Fanatec Pre-Orders Open For New Clubsport DD+ Wheel Base

Fanatec has just revealed a brand new racing wheel, the new Fanatec Clubsport DD and DD+. Here are all the details about these new wheel bases including price, and release date.

Fanatec Clubsport DD

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While Fanatec unveiled the ClubSport DD and DD+ for the first time a few weeks ago during the ADAC Sim Racing Expo, they have now officially started taking pre-orders for the upgraded ClubSport DD+ wheel base.

The ClubSport DD+ is a more powerful wheel base than the ClubSport DD with an increased peak torque output of 15Nm instead of 12Nm. This new Fanatec wheel also adds PlayStation 5 compatibility.

Below are all of the details about the ClubSport DD+ as well as the Xbox-compatible ClubSport DD wheel base.

Pre-order your Fanatec ClubSport DD+ today.

What is the Fanatec ClubSport DD+

While the Fanatec ClubSport DD wheel base is an Xbox and PC-compatible racing wheel, the ClubSport DD+ adds PlayStation compatibility. It also increases the peak torque to 15Nm.

In reality, this makes the Clubsport DD+ a completely different proposition than the ClubSport DD. Despite sharing internal technology and exterior design, the ClubSport DD+ is a relatively significantly stronger wheel base which commands a much higher price tag.

You can differentiate between the ClubSport DD and DD+ by the colour of the ring on the rear of the wheel base. This is a new visual identity that Fanatec are starting to bring to their wheel bases. Yellow indicates the wheel base is PC-compatible, while a blue ring shows that the wheel base is PS5 compatible.

How much does the Fanatec ClubSport DD+ cost?

The Fanatec ClubSport DD+ costs €999.95 / $999.95 / ¥133,600 / $1649.95 AUS. This increased price makes it €300 more expensive than the ClubSport DD wheel base.

That is a pretty big increase in price which PlayStation sim racers will have to consider. Although, you do also get increased power from the wheel base making it even more versatile than the ClubSport DD.

What is the Fanatec Clubsport DD?

The brand new Fanatec Clubsport DD is the newest wheel base from German sim racing giant Fanatec. And its release has been timed perfectly to coincide with the ADAC Sim Racing Expo.

This new wheel base is the first ClubSport wheel base to be released in a very long time, with the older ClubSport V2.5 being discontinued a few years ago. The new Fanatec ClubSport DD is a direct drive racing wheel, just like all other wheel bases that Fanatec currently sell.

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It utilises Fanatec’s FluxBarrier technology to increase both the efficiency of the internal motor and the smoothness of the force feedback. This should allow for the ClubSport DD to produce the most detailed force feedback of any Fanatec wheel base to date.

The strength of the ClubSport DD is 12Nm which is right in my ideal sweet spot of force feedback strength. This allows for a lot of headroom when tuning force feedback in various games. And it eliminates the huge price tag that often comes with more powerful direct drive wheel bases.

Fanatec are claiming class-leading slew rates with this new ClubSport direct drive racing wheel, with incredible dynamic response times.

Does the Clubsport DD include the QR2 quick release?

The ClubSport DD is the first wheel base that Fanatec has announced since the introduction of the QR2 quick release system. And it is only fitting that this direct drive racing wheel includes the QR2 base-side adapter as standard.

How much does the Fanatec Clubsport DD cost?

The Fanatec Clubsport DD sits right between the CSL DD and GT DD Pro and the more premium DD1 and DD2. And the price reflects this as well. The Clubsport DD is available to buy for €699.95 / $699.95 / ¥92,900 / $1299.95 AUS.

This price range reflects the performance on offer and is right about where it would be expected to land. The CSL DD costs €349.95 for the 5Nm version and €449.95 for the 8Nm version.

This puts the Clubsport DD at around €250 more expensive with a 4Nm gain in performance. There is then a step up of €300 to get into the price range of the DD1 which adds about 8Nm of peak torque.

When can I buy the new Clubsport DD?

The official release date of the new Fanatec Clubsport DD wheel base is the 7th November 2023. This is the date when it officially becomes open to order. However, you can pre-order your Clubsport DD today.

Pre-orders are officially open on the Fanatec website. You can pre-order your Clubsport DD using this link. I’ll include links below to the Clubsport DD in each regional Fanatec store.

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