Cheapest Steering Wheel To Use With A Simcube Wheel Base

Discover the best cheaper steering wheel options to use with the Simucube 2 wheel base. Save money by using one of the third-party steering wheel or wheel rims in our recommendations.

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Simucube Valo GT-23 Steering wheel gameplay

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The Finnish sim racing brand Simucube is known for producing incredibly high-performing sim racing hardware. The Simucube wheel base lineup is one of the most impressive premium lineups of any brand. However, Simucube products all carry a premium price tag due to the high performance and build quality.

Opting to buy a Simucube wheel base is an incredibly considered choice, and is one that can wipe out any budget leaving very little for a steering wheel. Thankfully, there is a huge number of steering wheels that are compatible with Simucube wheel bases.

In this guide, I’ll explore some of the best relatively affordable Simucube-compatible steering wheels.

What do you need to make a steering wheel compatible with a Simucube base?

While Simucube steering wheels include the necessary quick release to be compatible with any Simucube wheel base right away, you will need an adapter to use third-party steering wheels. Simucube does sell a quick release that can be mounted to most steering wheels and wheel rims allowing them to be attached to your wheel base.

In addition to the Simucube quick-release adapter, you will need a way of transferring the data from your steering wheel to your PC. This is only required if you’re using a steering wheel with inputs that let you control your car in games such as Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing. If you are attaching a wheel rim with no electronics, don’t worry about this step.

What you need to connect your steering wheel to your Simucube wheel base

Is data transferred by the Simucube quick release?

The quick release that attaches a steering wheel to a Simucube wheel base doesn’t transfer data like some quick releases do. Instead, Simucube utilises wireless technology in its own steering wheels to send data to your wheel base. There is a wireless module in each of the Simucube wheel bases that can detect and connect to certain steering wheels wirelessly.

If you have a steering wheel that supports this wireless connection, you can use this method to connect your wheel and send data. If your wheel doesn’t support Simucube’s wireless platform, you have the option to either send data to your PC via Bluetooth or to connect it to your PC via a USB cable.

Which Simucube wheel base to buy?

Before I look at our recommended cheap steering wheel options, I first want to summarise Simucube’s wheel base lineup. This could be useful if you haven’t committed to choosing your sim racing setup just yet and are unsure which base to buy.

Simucube is currently on its second generation of wheel bases, indicated by the number 2 in the name. This generation includes three different direct drive wheel bases that offer varying performance at different price points.

The Simucube 2 Sport is the entry-level model, although is still a premium wheel base. It produces up to 17Nm of peak torque and can be found for around €/$1200. This is a great option if budget is a consideration as the performance available is more than enough for most.

Then there is the Simucube 2 Pro which is the middle wheel base. It costs around €/$200 more than the Sport but increases the peak performance to 25Nm. For a relatively small price jump, you get access to a huge increase in power.

Finally, the Simucube 2 Ultimate is the highest-performing wheel base with an eye-watering 32Nm of peak torque. This wheel base is an extremely premium product with a price over €/$3000.

Below is a quick comparison of the three Simucube wheel bases currently available.

Racing wheelInfoPrice
Simucube 2 SportSimucube 2 Sport17Nm peak torque€1233 / $1199
Simucube 2 ProSimucube 2 Pro25Nm peak torque€1438 / $1379
Simucube 2 UltimateSimucube 2 Ultimate32Nm peak torque€3130 / $3949

Read our complete Simucube buyer’s guide for a more detailed comparison of all Simucube products.

Buying a Simucube steering wheel

Your first option when it comes to pairing a steering wheel with your Simucube wheel base is to look at the options available from Simucube. The Finnish brand currently sells three steering wheels, all of which are fantastic quality.

All Simucube steering wheels come with a pre-installed Simucube quick release which does save money on having to purchase an individual quick release or adapter. However, there is one catch, each of the Simucube steering wheels is pretty expensive due to the premium design and build quality.

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    If you are looking for a cheap steering wheel to use with a Simucube wheel base, you probably should look at a different brand other than Simucube. Below is an overview of each of the Simucube steering wheels along with their price.

    Steering wheelInfoPrice
    Simucube Tahko Round Steering WheelSimucube Tahko RoundCircular leather wheel€822 / $819
    Simucube Tahko GT-21 Steering WheelSimucube Tahko GT-21D-shaped Alcantara wheel€822 / $819
    Simucube Valo GT23 Steering WheelSimucube Valo GT-23D-shaped Premium wheel€974 / $999

    The Cheapest third-party steering wheel options

    Now let’s take a look at the best third-party steering wheels that can be a cheaper option wheel to use with a Simucube wheel base. If cost is a really big factor, you could opt for an aftermarket wheel rim rather than a sim racing wheel.

