Which Games Can You Play With Fanatec Wheels?

In this guide I'll look at every sim racing game that is compatible with Fanatec racing wheels. Includes games compatible with Fanatec wheels across all consoles.

Fanatec CSL DD Design

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Fanatec has a huge lineup of different sim racing wheels, pedals and other sim racing hardware. With so many different products to choose from, ensuring that the game you wish to play and the console you wish to play on are supported is important.

The good news is that due to Fanatec’s popularity, most sim racing games are compatible with Fanatec wheels and other products. Many games have preset controller configurations for a variety of Fanatec wheels including the popular CSL DD and GT DD Pro.

These preset configurations will sometimes be automatically selected when you start a game with a Fanatec wheel connected. From there, you can continue to customise the button mapping and force feedback settings, or jump right into a session and go racing.

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In this guide, I’m going to run through the complete list of every game supported by Fanatec. This list will include games that are Fanatec compatible on Xbox, PS5 and PC. All games have either been officially named as compatible by either Fanatec or the game itself.

Which Fanatec wheel to buy

If you don’t have a Fanatec racing wheel and are looking to see if your game is compatible first. I would also recommend reading our ultimate Fanatec buyers guide. That guide will run through the best choices for a racing wheel or bundle across a range of different prices and budgets and is designed to help you find the perfect Fanatec racing wheel.

If you don’t fancy reading our Fanatec buyers guide, below is a quick summary of the racing wheels I’d recommend.

Fanatec CSL DDFanatec GT DD Pro Racing WheelFanatec ClubSport DD
Fanatec CSL DDFanatec GT DD ProFanatec CS DD+
Best Budget wheelBest all-around wheelBest premium option
5-8Nm of peak torque8Nm of peak torque15Nm of peak torque
Buy the CSL DDBuy the GT DD ProBuy the CS DD+

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What Games Are Compatible With Fanatec Racing Wheels?

Fanatec has one of the biggest game compatibility lists of any sim racing brand. This is because Fanatec has been around for a long time, and is one of the more popular sim racing hardware brands. Below is a complete Fanatec game compatibility list of every sim racing game that works with Fanatec wheels.

Assetto CorsaPC, Xbox, PS5
Assetto Corsa CompetizionePC, Xbox, PS5
Automobilista 2PC
Dirt RallyPC, Xbox, PS5
Dirt Rally 2.0PC, Xbox, PS5
Dirt 4PC, Xbox, PS5
Dirt 5PC, Xbox, PS5
Euro Truck Simulator 2PC, Xbox
F1 2015PC, Xbox, PS5
F1 2016PC, Xbox, PS5
F1 2017PC, Xbox, PS5
F1 2018PC, Xbox, PS5
F1 2019PC, Xbox, PS5
F1 2020PC, Xbox, PS5
F1 2021PC, Xbox, PS5
F1 22PC, Xbox, PS5
F1 23PC, Xbox, PS5
Forza Horizon 4PC, Xbox
Forza Horizon 5PC, Xbox
Forza Motorsport 7PC, Xbox
Forza Motorsport 8PC, Xbox
GRID AutosportPC, Xbox, PS5
Gran Turismo 7PS5
GT SportPS5
Nascar Heat 5PC, Xbox, PS5
Le Mans UltimatePC
Nascar 21: IgnitionPC, Xbox, PS5
Need For Speed PaybackPC, Xbox, PS5
Need For Speed HeatPC, Xbox, PS5
Need For Speed UnboundPC, Xbox, PS5
Project CarsPC, Xbox, PS5
Project Cars 2PC, Xbox, PS5
Project Cars 3PC, Xbox, PS5
rFactor 2PC
The CrewPC, Xbox, PS5
The Crew 2PC, Xbox, PS5
The Crew MotorfestPC, Xbox, PS5
V-Rally 4PC, Xbox, PS5
WRC 8PC, Xbox, PS5
WRC 9PC, Xbox, PS5
WreckfestPC, Xbox, PS5
EA Sports WRCPC, Xbox, PS5

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.