Cheapest Logitech Racing Wheel Setup You Can Buy in 2024

I'll run through our recommendation for the cheapest Logitech sim racing setup you can buy in 2024. I'll compare the G923 vs G29 vs G920 as well as look at the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel.

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Logitech produces a small range of sim racing wheels and pedals, but their entry-level G923 is still one of the most popular racing wheels. This is partially due to the combination of good performance, wide compatibility and a low price tag. However, is the G923 the cheapest Logitech racing wheel you can buy?

In this guide, I plan to run through all of the options to buy a Logitech racing setup for as little as possible. I’ll include both a racing wheel and pedal set in each recommendation so you can go sim racing right away.

Logitech racing wheels compared

Logitech rose to popularity with its incredibly capable G25 and G27 wheels. Since then, they’ve released the G29 along with iterations of this formula. Most recently, however, they also released their first direct drive racing wheel, the Logitech Pro Wheel.

With a few options available from Logitech, I want to quickly summarise the difference between each of their racing wheels.

Racing wheelCompatibilityRRPBest Price
Logitech G29PS4, PS5, PC£349 / $299£250 / $290
Logitech G920Xbox, PC£349 / $299£250 / $290
Logitech G923PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC£379 / $349£279 / $260
Logitech Pro WheelPS4, PS5, Xbox, PC£999 / $999£999 / $999

You can see from the table above that Logitech still sell its older G29 and G920 racing wheels, although the cheapest Logitech wheel is often the G923. I have separated the RRP and the best price above to highlight how cheap you can potentially buy Logitech wheels. These are often from Logitech’s website when they run a promotion or from a reseller such as Amazon.

I now want to show you the specific recommendations for the cheapest Logitech racing wheel and pedal combination on each platform. I’ll start with PS5, then Xbox and end with the cheapest Logitech setup for PC.

Cheapest Logitech setup for PS5/PS4

If you are looking to buy a Logitech sim racing wheel on PS5, you have three options. You could choose the oldest racing wheel available, the Logitech G29. This was released in 2015 and is still supported by Logitech and is available to buy on their website.

You could look to buy the Logitech G923 which is an improvement over the G29. This wheel was released in 2020 and upgraded a few internal parts of the G29. It is most notable for introducing TrueForce which is the name given to extra vibration effects that are generated from in-game audio.

The final choice is Logitech’s most expensive racing wheel, the Pro Wheel. This is a direct drive racing wheel that offers extreme performance at a much higher price tag.

When we are looking at the cheapest Logitech racing wheel and pedal setup on PS5, we can quickly rule out the Pro Racing Wheel as the wheel alone will set you back £/$999. That leaves us with the G29 and G923. You could think that because the G29 is 5 years older than the G923 it will be the cheaper of the two. However, that isn’t always the case.

The RRP of the G923 is £30 / $50 more than the G29, but it is incredibly easy to find a better than RRP price on both of these racing wheels. Logitech has discounted their older racing wheels on their website by roughly £/$50 already making them cheaper than RRP.

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If you look outside of Logitech’s own website, you can find these two racing wheels cheaper. Resellers such as Amazon often sell both of Logitech’s PlayStation racing wheels at a big discount.

It is important to state that both the G29 and G923 come bundled with a set of pedals making them both complete plug-and-play sim racing bundles.

Which is cheaper? The G29 or G923?

Looking at Amazon at the time of writing this guide, I can see the Logitech G923 listed at a cheaper price than the G29 in both the United Kingdom and United States. Below is a quick overview of the best prices for these two Logitech wheels currently.

Racing WheelLogitech PriceAmazon Price
Logitech G29£269 / $299£255 / $250
Logitech G923£299 / $299£279 / $259

You can see that both racing wheels are cheaper on Amazon compared to buying directly from Logitech. These prices are correct at the time of writing and may change throughout the year.

Currently, the Logitech G29 is the cheapest racing setup you can buy, however only by a small amount (£24 / $5). The G923 offers a vastly improved sim racing experience thanks to TrueForce and an upgrade to the brake pedal. For such a small increase in price, I’d recommend considering the jump to the G923 if you were weighing up both racing wheels.

Cheapest Logitech setup for Xbox

PlayStation sim racers have a choice between the G29 and G923. Xbox sim racers can still opt for the G923 but have the choice of the G920 as well. This racing wheel was released around the same time as the G29 but included far less functionality.

The G920 didn’t have the rev lights, the rotary dial or extra buttons at the bottom of the steering wheel. This was due to Xbox restrictions not allowing these inputs to work. So Logitech decided the best thing to do was to remove them from the Xbox racing wheel. The image below shows the G920 on the right and the G29 on the left.

When the G923 launched 5 years later, the Xbox-compatible version added these features back in. This makes both the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the G923 identical in terms of appearance and functionality.

With the G920 not including some elements that are included on the G923, it makes the buying decision lean much more heavily towards the newer racing wheel. The Xbox version of the G923 also includes all the upgrades that are on the PlayStation version including TrueForce and the upgraded brake pedal.

But which of these two budget racing wheels is cheaper?

Racing WheelLogitech PriceAmazon Price
Logitech G920£269 / $299£259 / $230
Logitech G923£299 / $299£279 / $259

You can see in the table above that the G920 is considerably cheaper on Amazon in the United States than the G29. This reflects the lack of features included in this racing wheel and makes the G920 the cheapest Logitech racing wheel on Xbox.

Despite its lower price, I would still make a case for spending a little bit more and opting for the G923, even more so when buying a racing wheel for Xbox. This is because the G923 offers a big improvement over the G920.

Cheapest Logitech setup for PC

When shopping for a PC-compatible sim racing wheel, a lot of the restrictions that apply to console products are gone. There is a much wider choice of peripherals for PC than both Xbox and PS5 combined. In the case of buying a cheap Logitech racing wheel, you can lift a lot from the two sections above.

Both the PS5-compatible Logitech G29 and Xbox-compatible G920 are also PC compatible, and so is the G923. This makes the G920 the cheapest Logitech wheel you can buy for any platform at just £259 / $230.

Logitech deals

The prices in this guide are correct at the time of writing, however, they could change throughout the year. They may be lower or higher when you are shopping for a cheap Logitech racing wheel. The best way to keep track of the most up-to-date prices is by following the best Logitech sim racing deals and discounts. tracks the best prices for a range of sim racing products including those from Logitech. You can join their Discord channel for price drop notifications or check the website at the time of buying.

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