    When it comes to the cheapest steering wheels that are directly compatible with Simucube products, we’ll be looking at brands such as Cube Controls and GSI. These are premium brands much like Simucube that produce some of the best sim racing hardware around. However, they both have cheaper steering wheels that sit at a cheaper price than a Simucube-branded steering wheel.

    MOZA KS steering wheel – The best cheap formula steering wheel for Simucube

    One of the upgrades that MOZA Racing has made with its most recent steering wheels is including a connection port at the rear of the wheels. This allows for data to be transferred from the steering wheel to a PC via the MOZA Universal Hub. This has enabled MOZA steering wheels to be used without a MOZA wheel base for the first time.

    The MOZA KS steering wheel is a perfect example of this. It is relatively low cost at just €/$279, and the hard-wired connection port means it can be used with a Simucube wheel base. You will require a few additional accessories to make this happen.

    You’ll require the MOZA Universal Hub kit which includes both the Universal Hub itself and a MOZA QR adapter. The adapter lets you hard mount your KS steering wheel to the Simucube quick release adapter. While the Universal Hub allows data to be transferred from the steering wheel to your PC.

    Steering Wheel – MOZA KS Wheel
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – €299/$259
    Where to buyBuy from MOZA

    Cube Controls GT Sport

    The Cube Controls GT Sport steering wheel costs €565 and includes the wheel rim and an electronics platform. This button box incorporates a range of inputs including push buttons, rotary encoders and a set of magnetic shifter paddles letting you adjust and control elements of your car in game.

    You can get the Cube Controls GT Sport in either a wireless or wired configuration. The wireless setup will connect via Cube Controls software on your PC. Alternatively, the cheaper wired version connects via a USB cable that goes straight into your PC.

    Steering Wheel – Cube Controls GT Sport
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – €/$565
    Where to buy – Buy GT Sport

    GSI X-29

    If you are looking for a slightly more premium formula-style steering wheel that isn’t too expensive. There are a range of options from sim racing brand GSI. Most of them cost close to or over €/$1000, but the X-29 is around half the price at circa €/$520.

    The X-29 is an incredibly nice-looking steering wheel that features a range of premium elements. There are RGB LED push buttons along with a set of magnetic shifters and dual-clutch paddles. And there are additional inputs including rotary encoders and 2 seven-way multi-switches.

    This is an incredibly premium steering wheel from masters of the formula-style steering wheel GSI. You simply need the Simucube quick release to mount it to your wheel base and a coiled USB cable to connect the electronics to your PC.

    Steering Wheel – GSI X-29
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – €/$520
    Where to buy – Buy GSI X-29

    Using an aftermarket wheel rim

    This approach can cost as little as €/$50 for a wheel rim that can be used in a real-world car. The Motamec rim costs just £65 and has a 70mm PCD which is compatible with the Simucube quick release. This wheel rim is metal and suede and is incredibly authentic due to it being designed for real-world road and race cars.

    It sits at 320mm in diameter which is the same as the Simucube Tahko GT-21 D-shaped steering wheel. The only real downside is that there are no controls to adjust your car in game. Instead, you’ll have to rely on a button box.

    Cube Controls also sells bare wheel rims which can be mounted directly to a Simucube quick release if you want to stick with sim racing brands.

    Convert a Fanatec wheel to USB

    Another option, if you already own a Fanatec steering wheel which is likely if you’re upgrading from Fanatec to Simucube, is to convert an existing steering wheel to USB.

    Normally, Fanatec steering wheels rely on their on board electronics to transfer data via a Fanatec quick release. If you mount a Fanatec steering wheel to a wheel base from a different brand, the electronics simply won’t work. That is unless you convert the wheel to USB.

    Sim Racing Machines Fanatec steering wheel conversion kit

    This method won’t be ideal for everyone, as some conversion kits can void the warranty of your wheel. However, there is a conversion kit from Sim Racing Machines that is plug-and-play and lets you connect your Fanatec steering wheel to your PC with a USB cable.

    This option lets you mount your Fanatec wheel to the Simucube quick release and then your Simucube wheel base. With a coiled USB cable, you’ll have a fully functioning Fanatec steering wheel in use on a Simucube wheel base.

    Of course, Fanatec steering wheels aren’t the cheapest to purchase, so this method may be reserved for those upgrading from Fanatec to Simucube. It lets you continue to get value out of your old Fanatec wheels despite the wheel base upgrade.

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