Can You Use MOZA & Fanatec Together? Compatibility Guide

Do you own both MOZA and Fanatec products and wish you could use them together? This guide runs through how to use Fanatec and MOZA products together and which products work.

Moza Quick Release

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MOZA Racing and Fanatec are arguably two of the most popular sim racing brands in recent years. Both have a wide ecosystem of sim racing products available across multiple platforms.

Both of these top sim racing brands have a good number of different racing wheels and other sim racing products to choose from. You may want to combine the best products from both brands together. But is this even possible? Can you use a Fanatec steering wheel on a MOZA wheel base and vice versa?

In this guide, I’ll look at whether you can combine sim racing gear from MOZA and Fanatec together. I’ll look at which products work together and how to make them all compatible.

Should I choose Fanatec or MOZA?

Fanatec is one of the longest-running sim racing brands, having been around for over a decade and across multiple console generations. This has allowed them to compile a large range of sim racing products. These include various sim racing wheels, pedals, shifters and a huge number of different steering wheel rims.

MOZA Racing on the other hand have been around for a much shorter span of time. While not being a long-running sim racing brand, MOZA Racing has made a huge splash in the world of sim racing by releasing a large number of products in a short amount of time.

Quite often, MOZA Racing products are incredibly competitively priced and perform just as well, if not better than other sim racing products from a variety of brands. In fact, products like the MOZA R12 racing wheel are among my top picks if you’re looking to buy a new racing wheel!

Fanatec– Much larger range of steering wheels
– Operating for a longer period
– Widely supported by most racing games
– Xbox and PS5 compatibility
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MOZA Racing– Often competitive in price
– Excellent performance
– Shorter delivery and waiting times
– Nicely designed steering wheels

With two large ecosystems, choosing between MOZA and Fanatec isn’t quite as easy as you’d have hoped. A lot of your buying decisions will come down to personal preference and which brand has sim racing products that appeal to you.

But what if both brands have products that you like the look of? Do you prefer Fanate pedals over MOZA pedals? Or you may like to use the incredible MOZA FSR steering wheel with a Fanatec ClubSport DD wheel base. Let’s take a detailed look at how these scenarios can work.

Can you use MOZA steering wheel with Fanatec racing wheel?

Using individual products such as pedals and racing wheels from different brands is relatively easy to do. However, when it comes to combining a steering wheel and wheel base together from two brands, things get a bit trickier. This is because all sim racing brands utilise a different style of quick release.

Fanatec for example use its own QR2 system where both the steering wheel and wheel base need to have a QR2 adapter to fit and transfer data. MOZA Racing do the same with their own NRG-style quick release.

Using a MOZA steering wheel out of the box with a Fanatec wheel base is impossible. Instead, you’ll need to utilise a third-party adapter or a branded quick release adapter to make both parts of the racing wheel fit together.

Fanatec and MOZA sell individually quick release adapters making this process a bit easier with these two brands than with brands such as Thrustmaster or Logitech. Read our guide on MOZA and Thrustmaster compatibility to see why it’s more difficult!

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What do you need to get Fanatec and MOZA wheels working together?

As mentioned, connecting a MOZA steering wheel to a Fanatec wheel base isn’t the easiest thing to do. I’d only recommend trying to do so if you already have products from both brands as it can cause some issues. If you do want to connect these two products together there are a few things you’ll need.

You’ll require both a MOZA steering wheel and a Fanatec wheel base to start, then you’ll need a few extra accessories. Below are the items you need to get this sim racing setup working. I am using the Fanatec QR2 in this method, but this can also be done using the older QR1.

MOZA steering wheelThe MOZA steering wheel of your choice.
Fanatec wheel baseThe Fanatec wheel base to power the force feedback.
Fanatec wheel-side QR2 adapterThis will be mounted on the rear of your MOZA steering wheel so it can be physically connected to your Fanatec wheel base.
MOZA Universal HubThis allows you to hardwire your MOZA steering wheel to your PC.
How to connect a MOZA steering wheel to a Fanatec wheel base

To get everything working with the items above, you’ll need to do some deconstruction and then connect all items together. The connection order for your racing wheel is – Fanatec wheel base > QR2 wheel side adapter > MOZA steering wheel. Then the connection order for the MOZA Universal Hub is – PC > MOZA Universal Hub > MOZA steering wheel.

  1. First of all, mount your Fanatec wheel base to your sim rig or cockpit and connect it to your PC.
  2. Then, you’ll need to remove the MOZA quick release on the rear of your steering wheel. It is important to note that while you can connect any MOZA steering wheel to the Fanatec QR2 adapter. Only the KS steering wheel and FSR formula wheel have the port on the rear of the steering wheel to ensure all buttons and inputs work.
  3. With the MOZA QR removed from your steering wheel, mount the Fanatec QR2 wheel-side adapter to the rear of your steering wheel.
  4. Next, connect the MOZA Universal Hub to your PC and mount it on your sim rig near to your racing wheel.
  5. Once you have mounted the Fanatec QR2 wheel-side adapter to your MOZA steering wheel, you will be able to mount your MOZA wheel to the Fanatec wheel base using the QR2.
  6. Finally, connect the cable from the MOZA Universal Hub to the port on the rear of the MOZA KS or FSR steering wheel.
  7. Once everything is connected, you can power everything on and you should have a working Fanatec wheel base and a working MOZA steering wheel.

