Will Fanatec be compatible with PS5

Will Fanatec Be compatible with PS5
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Update to this article (14th August 2020)

As we get closer to the launch of the PS5, Sony are starting to release some more information regarding compatibility. They have come forward and confirmed that all PS4 compatible peripherals, including every Fanatec PS4 wheel will work with the new PS5 console.

This is great news to those who have already invested in PlayStation compatible racing wheels. We can all breath a sigh of relief knowing that we wont have to invest in all new PS5 compatible racing wheels.

For those of you who don’t currently own a PS4 Fanatec racing wheel, you can use the links below to buy your wheels, with full confidence that they will work with the PS5.

Here is the official statement from PlayStation regarding compatibility.

PS5 Fanatec Compatibility Statement

Original article is below, which is now incorrect.

In this short article we will answer your question of whether your Fanatec wheels will work with PS5.

When buying a new racing wheel, or any console peripheral, you want to ensure you get the longest life out of that product. This is especially true when it comes to an expensive purchase such as a Fanatec racing wheel.

If you are making your Fanatec wheel purchase with the intention of playing mainly on PC, then you can rest assured that you will be able to use your wheel for a long time to come. Your Fanatec racing wheel will only become unusable when future games stop supporting it, and that time is a long way off yet.

However, if you are a console sim racer, you don’t necessarily have that assurance. Especially with the new console generation of the PS5 and Xbox Series X just around the corner. If we were early on in a console’s life cycle, you could purchase a Fanatec or Thrustmaster wheel knowing that you have years of guaranteed compatibility ahead. Lets look to see if there is an official answer to whether Fanatec will be compatible with PS5.

Will Fanatec work with PS5

The question of will Fanatec work with PS5 consoles is starting to crop up more and more often. We’re quickly approaching the next PlayStation console, so many sim racers would like to know this before upgrading or purchasing a new wheel.

Unfortunately, we currently have no official word on whether Sony will make the PS5 compatible with current Fanatec wheels.

Whether Fanatec wheels do work with PS5 is completely up to Sony. If Sony are happy with the current compatibility and security system that wheels abide by, there is no reason to think the wheels wont work with PS5.

Fanatec themselves are being very forward and transparent with their product descriptions on their website. The product description for their fantastic Podium F1 direct drive wheel states quite clearly “This product is currently not certified for future PlayStation™ systems.”

Fanatec PS5 Compatibility

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It is nice to see a product manufacturer being so transparent, although it doesn’t fill us with confidence that these products will continue to be supported on PS5. We’re pretty sure this line is included on the product description, just to cover themselves, in case Sony don’t choose to allow compatibility.

An official Fanatec representative also posted on GTPlanet.net the following statement regarding compatibility.

We try everything to make our PS4 products compatible to PS5 but keep in mind that the current security system does not prevent loopholes to use adapters for example. This might be something that Sony dislikes and changes the security system.”

Sony have come forward and confirmed that the PlayStation VR (PSVR) and current DualShock 4 controller (DS4) will definitely work with the PS5. This proves there will be compatible architecture carrying across from the current generation to the next.

Should I buy a PS4 compatible Fanatec wheel now, or wait until the PS5 launches?

We would be almost certain that current Fanatec racing wheels will be compatible with the upcoming PS5 console. We will continue to purchase Fanatec products with confidence that they will work on upcoming consoles.

People have invested a huge amount of money in racing wheels, and Fanatec have recently launched new PlayStation specific products. It would be crazy to believe that Sony and Fanatec expect gamers to re-purchase a PS5 compatible version of a wheel that only launched in the last year.

However, there is currently no 100% guarantee that Fanatec wheels will work with the PS5. As soon as we get an official answer we’ll update this article.

Shop Fanatec products for PS4 here.

Will Thrustmaster work with PS5

So, let’s ask the same question of Thrustmaster wheels. Will Thrustmaster be compatible with PS5?

Thrustmaster already have a closer relationship with Sony, as they worked closely with Polyphony Digital to develop the Thrustmaster T-GT wheel. Thrustmaster have also said that “the T-GT will work with future Gran Turismo games”.

We are pretty certain that Polyphony Digital are not planning any future Gran Turismo releases for this console generation. This leads us to believe that their licence agreement with Sony and Thrustmaster means that future GT games on the PS5 console will support the Thrustmaster T-GT wheel.

We can also look back at the PS3 jump to PS4. Thrustmaster produced the T500 to be compatible with PS3. When we jumped a generation to the PS4, the T500 remained compatible. This proves that Thrustmaster have good form when it comes to cross generation compatibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides whether Fanatec products will work on PS5?

Ultimately, Sony have final say on compatibility. The architecture they use to build the PS5 will dictate what peripherals are compatible.

Will the current Fanatec PS4 products work on PS5?

Fanatec have designed their current PlayStation wheels to work on PS5. It is up to Sony to decide whether they do work or not.

Will Thrustmaster wheels work on PS5?

Thrustmaster have a close partnership with Polyphony Digital who make the Gran Turismo games. They work in partnership to build some of their wheels. This leads us to think they will work on PS5.

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