Fanatec CSL DD Pre-Orders Open This Week

In a brand new video released by Fanatec, Thomas Jackermeier reveals that pre-orders of the new Fanatec CSL DD will open this week! Find out how to best ready yourself to place your pre-order.

Fanatec CSL DD Pre-Orders Start Date

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Fanatec CSL DD Pre-Orders

Update – The Fanatec CSL DD is now live on Fanatec’s website for everybody to pre-order. Pick up your CSL DD using the links below.

In the build up to the release of the brand new direct drive wheel base, the Fanatec CSL DD, Fanatec have released a series of videos answering customers questions.

In the latest video, published on the 1st June 2021, Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier answers plenty of questions regarding the CSL DD wheel base. And one of the most important questions answered is the pre-order start date.

When Do Fanatec CSL DD Pre-Orders Start?

Fanatec have officially announced that pre-orders of the Fanatec CSL DD wheel base start this week.

Baring in mind, this video announcement was made on Tuesday 1st June, this week could be any time before the 6th June 2021. So release date for pre-orders will be before the 6th June. Although many potential customers wont be able to place their pre-order on this date, due to Fanatec’s pre-ordering wave system.

Fanatec Pro-Ordering Waves

Thomas Jackermeier revealed that pre-orders will be offered in three waves. Depending which wave you as a customer fall into, dictates when exactly you’ll be able to place your pre-order.

Only customers who fall into the waves below will be able to place their pre-order of the new Fanatec CSL DD wheel base at certain times.

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Fanatec explained their wave system should counter some of the large interest that has been generated in this new direct drive wheel base. And it should allow all customers to place a pre-order before the release of the wheel.

Wave 1

  • Existing Fanatec account
  • Previous Fanatec order history
  • Newsletter subscriber at
  • Limited to 1 unit per customer

Wave 2

Wave 3

  • Open to the public in the webshop
  • Limited to 1 unit per customer

How To Pre-Order The Fanatec CSL DD

To ensure you are eligible to place your pre-order at the earliest possible chance, you can do the following things. Keep an eye on the Fanatec webshop, which you can visit here. It’s highly likely that over the next couple of days the product page for the CSL DD will go live.

You can subscribe to the Fanatec newsletter, which you can do here. It hasn’t been confirmed whether it is only existing subscribers who will feature in the first two waves (those who were already subscribers before this announcement was made) or any email subscriber at the time of pre-order launch. However, it wont hurt your chances at being offered an early pre-order slot if you subscribe today. You can subscribe to Fanatec here.

Watch The Full Video Here

Below is the full video where Thomas Jackermeier answers a whole host of customer questions regarding the upcoming Fanatec CSL DD wheel base.


For more information about the upcoming Fanatec CSL DD wheel base, what exactly it is and how much it costs, read our more detailed product overview here.

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