Fanatec Price Drop: Cheapest Direct Drive Wheel

Fanatec has announced a price drop on one of their most popular direct drive sim racing bundles. View all of the details of this price drop including price and where to buy at this price.

Fanatec CSL DD Ready To Race P1 Bundle
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Fanatec has just announced a huge price drop. You can now pick up a full direct drive racing wheel bundle which includes the wheel base, stering wheel and pedals for under €/$399.95.

That’s right, you can pick up a full direct drive racing bundle for just €/$50 more than the base cost of the CSL DD wheel base alone.

This price drop makes this Fanatec direct drive bundle one of the most affordable direct drive sim racing products in 2023. This is a very nice update to Fanatec’s product line, and makes sim racing more affordable than ever.

What’s included in the direct drive bundle

The bundle that received this price drop is the Fanatec Ready 2 Race bundle. Its name says exactly what you get, a full ready to race bundle.

The CSL DD alone costs €/$350. So for just an extra €/$50, you can add on a steering wheel and pedal set which is pretty impressive.

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Included in the Fanatec Ready 2 Race bundle is;

  • Fanatec CSL DD (5Nm)
  • Fanatec P1 Steering Wheel
  • Fanatec CSL Pedals

The total value of this bundle is €/$549.85, meaning a total saving of €/$150.

Can you upgrade to the 8Nm CSL DD?

While the base bundle has the CSL DD in its 5Nm form, you can upgrade to the 8Nm version of the wheel base to unlock more power. The Boost Kit 180 normally costs €/$149.90, but you can add it as an upgrade for just €/$99.95.

Adding the Boost Kit 180 will increase the force feedback performance of the CSL DD up to 8Nm. And it represents an extra saving of €/$50.

Where to buy the Fanatec Ready 2 Race bundle

Fanatec have dropped the price of this CSL DD Ready 2 Race bundle on their own web shop. That makes the Fanatec store the best place to buy this bundle. We are currently unsure whether the price drop will make its way to resellers, but for now Fanatec’s own store is the only place to secure this price.

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