundles. This should make buying easier, as these bundles give you a single complete package that is ready to install and go sim racing with.

QR2 Pro Bundle€299.95Podium wheel bases
QR2 Bundle (Type-M)€199.95Podium wheel bases
QR2 Bundle (Type-C)€159.95CSL DD, GT DD Pro
QR2 Lite Bundle (Type-C)€109.95CSL DD, GT DD Pro

When is the Fanatec QR2 release date?

The Fanatec QR2 release date is officially the 25th September 2023. Customers can place orders in various regions on this date, with the new QR2 available to dispatch immediately.

Buy the Fanatec QR2 on Fanatec’s website.

Is the QR2 in stock and available to buy?

At the time of writing this article, the Fanatec QR2 Pro and Lite are in stock in different regions around the world. However, Fanatec products sell very quickly, and there is often a delay in more stock becoming available.

Check our Fanatec stock checker for the most up-to-date availability of the QR2 and other Fanatec products.

Can I upgrade my current gear to the Fanatec QR2?

The majority of Fanatec’s current lineup of products can be upgraded to the new QR2 quick release. All current wheel bases including the CSL DD, GT DD Pro, DD1 and DD2 are all upgradeable.

Buying a QR2 bundle that includes the wheel-side and base-side quick release will give you everything you need to upgrade your current Fanatec equipment.

You need to ensure that you choose the correct QR2 version for your wheel base when you do upgrade. The base-side Type-M quick release is only compatible with the DD1 and DD2 wheel bases. The Type-C QR2 is only compatible with the CSL DD and GT DD Pro wheel base.

Currently, there has been no word on whether older wheel bases such as the CSL Elite and ClubSport wheel base can be upgraded. Although we would imagine they cannot be due to being discontinued.

Read our guide for a complete guide on how to install the Fanatec QR2

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