Grab A Fanatec CSL DD for just €/$199.95

Fanatec are offering the CSL DD wheel base for the low price of just €/$199.95 when purchased as part of a bundle. This makes it the cheapest direct drive wheel base around.

Fanatec CSL DD For just €/$199.95
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With the massive influx of lower priced direct drive racing wheels, different sim racing brands are trying various things to grab new customers and make their own wheel bases stand out from the crowd.

Fanatec, who are often considered the king of sim racing wheels, revealed a pretty tasty deal on their most popular direct drive wheel base.

This deal is designed to make their CSL DD wheel base the cheapest direct drive racing wheel you can buy in 2023.

Fanatec’s €/$199.95 direct drive wheel base

The new deal from Fanatec allows you to pick up the CSL DD for just €/$199.95. That makes it cheaper than every other direct drive wheel base including the mightily affordable MOZA R5.

It even makes the CSL DD cheaper than budget racing wheels such as the Logitech G923 and Thrustmaster T248.

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However, there is one stipulation that you need to meet in order to be able to grab a Fanatec CSL DD for €/$199.95. And that is that you need to purchase the wheel base alongside a Fanatec steering wheel and pedal set.

Create your own Fanatec bundle

Despite the added stipulation, you are free to choose any steering wheel and any pedal set you like. That means you can create a completely unique bundle that includes the CSL DD for €/$199.95.

You can create a CSL DD bundle that costs as low as €/$399.85. This would include the P1 V2 steering wheel and CSL pedal set.

However, if you fancy something a little more performance-focused, you could choose to opt for a bundle that includes the F1 Esports V2 steering wheel and the CSL load cell pedal set. This would set you back €/$769.85, but still includes the CSL DD for just €/$199.95.

What about the 8Nm CSL DD? Is that included at €/$199.95

The €/$199.95 price is for the 5Nm version of the CSL DD.

However, if you do want to upgrade to the 8Nm CSL DD, you can pick that wheel base up for €/$299.95. There is a discount of €/$150 which is automatically applied at checkout when opting for the more powerful 8Nm CSL DD.

This is a great saving as the Boost Kit 180 which is required to upgrade the 5Nm CSL DD to 8Nm costs €/$149.95 on its own. This essentially brings the price of the 8Nm CSL DD to lower than the base price of the 5Nm CSL DD.

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