Fanatec GT DD Pro vs ClubSport DD+: Best PS5 Fanatec Wheel

Both the Fanatec GT DD Pro and ClubSport DD+ are PS5 compatible racing wheels. But which is the best PS5 Fanatec racing wheel? I compare the GT DD Pro and ClubSport DD+ head-to-head to find the best PS5 wheel.

Fanatec GT DD Pro vs ClubSport DD+

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With the release of the Fanatec ClubSport DD+ at the end of 2023, Fanatec now has a couple of PS5 racing wheels for you to choose between. The GT DD Pro launched a few years ago and has become the go-to racing wheel if you want a Fanatec wheel on PS5.

Now with two options available, which is the better choice for a Fanatec PS5 racing wheel? I’ll compare the GT DD Pro and ClubSport DD+ head-to-head looking at performance, compatibility, price and value to see which is the better buy.

Fanatec GT DD Pro vs ClubSport DD+ overview

I’m going to start with an overview of both racing wheels so you can quickly see the similarities and differences. If you don’t have time to read our complete comparison, this should give you a good indication of which PS5 racing wheel could work best for you.

Fanatec GT DD Pro Racing WheelFanatec ClubSport DD
GT DD ProClubSport DD+
Bundle available?Yes – €799.90Yes – €1299.95
Quick releaseQR1QR2
CompatibilityPS5, PCPS5, PC
More infoMore info

Some big differences between the GT DD Pro and ClubSport DD+ are obvious right away. The first is the price difference with the newer ClubSport DD+ coming in a fair bit more expensive.

There is a price difference of €400 between both racing wheels. This takes into account the increased performance that the ClubSport DD+ offers over the GT DD Pro. And this performance is another area where both Faantec racing wheels differ.

The GT DD Pro produces just 8Nm of peak torque whilst the ClubSport DD+ tops out at 15Nm of peak torque. There have also been improvements to the force feedback algorithm that allows the ClubSport DD+ to have a faster response time and less thermal degradation over time.

What is the Fanatec GT DD Pro?

The Fanatec GT DD Pro is the original PlayStation-compatible Fanatec racing wheel from this latest generation of wheel bases. Originally named the Gran Turismo DD Pro, this wheel base was sold as part of a Gran Turismo licensed bundle. That bundle is still available to purchase, but you can now also buy the GT DD Pro wheel base individually as well.

The Fanatec GT DD Pro took the formula that was laid out by the CSL DD, the first of the new small direct drive generation of wheel bases. The CSL DD originally launched with 5Nm of peak torque that was upgradeable to 8Nm. When the GT DD Pro was available to purchase individually, it was only available with 8Nm of peak torque.

There is a lot of compatibility baked into the Fanatec GT DD Pro. It is marketed as a PlayStation racing wheel, and at the time of its launch, it was the only PS5-compatible racing wheel that Fanatec sold. However, you can use the GT DD Pro with an Xbox console if you have an Xbox-compatible steering wheel. This makes the GT DD Pro an incredibly versatile racing wheel.

As well as the wide console compatibility, it also packs a good amount of performance. At 8Nm, this direct drive wheel base produced clean and detailed force feedback that outperformed anything produced by Logitech or Thrustmaster at the time.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – From €/$599.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

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What is the Fanatec Clubsport DD+?

The most recent Fanatec wheel base to have been launched, the ClubSport DD+ positions itself in a weird space. It packs a lot more punch than the GT DD Pro, yet not as much as the older range-topping Podium wheel bases that Fanatec produced.

However, despite not having as much raw power as the DD1 or DD2, it is priced at the same value as the older DD1. This pricing really makes the ClubSport DD+ a premium racing wheel. Yet at just 15Nm of peak performance, it is easily outperformed by premium wheel bases from other brands.

The higher price tag could account for the new force feedback technology in use which is responsible for FullForce as Fanatec named it. This technology results in the fastest response rates of any direct drive wheel base and better sustained performance. It also allows new vibrations and rumbles to be present in the force feedback making it more immersive than ever.

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As well as the truly next-generation force feedback, the ClubSport DD+ follows the trend of the GT DD Pro with both PlayStation and Xbox compatibility. Much like the GT DD Pro, the ClubSport DD+ is marketed as a PS5 compatible racing wheel. But once again, if you connect an Xbox steering wheel to this wheel, it will be compatible with Xbox consoles.

Fanatec ClubSport DD vs DD+

If you do not require PS5 compatibility and the ClubSport DD+ is a bit too far out of your budget, there is the option of the cheaper ClubSport DD wheel. The CS DD lowers the force feedback to 12Nm and removes PS5 compatibility. This results in a racing wheel that is €200 cheaper.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec ClubSport DD+
Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation
Price – From €/$999.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

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Where do the GT DD Pro and ClubSport DD+ fit into the Fanatec ecosystem?

