Fanatec ClubSport F1 Bundle vs Asetek Forte Bundle Comparison

The Fanatec ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 bundle is very similar to the Asetek Forte bundle. But which premium direct drive sim racing bundle is a better buy and which offers better value?

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Fanatec F1 Bundle vs Asetek Forte Bundle

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The release of the Fanatec ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 bundle gives those looking to buy a complete high-end sim racing bundle a great option. This combination of a high-performing direct drive wheel base paired with an F1 branded steering wheel represents a good saving compared to purchasing each item individually. However, this Fanatec bundle does lack a set of pedals which aren’t included.

An alternative to the ClubSport F1 bundle is the Asetek Forte bundle from Danish sim racing brand Asetek Sim Sports. This is another premium direct drive bundle that includes a wheel base similar to the Fanatec one, as well as a formula-style steering wheel, and a set of load cell pedals.

Comparing the ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 & Asetek Forte sim racing bundles

In this guide, I’m going to put both the Fanatec ClubSport F1 bundle and Asetek Forte bundle in a head-to-head comparison to see which premium direct drive bundle is the better choice. I’ll look at the overall price to purchase both products along with how much value each bundle provides. I’ll also compare the performance on offer, the design, compatibility and build quality.

Quick comparison

First, I want to look at a quick comparison of both direct drive bundles. Below is an overview of what is included in both the Fanatec and Asetek bundles.

Fanatec ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 ReleaseAsetek Forte Bundle
ClubSport RW F1Asetek Forte
Bundle Price$/€1299.95$1714/€1680
Wheel Base Price$/€999$/€899
FFB Strength15Nm18Nm
CompatibilityPC, PS5PC Only
Pedals included?NoYes
Release DateMarch 2024December 2022
Where To BuyBuy from FanatecBuy from Asetek

You can see from the above comparison that there are some pretty big differences between both bundles, but at their core, both offerings are very similar.

The Asetek Forte bundle includes a set of pedals whereas the Fanatec ClubSport Racing F1 does not include pedals. This accounts for the majority of the increased price of the Asetek bundle. The Fanatec bundle does offer console compatibility whereas all Asetek bundles are only PC-compatible.

Despite these differences, both bundles include a high-performing direct drive wheel base with similar peak performance. And both include a formula-style steering wheel with similar functionality.

How much value do both bundles offer?

Let’s take a deeper look at just how much value you get out of these two bundles. I’m going to break down the contents of each bundle to see how much all items would cost if purchased individually. With bundles such as these, working out the individual cost gives you an indicator of just how much of a discount purchasing the bundle can offer.

Doing this exercise, we can also account for the difference in included hardware. The Asetek bundles includes a set of pedals, so I’ll look at the value that these pedals add to this bundle in comparison to a similar Fanatec pedal set that would need to be purchased seperately.

ClubSport F1Asetek Forte
Wheel baseClubSport DD+
Forte wheel base
Steering wheelFormula V2.5X
Forte Formula wheel
Quick releaseQR2
PedalsNot includedForte Brake & Throttle
Total value$/€1449.85$/€1904.97
Actual cost$/€1299.95$1714/€1680

Looking at everything that is included with both bundles, we can see a relatively similar saving across both bundles compared to purchasing the contents individually.

  • If you were to purchase all of the Fanatec items individually, it would cost you $/€150 more.
  • If you were to purchase all of the Asetek items individually, it would cost $190 or €225 more.

There is a price difference of $415/$380 between the Asetek bundle and the Fanatec bundle with the Asetek bundle being more expensive due to the inclusion of sim racing pedals. The actual cost of the Asetek Forte pedals individually is $/€459 which accounts for this difference.

If you were to add a similar set of Fanatec pedals to make the Clubsport F1 bundle a complete sim racing setup, you would be looking at an additional $/€199 – $/€399.

At the cheaper end, you have the CSL Pedals LC which are a set of entry-level load cell pedals. A more equivalent comparison to the Asetek Forte pedals would be the Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3 which cost $/€399.

Adding the ClubSport V3 pedals brings the total cost of the Fanatec bundle up to $/€1699. This is right in line with the Asetek Forte pricing. This makes this comparison a much closer proposition than it first looked.

Design and build quality

With the value proposition out of the way, I want to take a look at both high-end sim racing bundles in more detail. This lets us get a better idea of the quality of the sim racing products both brands are providing. If you are undecided on which of these two direct drive ecosystems is your favourite based on the value comparison above. The design and performance comparison may sway you in one way or the other.

Asetek Forte & Fanatec ClubSport DD+ Wheel base comparison

Both wheel bases that are included look relatively similar in terms of size and shape. Both are larger direct drive wheel bases. The Fanatec ClubSport DD+ wheel base is the shorter of the two, coming in at 163x160x248mm compared to 133x132x293mm. However, the Asetek Forte is both shorter and skinnier.

