Cheapest Thrustmaster Racing Wheel Setup You Can Buy 2024

Thrustmaster produce a wide range of sim racing wheels & peripherals, but what are the cheapest Thrustmaster products to buy for PC, Xbox & PS5? I find out in this Thrustmaster buyer's guide.

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Thrustmaster is one of the most popular brands in sim racing. The American brand has a huge lineup of sim racing products that span from racing wheels to pedals, shifters and more. These products are spread across a variety of price ranges allowing sim racers an entry point into the Thrustmaster ecosystem regardless of budget.

In this guide, I want to run through some of the cheapest Thrustmaster products you can buy for each platform. I’ll look at the cheapest racing wheels, pedals and shifters for Xbox, PS5 and PC.

Thrustmaster racing wheels compared

I want to start by looking at Thrustmaster’s most popular racing wheels, their price and which consoles each one is compatible with. This comparison is useful to quickly compare each racing wheel and get a good idea of which racing wheels you should be looking at for your budget.

In the comparison below, I have included both prices for the wheel base individually which is the first price you’ll see. Then I have included the price for a bundle. What you get in each bundle varies for each racing wheel, some include a steering wheel and pedal set, while others only include a steering wheel. However, the bundle price is the cheapest bundle including each racing wheel.

Racing wheelPlatformPriceBundle Price
T128Xbox, PS, PC£/$199£/$199
T248Xbox, PS, PC£/$399£/$399
T300RSPS, PC£/$229£/$399
TXXbox, PC£/$229£/$499
T-GT IIPS, PC£/$499£/$699
TS-XWXbox, PC£/$449£/$699

Are Thrustmaster bundles good value?

When looking at sim racing bundles, it can sometimes be tricky to work out whether they represent good value. You may often find a bundle that doesn’t include the items you want, however, it may be more expensive to start purchasing items directly.

Using the Thrustmaster TS-XW as an example. This is an Xbox and PC-compatible racing wheel. You can purchase the wheel base individually for £/$449 or as a complete racing wheel and pedal bundle for £/$699. This is a difference of £/$250. If you don’t like the look of the steering wheel or pedals that are included in the bundle, in this example it is the Sparco P310 Competition wheel and T3PA pedals.

If we were to break down the complete price of this bundle if you were to purchase each component individually, we would get the following.

Wheel baseTS-XW£/$449
Steering wheelSparco P310£/$229
Total price£/$797

Buying everything individually would cost you around £/$100 more than if you were to purchase the complete bundle, making the bundle seem very good value.

Creating a custom Thrustmaster bundle

As mentioned, some of the bundles in our comparison above do not include a complete bundle, for example, some bundles such as the TS-PC that costs £/$599 only include the wheel base and steering wheel. You will need to purchase or already own a compatible set of pedals to turn this into a complete bundle.

In scenarios such as this, it may be more beneficial to configure a completely custom Thrustmaster sim racing setup. Thrustmaster has a large range of steering wheels, with most being compatible with most wheel bases. This lets you pick a wheel base that is compatible with your platform or console, then choose a custom steering wheel and pedal set to create your own bundle.

The Thrustmaster website may not be the cheapest place to find their products with resellers such as Amazon often being cheaper. However, the Thrustmaster website does have a good compatibility checker. On each racing wheel product page, you can see which other Thrustmaster products are compatible with the wheel you’re looking to buy. This can be filtered by console as well to ensure everything will work as intended.

Thrustmaster compatibility

If you didn’t like the look of the included steering wheel with a particular bundle, using this compatibility checker can help you quickly narrow down which alternate steering wheels you could look to buy.

For example, if you did choose the TS-XW racing wheel as your wheel base of choice, but you wanted to upgrade the bundle. You could opt for the mightily impressive Ferrari SF1000 steering wheel, and the upgraded T-LCM pedals to create an incredibly high-quality bundle.

Below is a breakdown of this choice along with a rough price of how much an upgraded custom TS-XW bundle could cost.

Wheel baseTS-XW£/$449
Steering wheelSF1000£/$399
Total price£/$1097

The prices listed in this guide are all the official RRP from Thrustmaster’s website. Most of the products can be found cheaper on official reseller websites such as Amazon.

Cheapest Thrustmaster racing wheel & pedals for Xbox

I now want to look at the cheapest Thrustmaster racing wheel bundles available on Xbox consoles. Sim racers using a console often lean more towards budget-friendly racing wheels as there are fewer console-compatible hardcore sim racing titles.

Assetto Corsa Competizione is one of the few true simulations available on Xbox or PS5, compared to titles such as iRacing, rFactor and Automobilista 2 which are all PC exclusive. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions as many sim racers like to race on a console and therefore desire a higher-end spec sim racing setup.

When it comes to the cheapest Xbox Thrustmaster racing wheel and pedal setup, there are a few options. The T128 is the current cheapest sim racing bundle across all platforms coming in at under £/$200 and including a racing wheel, steering wheel and pedal set. The main downside of the T128 is its low peak performance and cheap feeling pedals.

Increasing your budget allows you to opt for the Thrustmaster T248 which is much better than the T128 in all areas. This racing wheel costs £/$399 but includes a full 3-pedal set with magnetic pedals and a more powerful wheel base.

Another step up in budget will get you into range of the Thrustmaster TX-SW which is a much more premium Xbox-compatible racing wheel. This bundle includes a Sparco replica steering wheel which does look and feel incredibly immersive. However, this bundle comes with a jump in price to around £/$699.

2Nm peak torque3.5Nm peak torque6.4Nm peak torque
Xbox, PS & PCXbox, PS & PCXbox & PC
Check priceCheck priceCheck price

Cheapest Thrustmaster racing wheel & pedals for PlayStation

Moving on to looking at the cheapest Thrustmaster racing wheel bundle on PlayStation, much of the same applies from our look at Xbox-compatible bundles. The Thrustmaster T128 and T248 are still the cheapest two options available on PS4 and PS5.

You will have to ensure that you purchase the correct versions of the T128 or T248 as there are two different options. There is an Xbox and PC-compatible version of both bundles and a separate PlayStation and PC-compatible version of both racing wheel bundles.

This does mean that you won’t be able to race on both Xbox and PlayStation with the same racing wheel if you own both consoles which is a shame. However, this is commonplace in sim racing with most brands taking this approach as there are different restrictions in place when creating peripherals for both console platforms.

The main difference when shopping for a PS5 Thrustmaster racing wheel is that instead of being able to choose the TS-XW, you have the option of the T-GT II. This is a very similar racing wheel in terms of peak performance but comes bundled with a Gran Turismo-licensed steering wheel.

T128T248T-GT II
2Nm peak torque3.5Nm peak torque6Nm peak torque
Xbox, PS & PCXbox, PS & PCPS & PC
Check priceCheck priceCheck price

Thrustmaster racing deals

You can often find Thrustmaster products at a lower than RRP price at resellers such as Amazon. These deals can be the best way to save some money on any Thrustmaster sim racing product. The best way to track the latest Thrustmaster deals is to use a website called This website shows the latest deals on a wide range of Thrustmaster products from racing wheels to pedals and shifters.

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