Both the GT DD Pro and ClubSport DD+ are the only two Fanatec racing wheels that offer PS5 compatibility, making them fairly unique within the Fanatec ecosystem. All other Fanatec wheel bases offer just Xbox and PC compatibility.

This added PlayStation compatibility has led to both the ClubSport DD+ and GT DD Pro being two of the more expensive racing wheels that Fanatec offer. The GT DD Pro is more expensive than the CSL DD with the Boost Kit.

There is a €150 difference between both the 8Nm CSL DD and 8Nm GT DD Pro, with the only difference being the addition of PS5 compatibility. That sounds like a lot of extra money just for added compatibility and makes the GT DD Pro a less obvious purchase in the entry-level to mid-range category of racing wheels.

The ClubSport DD+ carries a €200 premium over the Xbox-compatible CS DD wheel. However, this increase in price doesn’t just add PS5 compatibility, it also increases the performance by 3Nm of torque. This makes the CS DD+ a much more palatable upgrade over the Clubsport DD.

Wheel BaseStrengthPrice
CSL DD5Nm€349.95
CSL DD + Boost Kit8Nm€449.95
GT DD Pro8Nm€599.95
ClubSport DD12Nm€799.95
ClubSport DD+15Nm€999.95

Differences between the GT DD Pro and ClubSport DD+

With both the GT DD Pro and ClubSport DD+ being PlayStation compatible, the main difference comes down to the performance increase. The ClubSport DD+ almost doubles the peak torque available from the GT DD Pro, increasing the torque from 8Nm to 15Nm.

What is the difference in price between the GT DD Pro and ClubSport DD+?

The Fanatec GT DD Pro costs from €349.95 / $349.95 / ¥89,999 / $999.90 AUS.

The ClubSport DD+ costs €999.95 / $999.95 / $1649.95 AUS.

This increase in performance costs €400 which is a 66% increase in price between the GT DD Pro and ClubSport DD+. We can go further and break down the value of both racing wheels by looking at the cost per 1Nm of peak torque. This is a simple calculation of dividing the price by the peak torque. Using this method we get the following results.

  • The 8Nm GT DD Pro costs €74.99 per 1Nm of peak torque.
  • The 15Nm ClubSport DD+ costs €66 per 1Nm of peak torque.

While looking at price per 1Nm of peak torque isn’t an overly good way of comparing the performance of a wheel base, it does show something interesting. The ClubSport DD+ looks to be the better-valued racing wheel despite costing more due to each Nm of performance costing less.

New force feedback technology

The maximum torque isn’t the only difference between these two racing wheels. I touched on it earlier in this article, but the ClubSport DD+ also has newer force feedback technology.

FullForce and Force Feedback 2.0 are two names that Fanatec have tied to the ClubSport DD+. These essentially result in new force feedback algorithms that result in faster, better and more immersive FFB.

Fanatec ClubSport DD Slew Rate

The ClubSport DD and DD+ both boast the quickest response times of any Fanatec wheel to date. This results in you feeling the force feedback faster than you would with a GT DD Pro and leads to a more 1:1 feel over your car in game.

FullForce is the name given to the more immersive force feedback that includes new vibration and rumbling technology. Much like Logitech’s TrueForce (but more complex), this new algorithm translates various in-game audio and physics into realistic rumbles that you can feel through the steering wheel like never before.

Which Fanatec racing wheel is the better buy?

With our comparison coming to an end, it leads me back to my original question. Which racing wheel is better if you want a PS5 compatible Fanatec racing wheel? Both of these racing wheels carry a premium due to the PlayStation compatibility, but the ClubSport DD+ also improves performance over the Xbox equivalent racing wheel.

Buying my first Fanatec wheel

If you are looking to buy your first Fanatec racing wheel, I’d highly recommend opting for the GT DD Pro. It is much more of a budget option, despite still being more expensive than the Xbox-compatible CSL DD. This will give you a good opportunity to try sim racing or the Fanatec ecosystem without such a large initial outlay.

Looking for maximum performance

If you don’t own a GT DD Pro but you are looking for a PS5 racing wheel from Fanatec that offers the ultimate immersion and performance. Then the ClubSport DD+ is the ideal choice. It offers almost double the peak performance of the GT DD Pro and introduces a whole range of new and upgrade force feedback features.

Is upgrading from the GT DD Pro to ClubSport DD+ worth doing?

If you already own a GT DD Pro and are looking for more performance, your only option within the Fanatec lineup is the ClubSport DD+. It will cost you €400 more than the GT DD Pro to upgrade, and you will probably lose some money trying to sell the GT DD Pro second-hand.

Is the upgrade worth it? Possibly. The performance is certainly better, however, I always say that around 8-12Nm is the ideal range for maximum force feedback performance. This means, that going up to 15Nm, the returns are diminishing. You likely won’t run your wheel base at 15Nm of peak torque every time you race, making the upgrade hard to recommend.

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Fanatec GT DD Pro
Fanatec ClubSport DD+

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