Best Direct Drive F1 Bundle: Fanatec ClubSport DD F1 Esports V2 vs MOZA R12 & KS Bundle Comparison

Fanatec has released a cheaper ClubSport DD bundle including the F1 Esports V2 wheel. But is it as good as the MOZA R12 & KS bundle. I compare both of these F1 bundles to see which is the best direct drive F1-style sim racing bundle.

Fanatec ClubSport DD F1 Esports vs MOZA R12 KS Bundle Comparison

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Fanatec has recently released its third ClubSport DD bundle, which includes the popular F1 Esports V2 wheel. This bundle is priced lower than its other two and is designed to be more affordable.

The Fanatec bundle includes a 12Nm direct drive wheel base along with a formula-style steering wheel. It does not include any pedals. If this sounds familiar to you, that may be because another sim racing brand offers something almost identical.

MOZA Racing has a racing wheel bundle that looks awfully similar on paper. The R12 & KS bundle includes a 12Nm MOZA wheel base and the KS wheel, another formula-style steering wheel.

With both of these brands offering incredibly similar bundles, I wanted to compare the two to see which is the better buy.

Comparing the Fanatec ClubSport F1 Esports V2 and MOZA R12 & KS racing wheel bundles

When you lay out what both bundles are offering, things are incredibly similar. Both offer 12Nm of direct drive force feedback, right in the sweet spot. In my experience, I believe that increasing the force feedback strength above 12Nm offers diminishing returns in comparison to the price increase that comes with more high performance-focused sim racing wheels.

Paired with the 12Nm wheel bases are two formula-style steering wheels that are actually quite similar. The Fanatec F1 Esports V2 does have the benefit of the official Formula 1 branding, although other than the F1 logo this doesn’t add too much. The wheel itself is a well-made budget to mid-range wheel with a range of push buttons, a screen and not too much else.

MOZA Racing’s offering is very similar. The KS steering wheel may not have the Formula 1 branding, and it doesn’t have an in-built screen like the F1 Esports V2 wheel does. However, it does include a few extra inputs in the form of encoders and dual-clutch paddles, which are great for racing F1 games.

Below is a breakdown of what is offered from both bundles.

MOZA R12 + KS Wheel BundleFanatec ClubSport DD F1 Esports V2 Bundle
MOZA R12 & KSClubSport F1 Esports
Bundle Price$819/€909 (Exc Tax)$/€899 (Inc Tax)
Wheel Base Price$559/€619$/€799
FFB Strength12Nm12Nm
CompatibilityPC OnlyPC Only
Release DateJune 2023May 2024
Where To BuyBuy from MOZABuy from Fanatec

How much value do both bundles offer?

When you look at the value both of these F1-orientated bundles offer, you’ll see some differences, especially in the headline prices. Both bundles include the same amount of equipment.

You get a 12Nm direct drive wheel base and a budget to mid-range formula-style steering wheel in both bundles. You’ll also receive a wheel-side and base-side quick release so you can connect the steering wheel to the wheel base.

The price is where there is a difference. The MOZA R12 and KS steering wheel bundle looks to be cheaper than the Fanatec bundle in the United States. There is around a $80 price difference between both bundles when purchased from the US. However, the MOZA Racing price doesn’t include sales tax, whereas the Fanatec price does.

Below is a breakdown of the value that each bundle offers.

MOZA R12 & KSClubSport F1 Esports
Wheel baseMOZA R12
ClubSport DD
Steering wheelKS wheel
Formula F1 Esports V2
QR2 Pro Quick Release
Total value$838/€928$/€1219.85
Bundle price$819/€909 (Exc Tax)$/€899 (Inc Tax)

When we do adjust for sales tax, both bundles are still priced closely but Fanatec does have the edge. Using a baseline figure of 20% sales tax, which can vary depending on your location, the MOZA R12 bundle will come up to $982.80 or €1090.80.

There is a big difference in the MOZA price in Europe and the US, and a lot of this comes down to MOZA’s infrastructure across the two regions. However, this tax-adjusted price does make the R12 bundle higher than the price of the Fanatec F1 Esports V2 bundle, with the Fantec bundle coming out cheaper by around $80/€180. It is worth noting that the tax you’ll pay on the MOZA bundle does depend on your region.

Design and build quality

Moving on to the design and quality of both products, there are some differences across both bundles. Both wheel bases have their own distinctive style with Fanatec opting for more aggressive styling compared to MOZA’s more subtle appearance.

A winner in terms of design comes down to your preference, but I think the Fanatec base has a bit more interest. Comparing the build quality, both wheel bases are constructed primarily from metal with a few plastic flourishes on both bases.

The metal outer shell on both wheels is designed as a heat sink to draw internal heat away from the motor. This allows both wheels to operate completely fanless and quietly. The Fanatec wheel is the larger of the two which could affect your mounting position slightly, although the difference in size is not a big issue.

The bigger differences in build and design come when we compare the two steering wheels.

