Fanatec DD1 Price Cut: Price Reduced By $200!

Here are all of the details about Fanatec's recent price cut of the DD1 wheel base. Includes prices and details of the Fanatec discount including a discounted DD1 bundle.

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Fanatec Podium DD1 Racing Wheel Xbox PC

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Fanatec have been running a fair few promotions recently. They have lowered the price of their CSL DD to just $/€199 when purchased with a steering wheel and pedals. And now, the Fanatec discounts have been passed on to the more premium DD1 racing wheel.

Fanatec DD1 discount details

The current discount that is available on the Fanatec DD1 lowers its price by $/€200. That brings the price down from $/€1199.95 to $/€999.95.

While this price is still high for a wheel base, the DD1 offers a large performance jump from Fanatec’s smaller racing wheels.

There have been no extra details regarding how long this promotion will run. The discounted price started on the 22nd of August, and as of the time of writing, the DD1 is still in stock in all regions.

What is the Fanatec DD1?

The Fanatec DD1 is the German sim racing company’s entry-level premium direct drive racing wheel. By that I mean, the DD1 is the cheapest high-end racing wheel Fanatec sell.

Currently, Fanatec offers both the CSL DD and GT DD Pro as entry-level racing wheels. These offer 5-8Nm of peak torque and are designed to be one of the best small-form-factor direct drive racing wheels around.

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    Fanatec’s Podium range is the name of their more premium products. Both the DD1 and DD2 wheel bases sit in this Podium range, and both are priced considerably higher than the smaller CSL DD and GT DD Pro.

    The DD1 offers 20Nm of peak torque from its direct drive motor. While the more powerful DD2 offers 25Nm of peak torque. These two racing wheels have been around for a few years longer than the newer CSL DD and GT DD Pro, but discounts on either product are still quite rare.

    Discounted DD1 bundle

    As well as the stand-alone DD1 wheel base being discounted, Fanatec has also discounted the price of a DD1 bundle.

    The Podium Racing Wheel Formula includes the DD1 wheel base along with the Fanatec Formula V2.5X steering wheel and the Podium Advanced Paddle Module.

    The price of this bundle is normally $/€1579.85 but it has been discounted by $/€280 to just $/€1299.95.

    Podium DD1 wheel base€999.95
    Podium Advanced Paddle Module€179.95
    Formula v2.5X steering wheel€399.95
    Bundle Price€1,299.95

    Essentially, this new discounted price lets you grab the Podium Advanced Paddle Module for free while still saving money on the rest of the bundle.

    This bundle also has the perk of being Xbox compatible which is rare for a premium direct drive racing wheel.

    More Fanatec discounts

    Fanatec don’t often run many discounts and deals. However, much like this price reduction of the DD1 and DD1 bundle, there are sometimes great deals to be found.

    You can track all Fanatec deals and discounts using our deals tracker. This deals tracker is regularly updated to include the more up-to-date Fanatec discounts. Or to inform you that there are currently no discounts available.

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    Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.