Cheapest Fanatec Wheel & Pedal Setup You Can Buy 2020

Cheapest Fanatec Wheel & Pedal Setup You Can Buy

It’s no secret that Fanatec make some of the best sim racing wheels on the market today. However with the level of quality that the German manufacturer offer, comes a rather large price tag. Generally a Fanatec wheel will cost more than almost any other equivalent racing wheel on the market.

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The CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1

If you want to step up your sim racing setup to include a Fanatec wheel you may want to look at one of their cheaper products. The cheapest wheel base that Fanatec offer is the CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1. Now, just because this is Fanatec’s cheapest wheel base, doesn’t mean that is a cheap product.

The CSL Elite Wheel Base utilises a powerful servo motor to drive a single belt, and this combo produces some of the best belt driven force feedback on the market. In fact a lot of the force feedback technology inside the CSL Elite comes directly from the more expensive ClubSport wheel base.

The components that have been lifted from the ClubSport Wheel Base include the servo motor, all of the electronics and the power supply. By using the same technology Fanatec not only save money on developing new technology, but also allow the CSL Elite to contain better performing tech.

Using the ClubSport tech in the CSL Elite results in higher fidelity force feedback and better responsiveness than any other “budget” racing wheel.

The CSL Elite Wheel Base is fully compatible across all platforms, including PC, Xbox One & PS4. Although you may need to purchase a different varient of the wheel base depending on your console. For example the V1.1 wheel base wont work on PS4. Check out the compatibility below.

CSL Elite Wheel Base V1.1 – Compatible with PC, Xbox One
CSL Elite Wheel Base Officially Licensed for PS4™ – Compatible with PC, Xbox One & PS4

One of the best things about Fanatec wheel bases is the level of customisation you get with your racing rig setup. You can interchange steering wheels, upgrade your pedals, and add any supported peripheral such as a handbrake or gear shifter.

Again, depending on your console, you will have a different set of options as to what steering wheels and accessories you can use. For example, only certain steering wheels work with Xbox and PS4 respectively. And the handbrake attachment doesn’t work with Xbox One due to Microsoft’s lack of compatibility options.

Now we’ve looked at the benefits of a Fanatec CSL wheel setup, let’s have a look at the cheapest Fanatec setups for each console.

Cheapest Fanatec Setup PC

The CSL Elite combined with a PC is the best setup you can get within this product bracket. The PC allows maximum compatibility for all peripherals and steering wheels, allowing you to customise your setup to your own requirements.

The cheapest Fanatec setup you can buy for PC is the CSL Elite PS4™ Starter Kit. The reason we have gone with the PS4 varient of the CSL Elite is that it is the only bundle that includes all essentials to start sim racing. It includes the CSL Elite wheel base, along with a steering wheel and pedals.

Fanatec CSL Elite Starter Kit PS4

The steering wheel included is the PS4 branded wheel, which in itself is a great product. If purchased separately this whole bundle would cost you £565. The steering wheel alone would cost you over £160. And the pedal box is priced at £90.

Combined with the wheel base at £315, this whole bundle saves you £50 compared to purchasing everything separately.

Cheapest Fanatec PC Recommendation

Cheapest Fanatec Setup PS4

The PS4 is in a good position when it comes to Fanatec support. There is a much wider range of Fanatec products available for PlayStation owners. And this is in part due to the architecture of both the PlayStation and Xbox.

PlayStation allow external peripherals to map almost unlimited buttons to functions within a game. Whereas Xbox consoles only allow peripherals to map buttons to the same buttons which you would find on a controller. This means that wheel rims with 20+ buttons and switches wont be able to be fully used on an Xbox One console.

Because of this PlayStation owners have the pick of the bunch when it comes to sim racing wheels. There are two fantastic Fanatec bundles which PlayStation owners should consider. The cheap Fanatec bundle is the same as we recommend for PC owners, the CSL Elite PS4™ Starter Kit. The second product recommendation isn’t as cheap, but offers up a much better wheel rim. This is the CSL Elite F1™ Set.

Fanatec PS4 Racing Wheel Recommendations

Cheapest Fanatec Setup Xbox One

As mentioned above, Xbox owners have it a little rougher when looking to purchase a cheap Fanatec wheel. The console platform limits the functionality of steering wheels on Xbox, therefor Fanatec haven’t prioritised the console as much as they have for PS4.

Fanatec CSL Elite Xbox One

There isn’t a single overall bundle for Xbox owners. Instead you will have to purchase the pedals separately to the wheel and wheel base. Our best recommendation for the cheapest Fanatec setup for Xbox One, is to buy the CSL Elite Wheel base V1.1. Then purchase the CSL Elite Steering Wheel P1 for Xbox, which has Xbox specific electronics within the wheel, making the wheel base Xbox compatible. Finally, to complete the wheel setup, purchase the CSL Elite Pedals.

This whole setup will cost you around £560 depending on offers, and is the cheapest Fanatec Xbox setup you can buy.

Cheapest Fanatec Xbox One Recommendation

The cheapest way to purchase a complete Fanatec kit is to purchase all of the below items individually.

Fanatec Deals

Are there any Fanatec deals to be had to lower the cost even further? Well, yes, if you are happy to wait. It is very rare that Fanatec offer any discount code of any type. Their products are so well manufactured and well reviewed within the sim racing community, that they don’t need to offer too many incentives to buy. Sim racers already know the quality that they will receive when upgrading to a Fanatec wheel setup.

However Fanatec do often offer sales on their products via their online store. At any one time multiple Fanatec products will be reduced and on sale. And Fanatec change these products out occasionally. It may be the case that the product you are looking at isn’t currently on sale. However if you are prepared to wait to purchase, it could come on sale in the coming weeks.

You can view all of the Fanatec products that are on sale via our Fanatec deals tracker. We will also include any discount code that we can find.

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Buy the Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base v1.1

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest Fanatec wheel?

The cheapest Fanatec racing wheel will be one from their CSL Elite range. This is the entry level for Fanatec wheels. View our recommendations for console specific deals.

Why would I want a cheap Fanatec wheel?

Even a cheap Fanatec racing wheel is better than a lot of other mid level racing wheels. Fanatec are known for their premium quality.

Where is the best place to buy cheap Fanatec wheels?

Fanatec often run sales on their own online store. Read our suggestions for the best offers at the moment.

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