Fanatec Announce Brand New CSL Pedals – Price, Release Date

Fanatec have dropped another surprise announcement on us today, with the first official look at the brand new Fanatec CSL Pedals.

New Fanatec CSL Pedal Revealed
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The well-known German sim racing manufacturer Fanatec keep surprising us in 2021. First they announced the cheapest ever direct drive wheel base, the Fanatec CSL DD. And they have just made another announcement for another brand new product.

The Brand New Fanatec CSL Pedals

Fanatec have shown us an in-depth look at the brand new pedal set, called the CSL Pedals. These look like they are a new and improved version of the already existing CSL Elite Pedals. You can view the original CSL Elite Pedals here.

The new pedals look to utilise a brand new design, and come in cheaper than the current pedal set.

How much will the new Fanatec CSL Pedals cost?

The new Fanatec CSL pedals will start from just €79.95 / $79.95, which is very impressive when you think the old pedals currently cost €99.95 / $99.95.

There will be ways to upgrade the CSL Pedals, by incorporating a third pedal, or purchasing a load-cell pedal kit. (The price of the load-cell pedal hasn’t been announced yet.)

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Fanatec haven’t confirmed this yet, but it appears that the new CSL Pedals + Load-Cell pedal will come in under €200 / $200. This was alluded to by Fanatec CEO Thomas Jackermeier in his reveal post on the official Fanatec website.

When will the new CSL Pedals be available to buy?

Fanatec have stated that pre-orders of the new and improved CSL Pedals will open shortly.

Just what shortly means, we don’t yet know. But check back regularly as we’ll constantly update this article when we hear a firm release date.

What is new with these CSL Pedals?

Pretty much everything on the new CSL Pedals is new. They feature an updated design which looks much more high-end than the current pedals. The whole of the pedal set is constructed from metal, which again adds to the overall quality look and feel of these pedals.

The brake pedal itself features a heavier spring with a PU foam damper, which should give a heavier, progressive feel to the brake pedal.

The pedals will function with a 12-Bit High-resolution contactless Hall Sensor, and the whole pedal set is fully adjustable. Watch the announcement video below to see everything that is adjustable.

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You can adjust the base plate, and each pedal horizontally, to give you the perfect spacing. There is the option for a CSL Pedal Tuning Kit, which will replace the standard pedal face. This optional tuning kit will add anodised aluminium pedal faces to each pedal for a different look and feel.

Fanatec’s approach with both these new CSL Pedals, and the already announced CSL DD wheel base. Is to make high-end sim racing much more affordable, and accessible.

It certainly looks like their new CSL product range is aiming to do just that.

For now, you can watch the official reveal video below. And let us know in the comments what you think to Fanatec’s new CSL product line up. Will you be buying these new pedals or the new CSL DD wheel base?

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