Fanatec Black Friday Sale 2021 – Best Deals & Discounts

Fanatec has announced their official Black Friday deals for 2021. This year features a range of discounted products from Fanatec and a new product, ever seen before.

Fanatec Black Friday Deals 2021

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Update – The Fanatec 2022 Black Friday sale has been announced. All information can be found here including details of their deals.

There is up to €300 / $300 off of some products including the Podium DD2 wheel base. View all Fanatec Black Friday deals.

Original article below – This original article below was written for the 2021 Black Friday and is now outdated.

Fanatec Black Friday Deals 2021

Fanatec has pulled the trigger early with their Black Friday 2021 deals. They have just revealed the products that are discounted for this year’s sales event.

The products available at a discount for Black Friday include a range of current and new products.

Update – Fanatec has revealed the product that they teased, the GT DD Pro (The PS5 compatible version of the CSL DD) – View all details including price and release date here.

The current Fanatec Black Friday deals currently are;

CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 Black Friday Edition
CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 Black Friday Edition

The ever-popular CSL Steering Wheel P1 has been reworked into a V2 Black Friday Edition. This new and improved version of the P1 wheel features an updated and improved design and new internal electronics.

This wheel makes a fantastic first wheel to use with the new CSL DD wheelbase, and I believe this is the cheapest that this steering wheel has ever been.

This special Black Friday version of the P1 has limited stock only, so will be gone once all stock has sold out.

Price for Black Friday – €/$99.95 (€/$119.95)

Buy the P1 V2 here

CSL Steering Wheel R300
CSL Steering Wheel R300

The CSL Steering Wheel R300 is a great GT-styled flat-bottomed steering wheel that is brilliant for all racing disciplines. This R300 comes combined with the fairly new CSL Universal Hub, so is ready to use with the new CSL DD.

This special discounted price is valid until the 30th of November.

Price for Black Friday – €/$199.95 (€/$299.90)

Buy the R300 here

CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit
CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit

The CSL Pedal Load Cell Kit is a great addon to the newest Fanatec pedals. This Load Cell pedal will attach seamlessly to the 2-pedal CSL pedals. This will transform that 2-pedal kit into a full 3-pedal kit. This is a must-have for anybody who is chasing realism within their sim racing setup.

Pre-orders for the CSL Pedal Load Cell Kit starts on the 26th of November, with this price valid until 30th November.

Price for Black Friday – €/$119.95 (€/$139.95)

Buy the Load Cell Pedal here

CSL Pedals Tuning Kit
CSL Pedals Tuning Kit

The Fanatec CSL Pedal Tuning Kit is an extension of your CSL pedals and comes in the form of three new anodised aluminium pedal plates. These can be attached to your CSL Pedals to transform their look and feel.

Just like the CSL Pedal Load Cell above, pre-orders start on November 26th.

Price for Black Friday – €/$34.95

Buy the Pedal Tuning Kit here

Fanatec have announced the GT DD Pro – Ps5 direct drive wheel

We have just had the official unveiling of the Gran Turismo DD Pro. This is Fanatec’s PS5 compatible version of the CSL DD.

It comes with Gran Turismo licensing and features a brand new direct-drive wheelbase design, a new steering wheel, and a pedal bundle.

Pre-orders open on the 26th November, with the first deliveries in March 2022.

Buy the GT DD Pro from the EU

Buy the GT DD Pro from the US

If you want to read more in-depth details about the GT DD Pro, read our complete overview of this new product including price, features and all bundles detailed.

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Bundle

Fanatec also announced a brand new BMW licensed steering wheel

Fanatec’s 2021 Black Friday sale only consists of four items currently, two steering wheels and two pedal products. However, Fanatec also dropped the curtain on a new BMW steering wheel which is available to buy right now.

The brand-new CSL Steering Wheel BMW is an entry-level steering wheel licensed by BMW. The low-cost price tag of just €139.95 allows this wheel to be a perfect match for the CSL DD wheelbase.

For more information, check out our complete article on the brand new CSL Steering Wheel BMW here.

Check back shortly to see if any more product announcements get made.

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Original article below including our speculation on what products Fanatec could have released. All products below are not necessarily included in Fanatec’s Black Friday deals, and were simple our best guess at what could have been included. Original article published on the 8th November 2021.

When Will the Fanatec Black Friday Sale 2021 Start?

Black Friday this year falls on November 26th 2021, meaning this will be the date to put in your diary. It is very likely that Fanatec will announce their Black Friday 2021 deals in the week leading up to the 26th.

Last year, Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier announced their Black Friday deals via their forum just before Black Friday itself. In 2019 Fanatec ran their discounted products from Black Friday through to Cyber Monday.

While in 2021, Fanatec announced their deals on Black Friday, and the discounts stayed in place until all stock was sold. This may have been due to the fact that most of the deals Fanatec offered in 2020 were on product lines which were on their way out and being replaced. Although we didn’t know this at the time.

So, going into Black Friday 2021, I highly expect to hear about what deals Fanatec will run in the week leading up to Black Friday itself.