Ultimately, these dimension differences won’t make too much of an impact on your positioning and mounting. I did manage to tuck the Asetek Forte wheel base up closer to my monitor due to the shorter height. This did let me get a slightly better position with my steering wheel in a more realistic position compared to the Fanatec ClubSport DD+, but the difference is only minor.

Asetek Forte Wheel base Review

Both wheel bases utilise similar construction qualities such as an all-metal outer casing which acts as a heat sink for both wheels. These outer shells draw internal heat away from the motor to keep it cool during use and both work well. They both get slightly warm during use, but never too hot.

On the Asetek Forte wheel base you get a set of LED light strips which I really like. These are customisable and can be changed to any colour to add a little personalisation to your sim racing setup. I liked this a lot, and I could adjust the LED colour to match my pedals and other lighting around my sim rig.

The ClubSport DD+ doesn’t include any real personalisation, but I have to say I think the exterior design does look a little nicer. The aggressive fins across each side make for a more interesting design compared to the relatively flat sides on the Asetek Forte wheel base.

Fanatec ClubSport DDAsetek Forte Direct Drive Wheel Base
ClubSport DD+Forte Wheel Base
15Nm peak torque18Nm peak torque
Buy from EuropeBuy from Europe
Buy from USABuy from USA

ClubSport Formula V2.5X vs Asetek Forte Formula Wheel design comparison

In terms of the steering wheels, both bundles include relatively similar designed formula-style steering wheels. The Fanatec bundle includes their popular Formula V2.5X steering wheel that has been around for a few years, although this iteration does include a unique colourway that you cannot purchase elsewhere.

This steering wheel is a relatively small 270mm F1 branded steering wheel with a lot of built-in functionality. You get a range of buttons, 12-way multi-position switches and encoders, all of which can be mapped in game. This gives you more functionality than most sim racing games will require letting you adjust elements such as brake bias, engine mapping, ABS and more while driving.

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The build quality is also fantastic with the Formula V2.5X. It utilises a blue forged carbon fibre faceplate combined with a metal chassis and genuine leather hand grips. Every part of the wheel feels incredibly sturdy and well-built.

Comparing the Asetek Forte Formula wheel, there are a lot of similarities. The size is slightly larger at 290mm making it feel a little more realistic and lss like a toy. Across the face of the steering wheel, you get just as much functionality with 12 RGB LED buttons, toggle switches, 12-position rotary encoders and 6 thumb encoders.

This all equates to a higher number of inputs than with the Fanatec Formula V2.5X wheel, giving the Forte wheel a slight advantage. Around the back of both steering wheels are contactless magnetic paddle shifters that feel incredibly positive to engage.

The build quality of the Asetek Forte Formula wheel is just as high as the Fanatec wheel. The entire chassis is constructed from injection molded carbon fibre that feels incredibly sturdy. There is also an additional carbon fibre faceplate giving a traditional carbon fibre weave appearance.

Asetek Forte Formula Wheel Review

The hand grips are one area where this wheel differs from the Formula V2.5X. Asetek has opted to use a durable silicone rubber for the grips, and these feel slightly less comfortable than the genuine leather Fanatec hand grips. I would recommend driving using gloves with the Asetek wheel.

Ultimately, both of these steering wheels are incredibly functional, well-designed and built to the highest standards. Choosing a favourite really comes down to personal preference. During my time with both wheels, I tend to prefer the Asetek Forte wheel due to its increased size and overall design. But you won’t be disappointed with either option.

Fanatec F1 Steering WheelAsetek Forte Formula wheel
Formula V2.5XForte Formula Wheel
Buy from EuropeBuy from Europe
Buy from USABuy from USA

Pedal comparison

When it comes to additional value, the Asetek Forte has Fanatec beaten by including a set of sim racing pedals, something that Fanatec has opted against doing. I like the inclusion of a set of pedals as it completes the bundle meaning someone can buy just this bundle and start sim racing right out of the box.

The Asetek Forte pedals are a particularly good pedal set as well. They fall into a higher mid-range pedal set, almost into a premium category. These are about as premium as you can get without opting for a hydraulic brake pedal.

These pedals only include a throttle and a brake, no clutch which is a bit disappointing at this price point. However, when this is paired with the Forte Formula Wheel, it makes more sense as most open-wheel and GT cars do not utilise a clutch pedal.

When I first looked at the Asetek Forte pedals, I fell in love with their design. They look completely different from any other sim racing pedal set thanks to their black powder coat finish and pops of orange throughout. Much like the Asetek wheel base, you also get an RGB LED strip which can be customised.

Behind the brake pedal is a load cell brake cylinder that Asetek have named the M.L.C.P.C (Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder). This allows up to 180kg of force to be applied to the brake. Having a load cell can lead to much more consistent braking as the pedal reads the force applied rather than the pedal travel.