MOZA KS steering wheel design

Starting with the MOZA KS wheel, the steering wheel looks like it could have been ripped out of a Formula 1 car, resembling the older Williams F1 steering wheel pretty closely. When you touch the steering wheel, you’ll notice that the wheel isn’t constructed from metal like many steering wheels are. Instead, MOZA has opted for a carbon-fibre composite material.

This material feels somewhere between plastic and rubber, but a little more upmarket from those materials. I rather like it, as it feels solid and robust and is a point of difference.

When it comes to inputs, MOZA Racing has been pretty generous. There are ten individual push buttons, all of which are LED RGB backlit and customisable. Each of these buttons feels positive to push without too much travel or resistance.

There are also three large front-facing encoders. These are constructed from plastic which is the norm for most steering wheels, and each encoder has a nice distinct click as it rotates into position. These can be assigned in game as either multi-position switches or encoders and are great for adjusting your car setup on the fly. I always program these to control elements such as ABS, traction control or engine modes in games such as Assetto Corsa Competizione.

The inputs don’t stop there. You’ll find a couple of joysticks and another two encoders which are mounted into the hand grips. These thumb encoders are ideal for very quick adjustments to brake bias and your differential setup in the F1 games.

Around the back are four paddles, all of which are constructed from metal and feel nice and solid. There are two shifter paddles and two dual clutch paddles. The activation of each shifter is good with a light but distinct click.

My only issue with these paddles is their positioning. I have always felt that they are positioned too close to the back of the wheel, which caused me to adjust my hand position to stop contact during a shift. You can see this issue in my MOZA KS video review above.

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Overall, this is a great wheel, especially considering the price. It is probably one of my favourite MOZA steering wheels to date.

Buy MOZA R12 & KS United States$819.00
Buy MOZA R12 & KS Europe€909.00
Buy MOZA R12 & KS Australia$1459.00

F1 Esports steering wheel design

Moving onto the F1 Esports V2 wheel, this is one of the most popular steering wheels that Fanatec sell, and for good reason.

When purchased individually, this steering wheel is priced very competitively, being one of the cheapest F1 steering wheels available from any brand. Compared to the KS, this steering wheel is over $/€100 cheaper when you factor in sales tax for both wheels.

When we look at the inputs available, you can see why this is the cheaper of the two wheels. But first, I want to touch on the design. The F1 Esports V2 steering wheel is smaller in diameter than the KS wheel, coming in at 280mm across instead of 300mm, which I have to say I prefer. The ergonomics at this smaller size feel a touch tighter and more comfortable.

The face plate is constructed from CNC-machined and anodised aluminium which looks and feels high quality. Although, the rest of the wheel’s chassis does use less desirable plastic. There are Alcantara hand grips which feel slightly more premium, although less durable than the TPE rubber found on the KS wheel.

In terms of inputs, quite simply, the F1 Esports V2 wheel doesn’t include as much. You get eleven push buttons, which feel really nice to activate. However, none of the buttons include fancy RGB lighting like they do on the MOZA wheel and more premium sim steering wheels.

There are two joysticks, just like the MOZA wheel, and a series of rev and flag lights. You don’t get a set of dual-clutch paddles, although an upgrade is available for these. And there aren’t any encoders included, which is slightly disappointing. This does make quick adjustments to your brake bias or differential between corners a little tougher. Although, you could map these inputs to the rotation on the FunkySwitch.

Fanatec F1 Esports V2 steering wheel design

What you get that isn’t present on the MOZA Racing steering wheel is an in-built screen. This display can show live telemetry including your RPM, speed and more. You can also use it to adjust the tuning settings of your wheel base without using PC software which is a nice touch.

This Fanatec wheel is definitely not as feature-packed as the MOZA KS, and this is reflected in its individual price, which is considerably cheaper. Despite this, I do prefer the ergonomics and build quality of the Fanatec wheel, and it is a brilliant choice considering its low price point.

Buy ClubSport F1 Esports United States$899.95
Buy ClubSport F1 Esports Europe€899.95
Buy ClubSport F1 Esports Australia$1499.95

Gameplay and performance

I now want to look at the performance of both sim racing wheels. While the design greatly impacts your buying decision, the performance is something you must commit to and is, therefore, just as important.

ClubSport DD F1 Esports performance

I want to start with the ClubSport DD wheel base that is included in the Fanatec bundle as this is the newer of the two products. For the release of the ClubSport DD and DD+, Fanatec went above and beyond to try and create the most well-rounded force feedback of any direct drive wheel.

The ClubSport DD introduces a lot of new technology and algorithms to Fanatec’s wheel bases. FullForce is a new force feedback protocol that allows a new range of force feedback to be present in the ClubSport DD. you will notice a new layer of vibrations that work alongside the more traditional force feedback.

These vibrations portray a range of information from your engine revs to new track surface details and tyre slip. This technology isn’t too dissimilar to TrueForce found in Logitech wheels, and it works towards increasing immersion while sim racing.

From my time with the ClubSport DD wheel, I can say that FullForce really boosts immersion and adds a new element to the feedback felt. It isn’t game-changing, but it’s certainly a very nice addition.

