Best Simucube Compatible Steering Wheels: Buyer’s Guide

Check out our recommended Simucube-compatible steering wheels to use with a Simucube 2 wheel base. Includes wheel recommendations from a variety of top brands.

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The second generation of Simucube wheel bases is often regarded as some of the best-performing wheel bases in sim racing. The three direct drive wheel bases that make up the Simucube 2 lineup vary in both price and peak performance. Whichever option you choose, the force feedback is among the best around.

One of the best things about Simucube wheel bases which have been a big part of its ecosystem from the start, is the compatible with other products. When the Simucube 2 wheel bases launched, Simucube didn’t have its own steering wheel to pair with it. This meant relying on steering wheels from other brands such as Cube Controls and GSI.

Things have changed slightly since the original wheel base launch in 2019. Now, there are Simcube steering wheels available that can be purchased and paired with the Simucube 2 wheel bases. But are these own-brand steering wheels the best choice, or should you still look elsewhere?

In this buyer’s guide, I’m going to run through our recommendations for the best steering wheels to pair with a Simucube 2 wheel base. These include steering wheels at different price points and from a variety of brands.

Should you choose a Simucube or a third-party steering wheel?

As mentioned, Simucube wheel bases are widely compatible with steering wheels from other brands. With a Simucube quick release and a steering wheel with a 70mm or 50.4mm PCD, you can easily mount your steering wheel to your wheel base.

Recently though, Simucube has released its own range of steering wheels. Both the Tahko GT-21 and Valo GT-23 come with a pre-installed Simucube quick release and can transmit data wirelessly to allow for easy setup.

With both of these options, should you look at Simucube wheels or third-party wheels? Well, the answer depends a lot on what you need from your steering wheel. If you are after a high-quality circular steering wheel, then looking at the Simucube options is a great idea.

The Tahko GT-21 comes in both a circular and D-shaped rim shape, and the Valo GT-23 also has a D-shaped rim. These steering wheels are ideal for racing a wide range of cars and disciplines including rallying, drifting and road cars.

If you are after a formula-style steering wheel, you will need to look elsewhere as currently Simucube do not have a formula wheel rim. This may change in the future, but currently brands such as Cube Controls, GSI and Ascher Racing would be your best options for formula steering wheels.

Below is an overview of the Simucube steering wheels currently available.

Steering wheelInfoPrice
Simucube Tahko Round Steering WheelSimucube Tahko RoundCircular leather wheel€822 / $819
Simucube Tahko GT-21 Steering WheelSimucube Tahko GT-21D-shaped Alcantara wheel€822 / $819
Simucube Valo GT23 Steering WheelSimucube Valo GT-23D-shaped Premium wheel€974 / $999

Which steering wheels are compatible with a Simucube wheel base?

Any steering wheel that uses either a 70mm or 50.4mm bolt pattern can be mounted to a Simucube quick release. There are also additional adapters that can adjust the PCD if needed. This means that most steering wheels will be able to connect to a Simucube quick release and therefore be compatible with their wheel bases.

What you need to connect your steering wheel to your Simucube wheel base

How to transfer data from a third-party steering wheel

In order to transfer data from your steering wheel to you game, you will need to connect wirelessly or via a wired connection.

Simucube steering wheels use wireless technology to transmit data to the Simucube 2 wheel bases. Some third-party steering wheels utilise similar technology making them incredibly easy to set up.

Some steering wheels such as those from Cube Controls use either wired or their own wireless technology. The wireless options in these steering wheels do not connect to a Simucube wheel base, instead, they connect directly to your PC and are controllable using Cube Controls software.

If you opt for a wired steering wheel, you will need a cable to run to your PC. I’d recommend a high-quality coiled data cable to ensure the wire doesn’t get in the way whilst sim racing.

Best steering wheels for Simucube wheel bases

Now I want to jump into our recommendation for the best Simucube compatible steering wheels. These recommendations only include third-party steering wheels as I’ve already looked at Simucube wheels above.

Below is a quick overview of each wheel I’m recommending. I’ll look at each wheel in more detail below.

