When Will The 2023 Fanatec Black Friday Sale Start?

We're getting close to the biggest sale event of the year. The question now is when will Fanatec start their 2023 Black Friday sale? Here is all the info you need to know.

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When Will The Fanatec Black Friday Sale Start

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Update – The Fanatec Black Friday 2023 sale is now live. View all deals here.

Fanatec may already be running some great deals on products including the CSL DD and DD1. But the real focus for sim racers looking to grab a bargain lies on Black Friday 2023 which isn’t far away!

During the Black Friday period, Fanatec normally discounts a range of sim racing products. Some years are better than others with last year being pretty good thanks to a few new steering wheel bundles. However, the year before that was disappointing with almost nothing reduced.

But let’s take a look at when Fantaec will start its Black Friday sale for 2023.

When will Fanatec start its 2023 Black Friday sale?

In past years Fanatec has announced their Black Friday sale towards the end of November. Some years, they have announced their offering on Black Friday itself, which this year is Friday 24th November.

But then, some years they have revealed their discounts a few days early. In fact, during the 2021 sale event, Fanatec actually started its sale around 10 days earlier than Black Friday.

Despite the outlier of the 2021 sale, normally Fanatec only runs its Black Friday sale for the four days between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This gives sim racers 4 days to pick up some of the biggest Fanatec deals of the year.

In previous years, Fantec CEO Thomas Jackermeier has actually stated that as a company, Fantaec “don’t encourage customers to wait for Black Friday because we prefer continuous sales and not big peaks.” This mentality can be seen throughout 2023 with the ongoing deals and discounts that include the reduced price of the CSL DD and DD1.

Despite this statement, Fanatec will almost certainly run a 2023 Black Friday sale event. It is most likely that the Fanatec Black Friday sale will start on the 24th November 2023, but it may be announced what is going to be reduced a few days earlier.

The best place to see what products are discounted and in the sale is our Fanatec Black Friday deals tracker.

What Fanatec products will be discounted?

Following on from the current deals that Fanatec are offering, we would expect to see the CSL DD being discounted during Black Friday.

CSL DD bundle discounts

This is most likely to be as part of a bundle that comes with a steering wheel and maybe even the new QR2 quick release. The CSL DD is currently available with a €150 discount. This could continue through to Black Friday.

Podium range discounts

The Podium range of wheel bases is the oldest wheel base range that Fanatec currently offer. This leads me to believe that the DD1 and DD2 could see some reductions during the 2023 Black Friday sale.

Fantec CEO Thomas Jackermeier lends some insight into the brand’s ideology around sale events with the following statement;

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“We always offered just a few products with a decent discount and even announced limited editions (Formula 2018) or new products (McLaren). 

There will be only one or two products (bundles or individual products) on discount. There will never be a general discount of X% on all products or free shipping. This would just accumulate most sales to this one day and create massive handling and logistic problems.

The discounted products will be popular sellers, but unlikely to be newly launched products or products we’ve had on sale before.”

Will there be any new products or bundles announced?

Last year, Fanatec revealed a few sale-specific bundles. These bundles included a range of popular steering wheels being put together, often with a quick release to form a discount package. The bundles were incredibly popular and offered some good discounts.

Fanatec may follow this trend for 2023 and create some unique bundles that are only available during the Black Friday sale. During previous years, they have also created limited edition products such as the Formula V2 which included unique colours during Black Friday only.

Recently, Fanatec announced the new ClubSport DD and DD+ wheel bases which release on the 7th November for the ClubSport DD, with the PS5-compatible DD+ releasing later in the year.

It is highly unlikely that any new product announcement will be made so soon after such a big few months when Fanatec revealed a big new product like the Clubsport DD so shortly after releasing the QR2 quick release for general sale.

Will the sales be worth waiting for?

Currently, Fanatec is offering some good deals and discounts across some products. This does pose the question of whether it is worth waiting for the 2023 Fanatec Black Friday sales.

Fanatec will likely have some new discounts and reductions during this year’s sales. If you have a wishlist of Fanatec products that aren’t currently discounted. It may be worth waiting a little while to see if any of those products become discounted during Black Friday.

However, if you are potentially looking at a CSL DD or DD1 wheel base, both of which are currently discounted. It is unlikely that any better deals will become available.

How big will the discounts be during Black Friday?

The best place to look to get an idea of how big this year’s Fantaec discounts will be during Black Friday is at previous events. In years gone, Fanatec has run discounts up to 30% off some products. However, these discounts are rarely site-wide, and normally only include selected products.

CEO Thomas also covered the size of discounts during the same statement that we mentioned above by saying;

“Fanatec usually does not run sales or special prices throughout the year. There is one day per year when we sell products at a discount, and this is Black Friday. The discount will be significant and in the range of 20% to 30%.”

Where to see all Fanatec Black Friday deals

The best place to find Fanatec Black Friday deals is using our deals roundup hub. Our Fanatec Black Friday deals hub shows all deals that Fanatec are running during the sale event.

It is updated throughout the sale period to show if products go out of stock, and if any new products are announced or included.

You can view our Fanatec Black Friday page here.

We also have a dedicated sim racing Black Friday deals tracker which includes all of the best deals from all sim racing brands. This page includes deals from Logitech, Thrustmaster, Asetek, Sim-Lab and more.

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