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Can you use a Fanatec steering wheel with a MOZA racing wheel?

If the opposite scenario is true will things still work? I’m referring to having a Fanatec steering wheel such as the Formula V2.5X and trying to get it working with a MOZA wheel base like the R12 or R16.

MOZA Racing does sell its own quick release adapter, just like Fanatec. This lets you mount the MOZA quick release to a Fanatec steering wheel and then connect that to your MOZA wheel base. However, there is an issue with getting the electronics on a Fanatec steering wheel to work when connected to a MOZA wheel base.

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Unlike the MOZA FSR and KS wheels, no Fanatec steering wheels have a separate data port. This means that unless you are using your Fanatec steering wheel with a Fanatec wheel base, no steering wheel electronics will function. None of the buttons will work and neither will the steering wheel screen or rev lights.

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How to use the MOZA quick release adapter

Using the MOZA quick release adapter with a Fanatec steering wheel is just as simple as the process I described above for connecting a MOZA steering wheel to a Fanatec wheel base. You will need to remove the pre-installed Fanatec quick release from the rear of your wheel rim. Then replace this with the MOZA quick release adapter.

With this operation complete, you will then be able to mount your Fanatec steering wheel to your MOZA wheel base. Your wheel base will function normally, producing force feedback allowing you to race perfectly fine. However, as mentioned, none of the steering wheel functions will work as there will be no data transfer happening.

This is much less ideal than the process of using a MOZA steering wheel with a Fanatec wheel base. Primarily, this is a restriction on Fanatec’s side by not having a Universal Hub or a way of transferring data when using other wheel bases. Fanatec likely wants to keep sim racers within its own ecosystem.

Can you use Fanatec pedals with a MOZA Racing wheel?

One of the most common pairing of products comes with the idea of using sim racing pedals from a different brand than the racing wheel you’re using. This could be using a set of Fanatec sim racing pedals with a MOZA Racing wheel or a MOZA pedal set with a Fanatec wheel.

The majority of MOZA Racing products are only compatible with PCs, which makes the process of using Fanatec pedals with your MOZA wheel incredibly easy. Fanatec also has PC compatibility with all of its products.

How to connect Fanatec pedals and a MOZA wheel and use them together

You can connect sim racing pedals from any brand and use them with your MOZA Racing wheel incredibly easy on PC. Simply connect your MOZA racing wheel to your PC using the USB cable like you normally would. Then, connect your Fanatec pedals to your PC using a separate USB cable.

With both products connected individually to your computer, you will be able to run both the Fanatec Control Panel and MOZA Pit House to have all products working together.

Can you use both Fanatec and MOZA products together on Xbox consoles?

Both sim racing brands have Xbox-compatible products since the MOZA R3 was released. You unfortunately cannot combine them together. The Xbox console platform is very strict on which third-party products are compatible, and this restricts you to using just a single brand on console at any one time.

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Can you use MOZA pedals with a Fanatec wheel?

Using the method that I spoke about above and connecting your pedals and sim racing wheel individually to your PC lets you also use MOZA pedals with a Fanatec wheel if you wish. This method means you can use MOZA CRP Pedals with the Fanatec ClubSport DD wheel base as an example.

Simply connect your MOZA sim racing pedals to your PC individually rather than connecting them to your wheel base. Then, also connect your Fanatec racing wheel to your PC. This will let you use both sim racing products together.

Which MOZA pedals can you use with a Fanatec racing wheel?

All of MOZA’s pedals can work independently of a racing wheel if connected directly to your PC. This includes the SR-P, SR-P Lite and CRP pedals. I would recommend opting for either the SR-P or CRP pedals as the SR-P Lite pedals are more budget focused than performance focused.

Mixing peripherals from both brands

If you have a range of peripherals from both Fanatec and MOZA such as handbrakes or shifters, you can mix and match these using the same method I mentioned above for the pedals. When racing on PC, you can connect any MOZA or Fanatec peripheral directly to your PC using a USB cable.

This lets you create any combination of products to end up with your ideal sim racing setup. For me, I use a MOZA SGP shifter and handbrake at all times and often mix them with products from other brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which MOZA steering wheels can be used with a Fanatec racing wheel?

MOZA currently supports two steering wheels with its Universal Hub. These are the KS and FSR steering wheels. Both feature a port on the rear allowing them to fully work with any wheel base including those from Fanatec.

Which Fanatec steering wheels work with MOZA wheel bases?

All Fanatec steering wheels can be mounted to a MOZA Racing wheel using the MOZA Universal Hub kit. This involves removing the pre-installed Fanatec quick release and replacing it with the MOZA hub. Unfortunately, no Fanatec steering wheels have functional electronics when used outside of the Fanatec ecosystem.

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