Steering wheelPrice
Ascher Artura Sport steering wheelAscher Artura Sport€/$913
Cube Controls GT Pro V2 Steering wheelCube Controls GT Pro V2€/$818
Cube Controls F-Core Formula steering wheelCube Controls F-Core€/$499
GSI Hyper-P1 steering wheelGSI Hyper P1£/$1331
GSI X-29 steering wheelGSI X-29£/$525

Ascher Racing Artura Sport

The first steering wheel recommendation is one that is close to our heart. Being a big McLaren fan, Ascher’s partnership with McLaren has led to some nice branded steering wheels. The Artura Sport is one of the most accessible that Artura offers.

This sim racing steering wheel is manufactured to the highest standards using the same ergonomics and parts that are used in the real-world steering wheel. At 300mm in diameter, and the real-world materials, this steering wheel is as authentic as they come.

Ascher Artura Sport steering wheel

It may not have as many inputs as some other steering wheels, however, it has one of the highest build qualities. You do get a range of customisable RGB-illuminated push buttons. Unlike many steering wheels that utilise stickers on the buttons, each button on this Ascher steering wheel is laser etched and interchangeable.

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    There is also a set of 7-way joysticks and around the back are magnetic and silenced paddle shifters. The chassis is constructed from automotive aluminum and the hand grips are produced from automotive-grade rubber.

    This is a steering wheel that is incredibly authentic and high-quality. The partnership with McLaren has led to the wheel featuring the McLaren branding across the front. And there is Simucube wireless connectivity built into the wheel itself.

    Steering Wheel – Ascher Racing Artura Sport
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – €/$913
    Where to buy – Buy Artura Sport wheel

    Cube Controls GT Pro V2

    The next steering wheel that I’d recommend is a more versatile wheel thanks to the D-shaped rim design. The Cube Controls GT Pro V2 is a second-generation steering wheel design that incorporates GT styling with high-quality inputs.

    The new Cube Controls button box looks to improve on the first design by adding a range of features. There is also a lot of customisation with this steering wheel from the paddle shifters and dual-clutch layout to the RGB backlighting and colour scheme.

    Below is a visual comparison of the GT Pro V2 and GT Sport wheel designs.

    There are a total of six push buttons which are all RGB LED backlit and customisable. Then you’ll find two front-facing rotary encoders, two thumb encoders and two multi-directional joysticks which also feature integrated encoders.

    That is a lot of functionality packaged into a really nicely designed steering wheel. The front of the wheel features a carbon fibre plate with the rest being constructed from aluminium and you can get the grips wrapped in a range of materials including suede and leather

    The wheel itself utilises two forms of connectivity, Bluetooth or Q-CONN cable and there is a 40 hour LiPo rechargeable battery inside powering the wheel. If you are looking for a high-quality alternative to Simucube’s Tahko steering wheels, this Cube Controls sim racing wheel is ideal.

    Steering Wheel – Cube Controls GT Pro V2
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – €/$833
    Where to buy – Buy GT Pro V2 wheel

    Cube Controls F-Core

    The wheels that I have recommended so far have all been up close to the €/$900-1000 mark which is a rather premium price point, especially given the high cost of the Simucube wheel base. With one of the steering wheels above, you’ll be spending a minimum of €/$2000 even if you opt for the Simucube 2 Sport.

    The Cube Controls F-Core steering wheel breaks this trend by being a sub €/$500 steering wheel. It does this while retaining the high quality and functionality that Cube Controls is known for.

    Cube Controls F-Core Formula steering wheel

    The Cube Controls F-Core is the lowest-priced Cube Controls steering wheel, yet is one of my favourite recommendations on this list. At its “core”, this is a formula-style wheel with a lot of functionality.

    You get a series of push buttons, albeit the buttons aren’t LED backlit like other Cube Controls wheels. There are two front-facing encoders and two thumb encoders with a couple of joysticks much like the GT Pro V2 that I recommended above.

