How To Connect Fanatec Wheel To Xbox One – How To Guide

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How To Connect Fanatec To Xbox
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Connecting a Fanatec racing wheel to an Xbox One or Xbox Series X should be a simple task. However if you don’t follow the correct procedure you could sometimes be left scratching your head wondering why the wheel isn’t working. Below we detail the exact method to successfully connect your Fanatec wheel to an Xbox console. This will work 100% of the time, and if for any reason it doesn’t, we’ve included a few common questions at the bottom to help troubleshoot any connection issue.

Step 1 – Ensure you have an Xbox compatible Fanatec wheel base and wheel rim

Ensure you have an Xbox compatible wheel base and steering wheel. You can check this on Fanatec’s official website. Every wheel and wheel rim has the full compatibility list next to it. Some wheel bases are listed as “Xbox Ready”. This means that as soon as you connect an Xbox compatible wheel rim to the wheel base, it will become fully Xbox compatible.

Alternatively, if you wanted to use any Fanatec wheel rim with your Xbox console, you can purchase a Universal Hub for Xbox One. This is a module which sits between your wheel base and the wheel rim, and converts any Fanatec steering wheel to become Xbox compatible.

Step 2 – Update the wheel’s firmware

Ensure you have the latest firmware installed on both your wheel base and your steering wheel. Do this by connecting your wheel base and steering wheel to any PC via a USB cable.

  • After your wheel base is connected to your PC, head over to
  • Choose your Fanatec product from the dropdown list
  • Click download to download the most updated drivers for your wheel base
  • Once downloaded, open the driver download file to start the install process
  • Once installed, restart your PC
  • Once your PC has restarted, click on the new icon on your desktop called “Fanatec wheel property page”. This property page will show you the wheel you have connected
  • Click on your wheel within this menu, and click properties
  • You should then have a popup window asking to update your wheel’s firmware. Click yes to start the firmware update
  • Follow the steps in this install to complete the firmware update, then disconnect your wheel from the PC
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Step 3 – Connect all peripherals to your Fanatec wheel base

Connect all of your Fanatec peripherals to your wheel base. Both the CSL Elite and ClubSport wheel bases have a range of connection ports at the rear of the base to support pedals and other peripherals. Then connect your steering wheel via the quick release to your wheel base.

Step 4 – Connect your Fanatec wheel to your Xbox

Connect your Fanatec wheel base to your Xbox via a USB. This can be connected either in the front or rear USB ports on the console itself.

Step 5 – Calibrate the wheel center

When you first connect your Fanatec steering wheel to your Xbox console you have to ensure that you have calibrated the wheel center. This is so the wheel isn’t miss-aligned and off center when using it.

Calibrate your Fanatec wheel by pressing the “start” and “A” button at the same time. If you are using a Universal Hub for Xbox, you will need to press the “Start” and “X” button at the same time.

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Step 6 – Switch to Xbox mode

By default your Fanatec wheel base will start up in PC mode. As soon as you connect an Xbox One compatible steering wheel to your wheel base your wheel base should change to Xbox mode. You will know that your wheel base is in Xbox mode by the green ring of light around the start button.

If you don’t see a green ring of light on the wheel base, you may have to manually switch to Xbox mode. Do this by pressing both the “Select” button and the “Y” button together. This should change to the Xbox mode. Only do this if you don’t see the green ring. Everytime you press this button combination together it will switch the wheel base between Xbox mode and PC mode. For reference PC Mode is indicated by a red ring.

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Fanatec Wheel Troubleshooting

After you have completed the above steps your Fanatec wheel should be fully working and you will be able to control your Xbox console with the face buttons on your steering wheel or Universal Hub.

Should your Fanatec wheel not be controlling your Xbox for any reason, please view some of the Fanatec wheel troubleshooting guides below.

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I don’t have any power to my Fanatec wheel when connecting it to my Xbox

Ensure your USB cable is connected properly to your console and all connections between pedals and peripherals are connected correctly. Ensure the steering wheel rim is connected correctly with the quick release system.

After a firmware update my steering wheel is not centered

After every firmware update you should re-calibrate your Fanatec wheel base and steering wheel. Follow the points above detailed in step 5 to correctly calibrate your wheel.

After connecting the wheel base to my Xbox, the wheel isn’t auto calibrating

Ensure your firmware is up to date on both the wheel base and steering wheel, and then connect to your Xbox again.

My wheel base stops working part way through my gaming session

Your Fanatec wheel base will automatically turn off if it starts to overheat. Let the wheel base cool down for a while before playing again.

After auto calibration my Fanatec wheel base doesn’t work despite all lights being on

Ensure you have switched your wheel base to Xbox mode. Do this by following our instructions in step 6 above.

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  1. Can you confirm your wheelbase needs to be switched ON when connecting to your PC to down load the latest drivers?

  2. Also does the CSL Elite V1.1 wheelbase need to be in PC mode when you update the drivers for XBox One?

    1. Hi, Yes put the wheel base in PC mode, and turn it on. It should go into bootloader mode when you start the firmware update.

  3. Bonjours je viens de recevoir mon clubsport v2.5 avec un volant GT2 BMW sur le site il est Xbox ready mais je reste en mode pc rouge je n’arrive pas à passer en mode Xbox normalement je n’est pas besoin d’acheter le Xbox hub en plus

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