Digital Motorsports Launch Black Friday Deals!

Digital Motorsports has launched their 2022 Black Friday sale with a host of discounts across popular sim racing products. Here are all the details from the sale.

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Digital Motorsports Black Friday Sale 2022

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Worldwide distributor of sim racing products, Digital Motorsport has officially unveiled their 2022 Black Friday deals. These include discounts on sim racing brands from Thrustmaster, Trak Racer, PlaySeat, Next Level Racing and more!

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Who are Digital Motorsports?

Digital Motorsports are an Irish sim racing company, who are an official reseller for a variety of sim racing brands. They sell and distribute sim racing products worldwide, including to the UK, Europe and America.

You can find a range of sim racing brands for sale at Digital Motorsports including products from Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Sim-Lab, Trak Racer, Simucube and more.

Digital Motorsports Logo

What Black Friday deals are there?

Being a distributer for a range of different sim racing brands means that Digital Motorsports can offer a range of different discounts across brands. This allows you to pick up discounts on sim racing wheels, wheel bases, sim rigs, accessories and more at the same time.

10% off Thrustmaster

One of the most notable discounts that Digital Motorsports are offering, is 10% off selected Thrustmaster products. At the time of writing this article, Thrustmaster hasn’t announced any official Black Friday sale. This means one of the only places to get discounted Thrustmaster products this Black Friday is currently at Digital Motorsports.

Thrustmaster T248

Some of the Thrustmaster products on sale include the TS-XW Sparco wheel base, the ever-popular TH8A gear shifter, and even the relatively new T-248 racing wheel.

There are also a variety of other products on sale including a range of other racing wheels, flight sticks and more.

All of the Thrustmaster products that have been discounted for Black Friday include a 10% discount.

8% off gaming PCs

There aren’t many sim racing retailers that also offer fully built sim racing ready gaming PCs. Digital Motorsports has a variety of pre-built gaming PCs that are specifically designed to run sim racing titles.

And a lot of these gaming PCs are on sale over Black Friday.

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There is currently 8% off of Digital Motorsports’ range of gaming PCs. And this discount can amount to a good chunk off the RRP. Discounts go up to over €250 off of some gaming PCs.

15% off Next Level Racing

Next Level Racing sim rigs can be tricky to find when purchasing. NLR doesn’t have their own online store like many sim racing brands. Instead, they rely completely on third-party resellers.

Next Level Racing F-GT Elite Lite Sim Rig

Digital Motorsports is an official reseller of Next Level Racing sim rigs, and are currently running 15% off all sim rigs and accessories.

Sim rigs can be just as expensive as racing wheels, and sometimes even more expensive. So a discount of 15% can amount to a large saving.

15% off Playseat

Playseat hasn’t announced their official Black Friday sale (at the time of writing), so Digital Motorsports is the only place you can purchase Playseat sim rigs at a discounted price currently.

Playseat offers a range of sim rigs, from budget-friendly all-in-one sim rigs, through to Formula 1 licensed cockpits. All of their products that are in stock currently have 15% off.

15% off Trak Racer

Trak Racer are running their own Black Friday sale currently. But if you fancied purchasing from somewhere other than the official Trak Racer store, Digital Motorsports are matching their sale offer.

Trak Racer TRX Simulator

You can currently get 15% off all Trak Racer products that are in stock. This includes the brand new TRX cockpit along with all other Trak Racer sim rigs and accessories.

10% off Sim-Lab

Much like Trak Racer, Sim-Lab are already running their own Black Friday sale. They are offering 10% off all of their products from their own storefront. Digital Motorsports have matched this discount, and is also running 10% off all Sim-Lab products over Black Friday.

Free shipping on all Simucube wheel bases

Another good deal Digital Motorsports are offering is free worldwide shipping on all Simucube wheel bases. Every Simucube wheel base will be shipped via Fedex for free across Black Friday.

This can save a good chunk of change, as shipping large and bulky sim racing products can be expensive.

More deals and discounts to be announced

Digital Motorsports has promised more products to be added to their Black Friday sale between now and the 25th November 2022.

Check back and we will update this article as new products are added.

When does the Digital Motorsports Black Friday sale end?

The Black Friday sale for Digital Motorsports will end on Monday 28th November. All sale items will remain discounted between now and Black Friday, and across Black Friday weekend.

Do Digital Motorsports ship worldwide?

Yes, Digital Motorsports do offer worldwide shipping. They can ship to the UK, Europe, the US and the rest of the world.

You can select various shipping options at the checkout, and these include next day, 2-4 day and 3-7 day shipping options.

Depending where you are in the world, you may have to pay tax upon delivery, but you can check that on Digital Motorsports own website.

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