Working alongside Fullforce is a completely redefined force feedback performance that improves the response rate and the constant torque available. The ClubSport DD introduces a class-leading slew rate, meaning you’ll feel the force feedback almost instantaneously as it’s happening in the game.

Fanatec ClubSport DD Slew Rate

The improved thermal efficiency of the new Fanatec wheel also improves the constant torque available. You won’t encounter as much thermal degradation during a long play session, with the full 12Nm of torque available even after racing for 30 to 60 minutes and longer.

Overall, the ClubSport DD is an incredible upgrade to Fanatec’s wheel base architecture and does make it very hard to go back to older wheels. It is easily one of the most well-rounded and impressive wheels I’ve ever raced with.

MOZA Racing R12 & KS performance

Swapping over the MOZA R12 wheel and a similar story is at play. MOZA’s first few small wheel bases, including the R9, performed very well for their size but weren’t revolutionary. The MOZA R12 looked to change that by introducing more well-rounded force feedback, not too dissimilar to Fanatec’s FullForce.

MOZA introduced a new force feedback algorithm to the R12, which has later been implemented in other MOZA wheel bases. These allowed for a series of rumbles and vibrations to be present which, again similar to Fullforce, improves immersion.

The R12’s rumbles were more focused on track surface changes that occur when you ride over kerbs and bumpy surfaces rather than showcasing your engine revs. When you run over a bumpy or inconsistent surface with the R12, the rumbles emanate through your sim rig in a way that makes it feel like you are sitting in the car you’re driving.

In my experience, it caused rumbles to be felt through the racing seat and my arms, very similar to the forces felt from a Buttkicker, albeit to a lesser degree. In my MOZA R12 review (which you can watch above), I said this redefines the force feedback previously available from a MOZA wheel base.

MOZA also worked hard to improve responsiveness, making the R12 feel incredibly sharp and detailed at all times. Much like the ClubSport DD, the MOZA R12 is hard not to recommend. It is a fantastic direct drive wheel base that performs incredibly well.

Compatibility with consoles & other products

When it comes to compatibility, there are a few areas to consider. There is compatibility with consoles, with sim racing games, and with other products.

Console compatibility

In terms of consoles, both of these bundles are being sold as PC-only products. In MOZA’s case, the R12 is only PC-compatible, no matter what. Meanwhile, Fanatec has both Xbox and PlayStation compatibility baked into the bundle.

The main caveat with the Fanatec console compatibility is the two products offer different compatibility, meaning neither works. The ClbuSport DD wheel base is PC and Xbox compatible but requires an Xbox steering wheel to work on the console. The F1 Esports V2 wheel is PC and PS5 compatible. This means neither the Xbox or PS5 compatibility will work on this bundle without additional purchases.

Compatibility with other products

Fanatec has always been a fairly closed ecosystem. They don’t really promote using their products with other brands, and there isn’t any way of doing this without adapters. MOZA is slightly different, offering a quick release adapter and a Universal Hub.

These let you mount different-branded steering wheels to a MOZA wheel base or use the KS wheel with wheel bases from other brands. This is a neat touch that makes the MOZA ecosystem slightly more accessible.

Game compatibility

Talking about game support, both of these products are widely supported in most sim racing titles. Fanatec has long been one of the most established sim racing brands, meaning almost every sim racing title supports Fanatec products.

Over the past few years, MOZA Racing has worked hard to build a large ecosystem and trusted brand. This has led to direct support for most racing titles, although some games, such as Forza Motorsport, can be a little trickier to set up.

Which direct drive bundle is the better buy?

This leads me to my final recommendation of which bundle is the better option. the good news is that both of these sim racing bundles are excellent. They offer fantastic performance and a great feature set within an upper mid-range budget.

Your buying decision will likely come down to which wheel better meets your requirements and which ecosystem you prefer. Fanatec has a wider ecosystem of products and more compatibility options for consoles. Out of the two bundles, the Fanatec bundle boasts a nicer design and slightly better build quality.

MOZA Racing on the other hand, offers a more complete feature set within the steering wheel they chose to include. This, along with the more open ecosystem, means you can expand your sim racing setup to include other brands if needed.

Whichever option you choose, you certainly won’t be disappointed, as both bundles are excellent examples of quality sim racing hardware.

Buy the Fanatec ClubSport DD F1 Esports V2 Bundle.

Buy the MOZA Racing R12 & KS Bundle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MOZA Racing have Xbox or PS5 compatibility?

MOZA does sell an Xbox-compatible racing wheel, the MOZA R3. However, the R12 and KS bundle isn’t Xbox or PS5 compatible.

Which is better, MOZA or Fanatec?

Both sim racing brands produce incredible hardware. MOZA has worked hard to produce a wide ecosystem in a short space of time, whilst Fanatec is more established. Whichever brand you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Does the Fanatec ClubSport DD F1 Esports V2 work on PS5?

The ClubSport DD F1 Esports bundle is only PC-compatible out of the box. You can add Xbox compatibility if you use an Xbox-compatible Fanatec wheel, however, you cannot add PS5 compatibility to the ClubSport DD wheel base.

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