Cheapest MOZA Racing Wheel & Pedal Setup You Can Buy 2024

In this guide, I'll look at the cheapest MOZA sim racing setup you can buy. This is the lowest cost way to get into sim racing with a complete MOZA Racing wheel and pedal bundle.

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MOZA Racing seem to be releasing newer and often cheaper sim racing products incredibly often. They launched their sim racing adventure with the MOZA R9 wheel base which was incredibly good given its price and size.

Since then they have released the R5 which is smaller and cheaper than the R9. And even more recently still, MOZA released the R3 bundle which is their smallest and cheapest wheel base yet. These small wheel bases are even more impressive because all of MOZA Racing’s wheels are direct drive.

While the MOZA R3 is currently the cheapest bundle you can buy from MOZA Racing, I thought I’d take a deeper look at their ecosystem. With the goal of showing you the best cheap MOZA Racing setup you can buy in 2024.

MOZA Racing’s wheel bases compared

The first place to start when looking for the cheapest MOZA Racing setup is with their wheel bases. Which wheel bases offer the best budget sim racing experience, and which are available as part of a bundle.

Below is a comparison table showing MOZA’s three most budget-friendly racing wheels. I haven’t included their premium racing wheels, as they are over double the price of these three wheels.

Racing wheelIndividual PriceCheapest bundle
MOZA R3Bundle only$399
MOZA R5$319$599
MOZA R9 V2$439$659

You can see that the cheapest complete sim racing bundle is the MOZA R3 bundle. However, there is a big catch with this product. At the time of writing this article, it isn’t available to buy. It was originally scheduled for release in Q4 2023, but that got pushed back to the first half of 2024.

That means the MOZA R5 wheel base is the current cheapest racing wheel you can buy as a stand-alone wheel base. It is also available in a bundle with a steering wheel for under $600. However, this bundle may not be the best choice if you want a higher quality sim racing setup as it only includes a very basic pedal set.

Cheapest MOZA Racing setup for PC

As shown above, the absolute cheapest MOZA sim racing bundle is the R5 bundle. This comes in at under $600 and includes everything you need to go sim racing.

MOZA R5 Bundle

You get the R5 wheel base, which is itself one of the best cheap direct drive racing wheels that can hold its own against the might of the Fanatec CSL DD.

View our comparison of the MOZA R5 and Fanatec CSL DD to see which is the better racing wheel.

In the MOZA R5 bundle, you also get a set of SR-P Lite sim racing pedals which is a two-pedal set featuring a throttle and a brake with contactless hall sensors. These pedals aren’t the best and feel rather underwhelming compared to other budget sim racing pedals.

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The final piece of the puzzle is the ES steering wheel, which much like the SR-P Lite pedals does feel on the cheaper side of things. It is smaller than all other MOZA wheel rims and has limited functionality.

This bundle will set you back $599, although at the time of writing, it is discounted down to $459, making it much better value. In terms of pedal and steering wheel quality, this sim racing setup is similar to that of a Logitech G923 and Thrustmaster T248. You really are buying this bundle for the R5 direct drive wheel base.

If you were to start sim racing more often and taking it more seriously, you would definitely benefit from upgrading the pedals to a load cell pedal set. So with that in mind, lets take a look at the best budget MOZA Racing setup.

Custom MOZA R5 Bundle

When you move away from the pre-built R5 bundle to a more bespoke R5 bundle, the quality of products suddenly increases significantly. While the R5 wheel base is very high quality, the R5 bundle is let down by the steering wheel and pedals. These areas are where this custom bundle fixes things.

MOZA Racing R5 Bundle

The R5 bundle above is technically the lowest cost MOZA bundle, however, it certainly isn’t the best cheap MOZA bundle you can buy.

Wheel baseR5 wheel base$319
Steering wheelCS V2P or KS wheel$279
PedalsSR-P Pedals$159
Total price$757

You can see from the table above that the custom MOZA bundle that I have put together costs $757. This is a whole $158 more expensive than the MOZA R5 pre-built bundle. However, for that price, you get a much higher quality steering wheel and a load cell pedal set.

If you were to buy the MOZA R5 bundle and then decide to upgrade your pedals, you would have already spent more than buying the custom bundle above. And that route will still have you racing with the much lower-quality ES steering wheel. Opting to spend a little more right at the beginning can save you money in the long run.

MOZA R9 Bundle

The final option that I’ll look at when talking budget MOZA setups is an R9 bundle. This will be the most expensive option out of the three bundles I’ve looked at. However, the price isn’t hugely more than the R5 bundle above, and you do get a considerably more powerful wheel base. This could make it a good option for those looking for longevity with their sim racing setup.

Wheel baseR9 V2 bundle$659
Steering wheelIncluded in R9 bundle
PedalsSR-P Pedals$159
Total price$818

You can see from the above that by opting for a pre-build MOZA R9 V2 bundle that includes both the wheel base and a steering wheel, then adding on the same SR-P load cell pedals, you are spending an extra $61. That really isn’t too much to pay to jump from a 5.5Nm wheel base to one that produces 9Nm.

This bundle makes use of MOZA’s current bundle discount that they are running on the R9 V2 bundles. Normally, an R9 V2 wheel base and CS V2P steering wheel would cost $718. However, MOZA is selling them, bundled together for just $659, which is a discount of $59. You get the choice between the CS V2P and KS steering wheels in this bundle as both are priced the same.

This MOZA R9 bundle is by far the best-performing bundle that I’ve looked at in this guide. While it is considerably more than the pre-built R5 bundle, it is only slightly more expensive than the custom R5 bundle. The extra quality you get from the SR-P pedals and the better steering wheel, plus the boost up to 9Nm of peak torque, make this the bundle I’d opt for when looking for the cheapest MOZA setup for PC.

Cheapest MOZA Racing wheel & pedals for Xbox

Currently, there is only one MOZA Racing product that is compatible with Xbox consoles, and that is the R3 wheel base and R3 bundle. As mentioned above, this product isn’t available to buy at the time of writing. It is scheduled for release in the first half of 2024, meaning it’s not too far away.

When the MOZA R3 bundle does release, it’ll compete directly with the Fanatec CSL DD bundles as the cheapest Xbox sim racing setup that utilises a direct drive wheel base. The current lowest-priced Fanatec CSL DD Xbox bundle is priced identically to the R3 at $399.

Keep informed on the upcoming MOZA R3 bundle by checking MOZA’s website.

MOZA Racing Deals

You can often find a variety of MOZA Racing deals throughout the year either at MOZA’s website directly or via resellers. These discounts can be tricky to track as you may have to check multiple websites often to find the best deals. You can easily track the best MOZA Racing deals using the link below.

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