When Will The Fanatec Black Friday Sale Start?

When Will The Fanatec Black Friday Sale Start
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Update – November 2022 – The Fanatec 2022 Black Friday sale has been announced.

For all of the latest information on Fanatec’s 2022 Black Friday sale, read our complete Fanatec Black Friday 2022 guide.

Our Fanatec Black Friday sale guide 2022 will run you through the start time of the Fanatec Black Friday sale event, along with which products could be included in the sale.

Original Article Below – This original article below was written for the 2020 Black Friday and is now outdated.

With Summer gone, the focus is quickly shifting towards the holiday season. This means that gift buying is starting to crank up, and that we are also approaching the Black Friday sales.

In recent years, Black Friday sales haven’t always been limited to just Black Friday. Instead, many retailers have been running their sales event for a week or even a month leading up to Black Friday.

This makes it difficult for consumers to know when discounted products will become available. Which can often lead to some consumers missing out on the best deals.

So with all of this in mind, when does popular sim racing wheel manufacturer Fanatec run their Black Friday sale event from? Well, below I have the answer for you.

When Will Fanatec Start Their Black Friday Sale?

Fanatec will likely stick to launching their Black Friday sale items on noon of Black Friday itself.

In previous years Fanatec have always only ever run their Black Friday sale from Black Friday itself, through to Cyber Monday.

This means that sim racers around the world only have four days to make use of this sale event. And Black Friday for Fanatec is always the biggest sales event of the year.

Fanatec have come out and said on multiple occasions that they don’t often run sales. They’ve said that they simply don’t need to, as they believe that their products offer enough quality to justify the price. And they don’t want to create an artificial demand and run in to any supply issues.

This statement from Thomas at Fanatec explains this;

“We don’t encourage customers to wait for Black Friday because we prefer continuous sales and not big peaks.

We are not fans of stimulating sales with discounts and we prefer to convince customers with quality, features, functionality, and a strong price-performance ratio. Our general pricing already represents good value due to the fact that we sell directly from our own website instead of retail.

I don’t believe in cheap. I believe in value. The craziness around Black Friday does not change our principles.”

What Products Will Be Discounted In Fanatec’s Black Friday Sale?

Fanatec have a rule of only ever discounting a few products at a time. So when it comes to this years Fanatec Black Friday sale event, we would only expect a couple of products to be discounted.

Those products which are discounted should be some of the most popular products and bundles. So we may well see a CSL Elite wheel bundle offer, or we could even hope for a direct drive offer.

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Last year, in 2019, Fanatec discounted the popular ClubSport Wheel Base, so they have form when it comes to discounting popular products.

This is what Thomas said in his statement about which products could be discounted;

“We always offered just a few products with a decent discount and even announced limited editions (Formula 2018) or new products (McLaren). 

There will be only one or two products (bundles or individual products) on discount. There will never be a general discount of X% on all products or free shipping. This would just accumulate most sales to this one day and create massive handling and logistic problems.

The discounted products will be popular sellers, but unlikely to be newly launched products or products we’ve had on sale before.”

Here is a link to Fanatec’s official statement.

Will There Be A New Product Announced?

We could also expect a new product to be announced this year around the end of November. The German manufacturer themselves have come forward and said there is a possibility of this.

Earlier in the year, they launched a limited edition Formula V2 steering wheel to celebrate the release of the F1 2020 video game. So we could see another limited edition product launch, or a new product entirely.

Although, if a new product was to be released this year, it almost certainly wouldn’t be discounted.

Here is what Thomas at Fanatec had to say about this possibility;

“On top of the discounted products, we might sell a limited edition with special colours or better materials like the Shifter with Carbon Fibre knobs this year which also has a price advantage of about 30%.

We might also use Black Friday to launch a new product without discount.”

How Big Will The Discounts Be During This Sale?

With Fanatec planning to run their sale event for four days this year, and only discounting a few best selling items. How much will the discount actually be? And is it worth waiting for?

Well, once again, Thomas at Fanatec did cover this in his statement, saying;

“Fanatec usually does not run sales or special prices throughout the year. There is one day per year when we sell products at a discount, and this is Black Friday.

The discount will be significant and in the range of 20% to 30%.”

Generally, throughout the year, some products can be seen on offer with a discount of around 10%. However, at Black Friday, we should expect the discount to jump up to 20-30%.

This is a significant amount, especially on an expensive sim racing wheel bundle. So if you are planning on purchasing a Fanatec product soon, we would recommend waiting for Black Friday to see what offers and discounts they have.

Where Can I See All Of The Fanatec Black Friday Deals?

Finally, where is the best place to find Fanatec Black Friday deals?

It can sometimes be tricky to see at a glance, which products are discounted. And it can be even harder to quickly compare discounts and decide whether a product is worth buying. Especially when you don’t have long to do so, or run the risk of the product selling out.

Well, we will be collating all of the Fanatec Black Friday deals and discounts on our dedicated Black Friday discount hub here.

Fanatec Black Friday Deal Hub

We will be updating this list daily in the run up to Black Friday, giving you a one stop place to view all of the best sim racing discounts.

This list also contains every single sim racing product discount that we can find, including sim rigs by GT Omega, and wheels from Logitech and SimuCube.

If you just want to keep an eye on Fanatec Black Friday deals, we have a dedicated Fanatec deals page here. Where we will only show you Fanatec discounted items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Black Friday this year?

Black Friday falls on Friday 27th November 2020, and Cyber Monday is on 30th November 2020.

Do Fanatec run Black Friday sales?

Fanatec do run a small Black Friday sale every year, consisting of discounts to their most popular products.

What products did Fanatec discount last Black Friday?

Last year, 2019, Fanatec discounted their popular ClubSport racing wheel bundle.

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