Fanatec Launch New CSL DD Bundle: Price + Release Date

Fanatec has just announced a brand new bundle featuring the ever-popular CSL DD wheel base, the CSL DD Ready To Race Bundle P1. Here is all of the info including its price, release date and where to buy.

Fanatec CSL DD Ready To Race P1 Bundle

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Fanatec has just announced a brand new bundle featuring the ever-popular CSL DD wheel base. The CSL DD has only been sold individually up until now, and spent a vast majority of 2022 and 2023 out of stock due to its popularity.

But now, the Fanatec CSL DD is back in stock, and the new CSL DD Race Ready P1 Bundle has been launched, and it looks to offer incredible value for PC sim racers. Here are all of the details about how and when you can buy this new CSL DD Race Ready P1 Bundle.

What is the Fanatec CSL DD Race Ready P1 Bundle?

The Fanatec CSL DD Race Ready P1 Bundle is a combination of a few different Fanatec products, bundled together with a nice discount compared to if you were to purchase them separately.

What is included in the bundle?

The bundle itself consists of three individual Fanatec products. You’ll get the Fanatec CSL DD wheel base in its 5Nm base format. You will also get the CSL Elite P1 V2 steering wheel, and a set of CSL Pedals.

  • Fanatec CSL DD (5Nm)
  • Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 V2
  • Fanatec CSL Pedals
Fanatec CSL DD

The CSL DD wheel base was launched a few years ago, and quickly became one of Fanatec’s best selling products. It was the first wheel base to offer direct drive technology in a small form factor, with the added bonus of being compatible with PC and Xbox consoles.

This wheel base is capable of producing up to 5Nm of torque which is sent from the large motor directly to the steering wheel. This results in amazingly detailed force feedback allowing you to feel exactly how your car is behaving with the track.

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There is an upgrade available for the CSL DD which increases its maximum strength output to 8Nm. The Boost Kit 180 is available individually and can be added to the base CSL DD wheel base at any time. Although, unfortunately, it isn’t included in this bundle.

P1 Steering Wheel V2

The P1 V2 steering wheel is a great sim racing steering wheel to get you on track and into the middle of the action. It features a circular design with a diameter of 300mm which is about spot on for a sim racing wheel.

There are a range of push buttons on the front of the wheel allowing you to adjust your car’s settings while on track. Around the back are a set of metal shifters that give a positive click feeling while shifting. And there is a QR1 Lite quick release. This let’s you remove the steering wheel from the CSL DD wheel base, and upgrade it to a different wheel rim down the line if required.

CSL Pedals

The CSL Pedals are the newest product in this bundle. They feature a two-pedal layout as standard with a heavy metal construction. The build quality in this pedal set is second to none, and they can be easily upgraded to feature a load cell brake pedal if you are after a little more performance.

The CSL Pedals utilise contactless magnetic sensors which allow for increased brake and throttle precision, and won’t wear as fast over time compared to older pedal technology.

How much does the CSL DD Race Ready P1 Bundle cost?

The Fanatec CSL DD Race Ready P1 Bundle will cost you $/€499.95 or AUS$ 799,95. That is a saving of just under $/€50 compared to purchasing all three items individually.

What is the release date?

The great news is that you can place your order for this new Fanatec CSL DD bundle today. Although it is only open to pre-orders, this bundle’s shipping date is currently set for the 11th April 2023. That date is a little over a month away from when this product was announced.

Check our Fanatec stock checker for information on which Fanatec products are in stock in which regions.

Where to buy the new CSL DD bundle

The only place you can currently purchase this new CSL DD bundle is from Fanatec directly. They have distributers across the globe including in Europe and the United States, allowing for relatively quick delivery times.

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