    The wheel is much lighter than other steering wheels, but still packs high-quality materials such as an aluminium body, comfy silicon handgrips and a carbon fibre faceplate. At 290mm across, this wheel has the perfect diameter for a formula wheel. A little bigger than a Fanatec Formula V2.5X, but slightly smaller than some 300mm wheels that can sometimes feel a touch large.

    Steering Wheel – Cube Controls F-Core
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – €/$499
    Where to buy – Buy F-Core wheel

    GSI X-29

    Along a similar theme to the Cube Controls F-Core, there is another formula-style steering wheel that sits around the €/$500 mark. That is the Gomez Sim Industries X-29 wheel. Much like the F-Core, the X-29 wheel is the cheapest GSI wheel you can buy, with an emphasis on bringing the usual high quality at a lower price point.

    There are also a lot of other similarities between the Cube Controls and GSI wheels. Both sit at 290mm in diameter, both include an array of push buttons and rotary encoders, and both have silicon hand grips.

    The main difference is that this GSI wheel does have LED backlit push buttons at the expense of the two thumb encoders. Both wheels are incredibly comparable and it may come down to which design you prefer. The X-29 is a wired steering wheel that requires a GSI connection cable which is included in the price.

    Steering Wheel – GSI X-29
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – €/$499
    Where to buy – Buy GSI X-29 wheel

    GSI Hyper P1

    The final wheel I’m going to recommend is possibly the nicest in this whole guide, but it is the most expensive. The Hyper P1 is another steering wheel from Gomez Sim Industries, and this is about as close as you can get to a real-world Formula 1 wheel. There is no getting away from the fact this is one of the best formula-style steering wheels.

    The design is incredible featuring a large 4.3″ LCD display which has touchscreen capabilities. There is the usual array of inputs including 12 RGB LED push buttons, 5 rotary encoders, seven-way multi-switches and a series of rev lights and flag lights.

    This is about as stacked with features as a steering wheel can be, and it is all packaged in an incredibly high-end design. The face of the wheel is a 5mm carbon fibre faceplate with the rest being constructed from aluminium. As standard, the Hyper P1 comes with 4 carbon fibre paddle shifters that can be upgraded to 6.

    For compatibility with Simucube wheel bases, the GSI Hyper P1 comes with a coiled cable that can be connected to your PC via a USB hub. At around €/$1300, this is an incredibly premium steering wheel, but there aren’t many that could beat it in terms of features and quality.

    Steering Wheel – GSI Hyper P1
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – €/$1330
    Where to buy – Buy GSI Hyper P1 wheel

    Which Simucube wheel base should you opt for?

    Now that we have looked at our recommendations for the best Simucube-compatible steering wheels, I want to round out this buyer’s guide by quickly comparing each of Simucube’s wheel bases.

    There are three options if you want to buy into Simucube’s wheel base lineup. The Sport wheel base is the most accessible coming in at around €/$1200. It produces a peak torque of 17Nm which is incredibly respectable, and this performance-to-price ratio is relatively good at this price point.

    Moving up the lineup in performance is the Simucube 2 Pro. This wheel base adds around €/$200 to the asking price but increases the peak performance by 47%. With the Pro wheel base you get direct drive performance of up to 25Nm of peak torque. This wheel base still represents good value considering the performance jump over the Sport.

    At the top of the lineup is the Simucube 2 Ultimate. This wheel base is one of the most powerful direct drive racing wheels available from any brand with a peak torque of 32Nm. However, it comes with a large price tag of over €3000 and close to $4000.

    My recommendation out of the three wheel bases would be either the Sport or Pro. The Simucube 2 Sport is comparable with wheel bases from brands such as Fanatec and Asetek. Whilst the Pro offers a nice performance increase for a rather small price increase.

    Below is a quick comparison of the three Simucube wheel bases currently available.

    Racing wheelInfoPrice
    Simucube 2 SportSimucube 2 Sport17Nm peak torque€1233 / $1199
    Simucube 2 ProSimucube 2 Pro25Nm peak torque€1438 / $1379
    Simucube 2 UltimateSimucube 2 Ultimate32Nm peak torque€3130 / $3949

    Read our complete Simucube buyer’s guide for a more detailed comparison of all Simucube products.

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