The closest Fanatec equivalent to the Forte pedals are the Clubsport V3 pedals, however, they are quite different. They don’t cost quite as much as the Asetek sim racing pedals, and they do include a clutch. However, the performance isn’t quite on the same level as the Asetek Forte pedals. I would consider the Fanatec pedals a very good mid-range pedal set, whilst the Asetek pedals are more premium and high-end.

Fanatec ClubSport V3 Pedals Black Friday 2022Asetek Forte Pedals
ClubSport V3Forte Pedals
Not included in bundleIncluded in bundle
Buy from EuropeBuy from Europe
Buy from USABuy from USA

Asetek vs Fanatec performance comparison

The performance both brands have managed to extract from their direct drive motors is impressive with both racing wheels. Up until the launch of the Fanatec ClubSport DD and DD+ wheel bases, the Asetek Forte has been my favourite wheel base.

The force feedback created by the Forte wheel base is clear, crisp and detailed. You can feel bumps, track surface details and weight balance changes with incredible fidelity, and each force feels different from the other.

Having a maximum torque value of 18Nm also provides more than enough power. I often run my Forte wheel base at around 12Nm of peak force, however, you still benefit from the wide range of force feedback that the motor can produce, even at a capped peak torque.

Asetek Forte Formula Wheel Gameplay

The Fanatec ClubSport DD+ is newer than the Forte wheel base by around a year, and it’s the first wheel base that Fanatec has launched since the GT DD Pro back in 2021. In that time Fanatec has been designing and implementing FullForce and force feedback 2.0, two terms coined by Fanatec to describe the new technology and algorithms that are present in the ClubSport DD and DD+ racing wheels.

These essentially equate to a few big improvements over previous Fanatec wheel bases. Heat dissipation is a big part of these new wheel bases. Keeping the internal motor cooler allows for more consistent peak torque even during longer races and sessions.

Another area of improvement is in the response rate. Fanatec boasts the fastest response rate of any racing wheel, allowing you to feel the feedback from in game quicker than ever before. Finally, FullForce is Fanatec’s version of Logitech’s Trueforce. It is the term given to additional rumbles and vibrations that are present in the force feedback.

Fanatec ClubSport DD Slew Rate

With FullForce, you will feel tyre slip, vibration from your engine revs and more, all as an additional layer of force feedback. This is designed to increase immersion, and boy does it work.

I do prefer the force feedback experience that Fanatec offers with the new ClubSport DD wheel bases. That isn’t to say that the Asetek Forte doesn’t perform well, because until this point, it was my favourite wheel base due to its incredible performance. Both racing wheels are among the best around, but the ClubSport DD+ edges it slightly.


When purchasing any sim racing hardware, compatibility with consoles and other sim racing hardware is a very important consideration. The last thing you want to do is purchase a racing wheel, and connect it to your PS5 console just to find out it is only PC-compatible!

Fanatec is incredibly good at enabling compatibility with various platforms, and this ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 bundle is no different. This bundle is compatible with PS4, PS5 and PC out of the box. The wheel base is also Xbox-compatible however, that will require a different Xbox steering wheel.

Asetek on the other hand only offer PC compatibility with all of their products. The high-end sim racing market is primarily focused on PC compatibility as that is often the platform that sim racers gravitate to for titles such as iRacing, rFactor and Automobilista just to name a few.

Which bundle is better?

Choosing between these two bundles is an incredibly difficult choice. Both offer incredible performance, more than most sim racer could wish for. And both bundles also represent good value compared to the individual purchase price of all the items included.

The Asetek Forte bundle includes a set of pedals making it a complete sim racing bundle whereas the Fanatec F1 bundle only includes a steering wheel and wheel base. This could be looked at as a good or bad thing.

You could save money with the Fanatec bundle by purchasing a cheaper set of pedals such as the Fanatec CSL load cell pedals. This approach would make the complete Fanatec bundle a lower price than the Asetek bundle at the expense of lower-performing pedals.

If you require console compatibility, only the Fanatec ClubSport Racing Wheel F1 offers this, ruling out the Asetek Forte bundle. However, your choice if looking for a PC sim racing setup is much harder.

My favourite of the two bundles is the Asetek Forte. This comes down to a few reasons. I prefer the steering wheel due to its design being slightly nicer, it feels a little more robust and has a larger, more realistic dimension. The Asetek pedals are also fantastic and outperform anything that Fanatec currently offers.

Asetek Forte Bundle

Fanatec has nailed force feedback with its new ClubSport DD+ wheel base. The inclusion of the new FullForce technology makes the force feedback more immersive than ever. However, the Asetek force feedback isn’t far behind in terms of immersion, and the Forte racing wheel can be tuned higher than the Fanatec to produce stronger peak torque.

Ultimately, whichever bundle you choose, you will not be disappointed. I enjoyed my time with both the Fanatec and Asetek sim racing bundles and I’d recommend both. However, the Asetek Forte bundle is the one still on my rig and would be my ultimate recommendation.

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