So you don’t miss any deals, we will update both this page and our Fanatec Black Friday 2021 hub as soon as any deals land. So be sure to check back between now and Friday 26th to stay in the know.

Does Fanatec do Black Friday deals?

Fanatec have participated in Black Friday sales in the past. For example last year in 2020, Fanatec ran a 20% discount across a variety of their products.

This doesn’t gaurantee that they will run a Black Friday sale every year though. As there have been years where Fanatec haven’t run any specific Black Friday deals.

Keep checking back here as we will list any Fanatec Black Friday deals as/if they are launched.

What Products Will Be Included In Fanatec’s Black Friday Sale This Year?

Fanatec have had a great 2021. They’ve released a few new products including the mighty popular Fanatec CSL DD, which is still on pre-order. We also saw a new range of pedals, a few sim racing wheel updates including the updated Formula V2.5, and upcoming product releases such as the Fanatec Bentley racing wheel.

This means that Black Friday 2021 could see some interesting products finding their way into Fanatec discounted offering.

I would think it to be highly unlikely that they will announce any form of discount on their new CSL DD product. This wheel base has sold extremely well and is one of their most popular products. It is also extremely well priced. So don’t expect to see a discounted price.

Fanatec DD1 and DD2 Wheel Bases

Some products which could find their way into a Fanatec Black Friday lineup, could be their older or pricier products. Products such as the DD1, DD2 and the Podium F1 wheel bundle could be prime candidates for a discount. Just to re-iterate, we don’t have any insider knowledge and this is pure speculation.

Both the DD1 and DD2 cost over double the price of the new CSL DD, and I am sure they are not as popular since the CSL DD came out. The CSL DD might not be as powerful, but features newer technology and at a much more competitive price.

This could lead to both the DD1 and DD2 receiving nice discounts for this year’s Black Friday event.

Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals

Also in that older category are older product lines such as the CSL Elite pedals. These pedals have been replaced by the newer CSL pedals, but still remain available to buy on the Fanatec website.

Just like Black Friday last year, Fanatec could discount these with the intention of no longer producing or selling them moving forward.

Older Racing Wheels

One of the great positives of buying into the Fanatec ecosystem is their huge selection of customisable wheel rims. Many of these steering wheel attachments have been available for years now.

It may be the perfect time for Fanatec to clear out any stock or wheel rims which are no longer selling as well as they did.

If you are looking for a new steering wheel rim, keep your eyes peeled on this year’s event.

We will list all available Black Friday discounts on our Fanatec Deals Hub here, so keep checking back or bookmark this page.

Will There Be A New Product Announced?

As I mentioned above, Fanatec have released or announced a variety of new products throughout 2021. I would highly doubt any new product will be announced specifically for Black Friday.

If a new product was to be announced going into the end of the year, don’t expect it to be a part of any Black Friday sale that might happen.

How Big Will The Black Friday Discounts Be During This Sale?

In previous years, Fanatec have run their products at around a 20% discount.

In fact, last year, CEO Thomas Jackermeier announced that every product in the Black Friday sale event would be at a flat 20% discounted rate.

During the year, Fanatec often run different forms of discounts, which can range from around 10% up to 20%. So going into Black Friday, I would imagine any discounts that do pop up, would be around the 20% mark.

For example, if the DD1 wheel base had a discount of 20%, it would reduce the price from €1,199.95 to around €960. Again, this is pure speculation, but is an example of the prices we could expect.

If you want to see what discounts Fanatec are currently running, check out their prices here.

Where Can I See All Of The Fanatec Black Friday Deals?

We have a dedicated part of our website to find all of Fanatec’s Black Friday 2021 deals.

Check out our Fanatec Black Friday 2021 hub here. This is the page we recommend bookmarking and checking on a regular basis in the run up to Friday 26th.

The link above will take you to our discount hub, where we will list out every one of Fanatec’s deals during the Black Friday event.

Fanatec Black Friday 2021

What Happened in Fanatec’s Black Friday Sale Last Year?

Last year saw a wide variety of Fanatec products discounted throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These product discounts included wheel bases, product bundles and wheel rims.

Every product that featured in last year’s sale saw a 20% discount, and there were limited numbers of products available for each, typically 2000 units of each.

Some of the headlines from last year were the CSL Elite racing bundles. Bundles such as the CSL Elite F1 set, which is no longer available to buy was upon the most popular products on sale.

Below is a video showing all of Fanatec’s deals from last year.

Does Fanatec have discounts?

Fanatec does periodically run discounts and deals on their products. These are often found on specific products or bundles and can happen throughout the year. At the time of writing this, there are a few products such as selected wheel rims that have a discounted price.

Fanatec does not run discount codes though. There isn’t currently a way to apply an extra discount in the Fanatec web shop. The best place to check for Fanatec discounts is on their webshop which you can visit here.

Fanatec Buyers Guide 2021

While we all wait for any potential sale to be announced, check out our complete Fanatec buyers guide 2021. This buyers guide will run you through the entire Fanatec ecosystem, and help you familiarize yourself with their product offering.

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