The Best Sim Racing Steering Wheel Mods

If you want to freshen up your sim racing wheel, but don't facing buying a whole new wheel. Why not look to a custom steering wheel mod to freshen up your current wheel.

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Acelith Fanatec Wheel Mod

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Like many sim racers, I raced for years with a Logitech racing wheel before moving on to a more premium wheel. And for years, my trusty Logitech performed well. But after a little while I started to tire of the appearance of what was a relatively budget racing wheel.

At the time, my only options were to either keep my tried and tested racing wheel. Or spend a lot of money upgrading to a more premium sim racing wheel.

However, now there are a few sim racing companies who are selling custom hand crafted and 3D printed wheel attachments and mods. These mods can completely transform the appearance of your racing wheel, for relatively little cost compared to upgrading.

In this guide, I’ll run you through the best options available for the best sim racing wheel mod.

What is a 3D printed sim racing wheel mod and why should I consider one

Years ago, just like I mentioned in my intro, hand crafted and 3D printed racing wheel mods weren’t around. This meant that I had to use stock wheel rims such as the Logitech G27 (The wheel I had at the time). And if I didn’t like the look, then my only option was to buy a whole new wheel.

With a 3D printed sim racing wheel or a hand crafted wheel mod, you can attach a completely new steering wheel design to your existing racing wheel. This allows you to transform your current Logitech, Thrustmaster or Fanatec wheel rim in to a fresh new wheel.

I’m intrigued, tell me more about these wheel mods

Sim racing wheel mods are available from a selection of different brands, and come in all sorts of designs. With most, you can even customise the look by picking between certain styles, different construction materials and more.

This adaptability and personalisation allow you to essentially design your own custom steering wheel. If you fancy representing your favourite McLaren brand, you can. If Ferrari is more your thing, these wheel designs have you covered.

The best sim racing wheel mods for Logitech

When it comes to picking a style of wheel mod, there are a couple of brands you can choose from. The three best companies for finding a wheel mod are;

MVH Studios

MVH Studios make a few different styles of racing wheel mod, and they focus on Logitech racing wheels.

Acelith Design

Acelith Design offer a wider range of wheel mods, for brands including Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec.


The MVH Studios F1 Steering Wheel is compatible with all modern Logitech racing wheels. Just make sure you buy the right version for your wheel! It features a fantastic formula style design which closely resembles wheels used in Formula 1.

To add a little extra Formula 1 style flair, you can choose between a wide variety of styles. You can choose a specific Formula 1 team to represent, or go with a more neutral design.

You can also choose between a variety of grip materials. There are options such as suede, leather and PLA, meaning you can race completely gloveless without feeling any uncomfortable 3D printed roughness.

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This wheel comes fully assembled with everything you need to be able to install. And, the MVH Studios wheels feature a fully reversible design meaning you wont have to void your Logitech warranty when installing.

The best sim racing wheel mods for Fanatec

The only brand at the time of writing to offer Fanatec wheel mods are Acelith Design. The Italian company offer a variety of well designed wheel mods, which fit either the Fanatec Universal Hub or Podium Module.

Fanatec themselves produce some of the best looking wheel rims. However they come with a rather high price tag. Meaning that if you want to switch up your design for a much lower cost, you could look towards one of these wheel mods.

Our choice would be the Acelith F1 rim which is designed for the Fanatec Podium module. If you have a Universal Hub instead of Podium Module, there is also a design for that specific product.

This F1 style rim brings a sleek form factor which is made from high quality powder coated steel. It comes with an upgraded STP grip, which gives a soft rubbery feel. Just like the MVH Studios design above, this mod comes pre-assembled, meaning all you have to do is install it.

You can get €3 off your purchase from Acelith by clicking this link and using the code SIMRACINGSETUP.

The best sim racing wheel mods for Thrustmaster

Acelith is the only company producing Thrustmaster compatible pre-assembled wheel mods. And their offering is rather large. They offer a huge amount of wheel mod styles, from formula style rims to more GT style mods.

This McLaren influenced wheel mod for the Thrustmaster T300 is by far my favourite. It looks similar to the Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 rim, which is an officially licensed wheel rim. This Thrustmaster mod variant is not officially licensed but does a great job of representing an authentic McLaren feel.

This mod offers you the choice of plate material, allowing you to choice between plastic and steel through to high quality carbon fibre for a more authentic experience.

You can get €3 off your purchase from Acelith by clicking this link and using the code SIMRACINGSETUP.

How to fit a steering wheel mod

The process of fitting a wheel mod varies depending on the style of mod, and the brand of wheel you’re using. Most of the time it does involve a little bit of technical skill. You’ll need to disassemble the original wheel, and re-attach the new wheel mod.

But don’t let this put you off. If you follow the instructions, fitting any of the wheel mods I’ve mentioned above is fairly straight forward. Most brands include detailed instructions with their mods. And companies such as MVH Studios have produced detailed fitting videos.

Below is a sample video showing just how easy it is to fit an MVH Studios mod to a Logitech G923. Check out MVH Studios’ install videos for more instructional videos.

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