Fanatec GT DD Pro Back In Stock, CSL DD Open For Pre-Orders

The Fanatec GT DD Pro racing wheel is back in stock worldwide with some units available for immediate delivery and bundles open for pre-orders.

Fanatec GT DD Pro 8Nm
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Update – 31st Jan 23 – The Fanatec GT DD Pro is back in stock and some units are available to be delivered right away. Currently, you can buy the GT DD Pro 8Nm Bundle with immediate dispatch, and the GT DD Pro 8Nm individual wheel base for pre-order in March 2023.

The Fanatec CSL DD is also back in stock with pre-orders currently open for 10th March 2023.

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See if the GT DD Pro is in stock in your region

You can track exactly where the GT DD Pro is in stock using our Fanatec stock checker tool.

Using the stock checker you can see whether the GT DD Pro is available to buy right away, or whether it is open for pre-orders only. The stock checker tool is updated regularly and has the current stock status of all GT DD Pro bundles, as well as updates on the Fanatec CSL DD stock.

View whether the Fantec GT DD Pro is in stock in your region.

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Fanatec GT DD Pro Delivery Dates

The Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro racing wheel has a few different variations including the wheel base sold individually and as a bundle with a steering wheel and pedals.

Across these variations, some units are available to ship right away while some are available to pre-order. Mainly, the individual 8Nm wheel base is available to purchase right away. While the bundles are typically available for pre-order with delivery in early 2023.

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Check each product below to see the current availability of each individual variation.

Fanatec GT DD Pro Individual Wheel Base

The individual Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel base comes with the wheel base and the Boost Kit 180 and is capable of outputting 8Nm of torque. This can be paired with any other Fanatec steering wheel and pedal kit, but is sold as an individual wheel base.

The GT DD Pro 8Nm wheel base sold individually is available to ship right away in a few regions. These can be dispatched as soon as possible after they are ordered, in line with Fanatec’s standard delivery.

Currently, at the time of writing, the individual wheel base is available to buy in Europe and Australia. It is currently out of stock in the United States.

8Nm GT DD Pro Bundle

The 8Nm GT DD Pro bundle comes with the official Gran Turismo licensed steering wheel, a table clamp and the Fanatec CSL Pedals. This bundle has everything you need to start sim racing.

This 8Nm Gran Turismo DD Pro bundle is available to pre-order across Europe, the United States and Australia. The pre-order delivery dates for this GT DD Pro bundle is currently March 3rd 2023 in the US, and March 10th 2023 across Europe and Australia.

5Nm GT DD Pro Bundle

The 5Nm GT DD Pro is very similar to the 8Nm bundle above, including the same steering wheel, table clamp and pedals. However, it doesn’t include the upgraded power pack, meaning the GT DD Pro wheel base will only be able to produce up to 5Nm of force feedback torque.

At the time of writing this, the 5Nm GT DD Pro bundle is out of stock in every region, with no availability dates currently announced.


With all 5Nm bundles out of stock, your current options for ordering an in-stock Gran Turismo DD Pro are limited to either the individual wheel base. Or you can pre-order the GT DD Pro 8Nm bundle.

The bundle comes with the officially licensed Gran Turismo steering wheel, and the CSL Pedals. These bundles are set to be made available in early March.

Check the specific dates for Fanatec GT DD Pro pre-orders here.

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