Fanatec CSL vs ClubSport – Which Should You Buy?

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Fanatec CSL Elite vs Clubsport
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Fanatec make fantastic sim racing wheels, some of the best on the market. Two of their product ranges utilise very similar technology, with the CSL Elite and ClubSport (CSW) wheel bases both using the same servo motor, electronics, and power supply.

So with some of the same technology, is the ClubSport worth around £200 more than the CSL Elite wheel base? This is what we are going to answer below.

What Are The Differences?

 Fanatec CSL Elite v1.1Fanatec ClubSport v2.5
Console CompatibilityPC + XboxPC + Xbox
Force Feedback Drive SystemSingle Gear Toothed Belt DriveTwo Multi-V-Ribbed Belts
Force Feedback Drive MaterialABS PulleysCNC Machined Aluminum Pulleys
TorqueUp to 6NmUp to 8Nm
Position SensorSingle Optical SensorDual Magnetic Hall Sensors
ConstructionABS PlasticCNC Machined Aluminum
FFB TechnologyBelt DrivenBelt Driven
Degrees of Rotation90°-1080°90°-900°
Cooling SystemSingle FanDouble Fan
Sound ProducedLouderQuieter
Quick Release

It is true that the CSL Elite contains a selection of the same technology as the ClubSport v2.5. In a way, many look at the CSL Elite wheel base as the same piece of kit as the old ClubSport v1. However the ClubSport v2.5 features a host of upgrades over the current CSL Elite v1.1 which improves the wheel base in a lot of areas.

Below we have broken down all of the key areas to look for when purchasing a wheel base. We have compared both Fanatec wheel bases in each section, to hopefully reach a solid conclusion and answer the question. Is the ClubSport better than a CSL Elite?

The CSL Elite v1.1 Wheel base

The CSL Elite is the baby brother of the ClubSport. It uses some of the same technology as the CSW, however the main force feedback components are different. It is priced at around £200 cheaper than the CSW, meaning it is the cheapest Fanatec wheel base you can buy.

The ClubSport v2.5 Wheel base

The ClubSport (CSW) wheel base is currently on version 2.5. It has been improved over the years, and is Fanatec’s mid level racing wheel base. It sits above the CSL Elite, and below the direct drive Podium wheel bases in their overall product range. Prices start at around £500 for a CSW wheel base.

Power Output

As you can see from the comparison table above, the ClubSport wheel base puts out around 2Nm of extra force than the CSL. This is huge in the world of sim racing. Compared to other competitors, the CSL puts out a good amount of force feedback strength. The ClubSport offers a step up on this, with the strength of feedback really impressing.

To put this in to context. When we tested both the CSL Elite and the ClubSport side by side, we ran the CSL Elite at 100% force feedback strength. This is the equivelant strength output as running the ClubSport at around 70% force feedback strength.

We would expect during long usage across multiple months and years, for the CSW to hold up a little better than the CSL. We haven’t heard any stories of CSL wheel bases breaking at all, which is a testament to the overall build quality Fanatec adhere to. So by no means is the CSL not well manufactured. Both should last you a very long time, no matter how often you drive them. Also, a note, all of the internal mechanical parts and software, other than the drive technology is the same across both wheel bases.

Also, the CSW wheel base features a nice brushed Aluminium front plate, whilst the CSL has a textured plastic frontage. The CSW does look slightly more appealing and high quality from the front than the CSL because of this.

The housing as a whole feels much more premium on the CSW, compared to the CSL. Although this doesn’t affect your main experience with each wheel base, it does justify some of the extra upgrade cost.

Fanatec Clubsport Xbox One


Both the CSL Elite and ClubSport wheel bases use essentially the same connection ports at the rear. And both wheel bases are fully compatible with the CSL & ClubSport steering wheel range. This is great, as it allows you to pick and choose your wheel rim across both ranges, fully knowing that it will work on whichever wheel base you own.

As you may have noticed, the CSW doesn’t have built in rev lights, whereas the CSL wheel base does. Now we don’t know if this is the reason for this, however we do believe that all of the CSL steering wheels don’t feature rev lights. Whilst all of the ClubSport wheel rims do feature in-built rev lights. This could be the reason for not including rev lights on the CSW, although don’t quote us on that! Despite this, it doesn’t make any difference in compatibility. All steering wheels for each platform are cross compatible across wheel bases.

Adjustable settings

Another area where both wheel bases are identical, is the adjustable settings. These include all of the classic Fanatec force feedback settings such as force feedback strength, wheel damping etc. These are all adjustable across both wheel bases in exactly the same manor. This means you can adjust both wheel bases to suit your own personal preference.


Another difference between the two wheel bases, is the cooling technology. The ClubSport has double the amount of cooling fans installed to ensure there is never a overheating issue. To be fair to the CSL though, we played continuously for a good 4-5 hours, using the CSL at 100% force feedback, and the wheel base itself never felt hot. This means that the cooling in the CSL is more than adequate enough to cope with the forces it is generating.

Fanatec ClubSport v2.5 wheel base logo

So, is the ClubSport v2.5 worth the upgrade over the CSL Elite v1.1?

In a word, yes. However you have to ask yourself what you want to get out of the wheel base.

If you upgrading from a Logitech G29 for example, and you are looking to only play games such as Forza, then the CSL Elite is probably more than good enough. We can’t forget that the CSL Elite v1.1 is still an exceptionally good racing wheel base. It is essentially a first generation ClubSport wheel base, and is a huge improvement over all budget racing wheels.

If you race competitively, or race often on games such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, then the ClubSport could be worth the upgrade. The smoothness and upgraded strength of the force feedback is definitely noticeable if you race a lot. The ClubSport wheel base genuinely feels like you are racing a real car, the force feedback is that good. The build quality is also worth noting, as if you race often, the ClubSport should definitely outlast the CSL Elite before issues arise.

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Disclaimer: The links above are our affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission from any sales used via these links. Buying after clicking one of our links will never affect the price you pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base?

Fanatec's entry level wheel base, the CSL Elite, starts from around £300.

How much is a Fanatec ClubSport wheel base?

The Fanatec ClubSport wheel base is Fanatec's mid level offering, and the best belt driven wheel you can buy. The price starts from around £480.

Which Fanatec wheel base is best?

There are positives to buying both Fanatec wheel bases, and it truly depends on your requirements. Read our complete guide to find out which Fanatec wheel base is best suited for you.

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