Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 – Here’s Everything That’s Updated

Fanatec has done a good job of updating some classic products recently. The CSL Elite Pedals V2 are the newest pedal set to receive an updated V2 treatment. Here is everything that's new.

Fanatec CSL Elite V2 Pedals

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What are the Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2?

Fanatec has been focusing recently on updating a whole batch of their most popular products. This has seen a V2 version of various steering wheels including the ever-popular F1 Esports steering wheel. And now the V2 upgrades have been added to the CSL Elite Pedals.

These V2 Pedals are designed to be a mid-level pedal set, featuring a three-pedal layout with a load cell brake pedal. The load cell brake pedal has been improved, and so has the stability in design and the pedal technology across all three pedals.

Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2

What’s new?

As with many of Fanatec’s updated V2 products, there has been a few pretty significant upgrades applied to the classic CSL Elite Pedal formula.

CSL Elite V2 Load Cell

Updated load cell brake pedal

The first, and most important upgrade has been with the load cell brake pedal. The design of this pedal has been completely updated and reworked compared to the original brake.

It features a 90kg load cell, which is completely adjustable. You can adjust the braking force required if 90kg is too strong. And you can also adjust the construction of the pedal.

There are two metal springs included, each with a different firmness. And there are three rubber elastomers which all have different firmness ratings.

You can use the springs and elastomers in a wide variety of layouts, allowing you to customise how stiff or soft the brake pedal feels. And the best part is that you can make all of these adjustments without the need for tools.

Upgraded sensors

CSL Elite V2 Hall effect sensors

As well as upgrading the load cell design, Fanatec has also included magnetic hall effect sensors on each pedal. These replace the old potentiometers that were used in the previous CSL Elite pedals.

The new sensors are contactless and use magnetics to decipher the amount of input applied to each pedal. This will elongate the durability of the pedals, as there is no longer any contact being made within the sensors, preventing any wear.


Fanatec Two Pedal Configuration

Fanatec has also increased the overall rigidity of the CSL Elite Pedals V2. They have added additional bracing across the pedal width to prevent any flexing or torsion that may have occurred.

How much do the Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 cost?

These Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 cost from €299.95 / $299.95. As a comparison, the newer CSL Pedals that were released in 2021 cost from €199.95 / $199.95 with the load cell brake included.

Just as a side note, back in 2016 when the original CSL Elite Pedals V1 launched, they cost €229.95 / $229.95.

Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2 vs CSL Pedals

One of the biggest questions regarding this re-release of the CSL Elite pedals is. How are the CSL Elite Pedals V2 different from the newer CSL Pedals?

After all, the CSL Pedals that were released in 2021 were meant to be a replacement for the older CSL Elite Pedals. Much like the CSL Elite Pedals, the newer CSL Pedals featured a lightweight metal frame, a load cell brake pedal, and a very similar layout.

So the main differences between these two pedal sets is in their design, construction and the feel of the load cell brake.

The CSL Pedals feature a steel construction while the CSL Elite V2’s are constructed from cast and machined aluminium.

Both pedal sets now feature magnetic hall effect sensors to allow for contactless pedal inputs. But the CSL Elite V2’s feature a different set up in how the brake pedal feels.

The CSL Pedals had an almost rock-solid brake pedal. There was very little movement when you stomped on the brake, with all of the input being decided by the force you applied to the pedal.

The CSL Elite V2’s feature a much more progressive brake pedal. The brake is made up of a series of rubber elastomers along with a metal spring. This gives the brake a multi-stage feel, allowing you to depress the brake pedal much further.

Fanatec Pedal Compatibility


Much like the previous CSL Elite Pedals, these V2 pedals are compatible with all platforms including Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

For them to work across Xbox and PlayStation consoles, they need to be connected to a console-specific wheel base via the included RJ12 cable. With a PC, they can be connected either to a wheel base or directly to your PC via a USB cable.

They are also compatible with all current wheel bases and products including the Fanatec CSL DD, GT DD Pro and Podium range of wheel bases.

Watch the CSL Elite V2 reveal video

Below is the official first look at the Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2. Check out the video below, and then view the new pedals on Fanatec’s website.

Where to buy the CSL Elite Pedals V2?

As with most Fanatec products, the best place to purchase them is from the Fanatec web store. There aren’t many resellers that distribute Fanatec products, and the German company has a good infrastructure. This allows them to ship their products relatively quickly to almost anywhere around the world.

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