Fanatec Bring Back Classic Products in Anniversary Sale

To celebrate 25 years in sim racing, Fanatec has brought back a range of classic products in their 25th Anniversary sale. Here are all the details and all products on sale now.

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Fanatec 25th Anniversary Sale

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Fanatec have been selling sim racing products for 25 years now, and what better way to celebrate that milestone than with a sale of some of their best selling classic sim racing products.

The 25th Anniversary sale revives some previously discontinued sim racing products from Fanatec’s past.

These legacy sim racing products include only a limited amount of stock per product, and mark the last chance to buy any of these products.

Here are all of the details about Fanatec’s Anniversary sale.

What products are included in the Fanatec Anniversary sale?

Fanatec has revived some of the best-selling products over the past few years, from wheel bases and bundles, to steering wheels and pedals.

There is a wide range of products available, all with limited stock levels.


There are a couple of popular bundles available, both are utilising the CSL Elite wheel base, which is a belt-driven wheel base.

The popular CSL Elite F1 set is available for sale. It features the F1 Esports wheel paired with the CSL Elite wheel base and the CSL Elite pedals. This is a fairly low-cost bundle that allows sim racers to go racing right away.

Fanatec CSL Elite F1 Esports

The second bundle is the CSL Elite Racing Wheel bundle. This includes the P1 steering wheel and the CSL Elite wheel base.

  • CSL Elite F1 set – €599.95 – Buy Now
  • CSL Elite Racing Wheel bundle – €399.95 – Buy Now
Steering Wheels

The steering wheel products available for sale include previous versions of the ClubSport Formula wheel. You can pick up any F1 special editions including the F1 2019, 2020, and 2021 wheels.

Exclusive Fanatec F1 2020 Wheel

Also available to buy is the original ClubSport Formula steering wheel in an all-black colourway.

There are a few circular steering wheels available to buy if you don’t fancy a Formula-style wheel. There is the P1 V2 steering wheel as well as the Classic ClubSport wheel rim and the Oval ClubSport wheel rim.

  • ClubSport F1 2019 Wheel – €349.95 – Buy Now
  • ClubSport F1 2020 Wheel – €449.95 – Buy Now
  • ClubSport F1 2021 Wheel – €399.95 – Buy Now
  • ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula – €229.95 – Buy Now
  • CSL P1 V2 Wheel – €99.95 – Buy Now
  • ClubSport Wheel Rim Classic – €89.95 – Buy Now
  • ClubSport Wheel Rim Oval – €89.95 – Buy Now

Finally, you can purchase the original CSL Elite pedals in their two-pedal format. And you can pick up the separate load cell kit to turn it into a full three-pedal set.

CSL Elite Pedals

This pedal set including the load-cell brake pedal is still one of the best budget-friendly sim racing pedals in 2022.

  • CSL Elite Pedals – €59.95 – Buy Now
  • CSL Elite Pedals Load Cell Kit – €109.95 – Buy Now

When does the Fanatec Anniversary sale start 2022?

The 25th Anniversary sale is live now, with all items available for a limited time. There isn’t a definitive end date for the Anniversary sale, however each item has limited stock. So once they are sold out, they are gone.

Fanatec has stated that this Anniversary sale is the last time to buy these items.

Where can I find all sale items?

For a full list of every discounted Fanatec product during Black Friday and their Anniversary sale, you can check out our Fanatec Black Friday deal tracker.

This page shows every single product that Fanatec has included in their Black Friday sale, with exact prices and links for where to purchase each product.

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