Fanatec CSW V2 vs V2.5 – What’s The Difference?

Fanatec CSW v2 vs v2_5

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Have you seen a used ClubSport V2 for sale and are tempted by the older wheel base? It may be cheaper than the newer V2.5, but is it worth buying. Let’s have a look to see what the difference is between the older CSW V2 vs V2.5.

We’ll also take a brief look at the current CSL Elite V1.1. We’ll compare it with the older ClubSport wheel base to see which is the best buy.

The Fanatec ClubSport V2.5

The Fanatec ClubSport V2.5 wheel was released back in 2017, and included a few improvements. The main technology inside remained unchanged from the V2, as does the appearance of the wheel base. But there are a few notable improvements.

The ClubSport V2.5 features a new and improved bushless servo motor. This should out last the previous motor as it features increased durability. But more importantly it can output slightly enhanced force feedback over its predecessor.

There is also an upgrade on the USB update rate. It has been increased from 500Hz to 1000Hz. This, in theory should improve the subtle force feedback. However in truth, not many sim racing games actually send more than 500Hz through the wheel. So this upgrade, although not pointless, isn’t as major as it sounds.

The more important upgrade comes in the form of an advanced drift mode which has been implemented. This drift mode is used to add resistance to the new and upgraded motor. By adding negative damper to the wheel you can avoid oscillations in the wheel. You can also reduce this to make the CSW V2.5 much more responsive than the CSW V2.

If you are buying a racing wheel to drift with, then you should look to buy the CSW V2.5.

Ultimately, the ClubSport V2.5 is a better wheel than the older CSW V2. If you do pick up the CSW V2.5, you also have the safety of a full warranty from Fanatec. As the CSW V2 has been out of production since 2017, you wont be able to find any second hand with warranty. So if anything were to fail, you would be in trouble.

Our recommendation is to pick up the new and improved CSW V2.5.

What about the CSL V1.1 vs CSW V2

If you don’t want to stretch the price of the new and improved ClubSport V2.5, that brings the CSL Elite in to play. The CSL Elite V1.1 is a wheel base which isn’t as good as the ClubSport range. However the CSL V1.1 does use ClubSport technology. This means it is using some of the technology of the ClubSport V2.

So, if the CSL Elite V1.1 is using the same technology, does that mean it is just as good as the CSW V2? Well, not quite. Despite using some of the same technology, the main force feedback technology is still different. The CSL Elite wheel base doesn’t feature force feedback which is as strong or as detailed as the CSW V2.

Despite the CSL Elite not being as technically good as the CSW V2, we would still recommend picking up a new CSL Elite over an old CSW V2. This is simply due to the warranty and the durability.

Buying a used CSW V2 that has potentially had a few years of wear and tear, and doesn’t have a warranty is risky. We would much rather buy a wheel base that isn’t quite as powerful, but that is brand new.

So our recommendation is to pick up a CSL Elite V1.1 over an old CSW V2.

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