Fanatec Launch New Entry-Level Sim Racing Cockpit: CSL Cockpit

Fanatec has announced a brand new cockpit, the CSL cockpit at a relatively affordable price point. Here are all of the details about the new sim racing cockpit including price and availability.

Fanatec CSL Cockpit

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Fanatec has been launching a fair few new products over the past few months. We have seen new racing wheels, wheel bases and bundles, but this time around, Fanatec has announced a brand new sim racing cockpit.

The Fanatec CSL Cockpit is an affordable and lightweight sim racing rig that is designed to be sturdy enough to handle all direct drive Fanatec racing wheels. Here are all of the details about this new cockpit.

What is the Fanatec CSL cockpit?

The Fanatec CSL Cockpit is an affordable sim racing cockpit that combines a small footprint and lightweight design with sturdy construction and compatibility with all Fanatec products.

The cockpit itself is constructed using aluminium and steel for strength and rigidity. Despite its lightweight appearance, Fanatec claims that the cockpit can support all of its wheel bases including the 25Nm Fanatec DD2.

This sim rig comes pre-equipped with two wheel mounts that let you attach your Fanatec racing wheel from the side. With Fanatec producing its own cockpit, you can guarantee compatibility with all current Fanatec sim racing products when it comes to mounting.

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You do get some adjustability with the CSL Cockpit, mainly the position of the pedal mounts and wheel mounts. The driving position is fairly upright in a GT-style driving position. But you can achieve a lower go-kart style driving position by making some adjustments.

There is a range of accessories for the CSL cockpit including a monitor mount and shifter mount, both of which are additional purchases.

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How much does it cost?

The Fanatec CSL Cockpit is priced competitively and is a far cry from the price of the older and more premium Fanatec Rennsport cockpit. The CSL Cockpit costs just €399.95 or $399.95 in Europe and the United States.

This price is for the cockpit alone without a racing seat. The seat is an additional cost of around €99.95 or $99.95. You can also mount a different racing seat to the cockpit if you already own one.

Europe€399.95Buy now
Unted States$399.95Buy now
Japan64,600¥Buy now
Australia$669.95Buy now

When is the release date of the CSL Cockpit?

Fanatec has a habit of announcing a product with immediate dispatch, and that is the case here. The CSL Cockpit was officially unveiled on the 4th April 2024, and is available to ship within 4-7 days.

That means if you order a CSL Cockpit today, you shouldn’t have to wait long for it to arrive. It is very public knowledge that Fanatec has had delivery and shipping issues over the past few months. However, Fanatec has released numerous statements on its website and blog regarding these delays and measures that have been put in place to remedy them.

We’re hoping that with the launch of the new CSL Cockpit, the shipping issues on this particular product will have been resolved. The official Fanatec website states a shipping time of 4-7 days, which points in the right direction.

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