4 Sim Racing Setups To Start Sim Racing With Any Budget 2024

We've put together 4 sim racing setups for a range of budgets. Each setup includes a sim rig, racing wheel and pedals to form a complete racing simulator setup across 4 different budgets.

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Best Sim Racing Rig For Any Budget

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Our goal in this guide is to show you the ultimate sim racing setup buyers guide for a range of budgets. I’ve created four different racing simulator setups, with each one including everything you need to go sim racing with different budgets.

I’ve covered sim racing setups for those shopping with a tight budget, as well as the best mid-range racing simulator setup through to the best high-end sim racing setup. The categories that will be covered in this buyers guide are;

Budget rig setupIdeal for newcomers to sim racing
Mid-range rig setupPerfect upgrade after sim racing for a while
High-end rig setupA professional-level rig setup for seasoned sim racers
Formula rig setupThe most high-end rig for serious sim racers

In this guide, I’ll round up the best sim racing rig, racing wheels and pedals that you can purchase for each of the budgets above, highlighting the best products within each price range. You can easily swap out different gear from each of the recommendations to create your perfect racing simulator setup.

What makes up a complete racing simulator setup?

Any complete sim racing setup is made up of a few key items. Of course, you can mix and match sim racing gear and add extra peripherals such as button boxes, dashboards and much more to create your perfect setup. I’ll be focusing on the key ingredients required for a complete setup.

The items that will be in each of our best racing simulator setup recommendations for each budget are;

Sim racing rigThis is where you will mount your sim racing equipment.
Sim racing seatA seat is required to sit and race in any sim rig.
Sim racing wheelThis is the racing wheel you’ll be using to control your car.
Sim racing pedalsSome racing wheel bundles include pedals, while others are purchased separately.

While the four items above are almost always required to create a complete racing simulator, there are some optional extras that you can add to increase your comfort and immersion.

One of the most important additional extras is to integrate your monitor or TV into your sim rig. You can see from the image below that there is a monitor mounted directly to the sim rig behind the racing wheel. This allows you to position your monitor close to your racing wheel which can improve your field of view and immersion. Many sim rigs have optional monitor mounts that support a range of screens from ultrawide gaming monitors to triple-screen setups.

You can also add a shifter or handbrake to your sim rig which will allow for additional control and inputs while sim racing. These additions often require additional mounts and accessories to be purchased to attach them to your sim rig, although some sim racing cockpits do come with these brackets and mounts included.

Finally, if you are really enjoying and are serious about sim racing, you can opt to add dashboards to show live telemetry, or button boxes to allow for extra inputs while racing. Many sim racing streamers utilise button boxes to help them switch between different cameras, screen overlays and more while sim racing.

Sim Racing Setup Cockpit Anatomy

Sim racing rigs at each budget

Throughout this buyer’s guide, I’ll be focusing on four different racing simulator setups. Each of these setups is focused around a specific price point to give sim racers options across different budgets. I’ll show you an example high-end sim racing setup, as well as another premium setup that is focused around a formula-style configuration.

Then, I’ll look at a great mid-range setup that combines some of the best sim racing wheels, pedals and cockpits available at this mid-range price point. Finally, I’ll look at the best budget sim racing setup for those looking to purchase their first complete sim rig.

The overview below shows each sim rig and racing bundle that we will be covering in this guide.

Budget Setup

Mid-Range Setup

High-End Setup

Formula Setup






Included with wheel





Included with wheel









£400 / $400


£1000 / $1000


£2500 / $2500


£3900 / $4300

The best budget sim racing setup will include very accessible gear that includes our top pick for the best budget racing wheel. This budget sim racing setup is designed to get you into sim racing with the smallest overall cost possible. After all sim racing can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be.

Our mid-range sim racing setup will provide a step up in quality from our budget recommendation, whilst still keeping the overall price under £/$1000. The best high-end racing simulator setup, and the formula-style sim racing setup will group some of the best sim racing wheels, pedals and cockpits to form a couple of ultimate sim racing setups that any sim racer would love to own. While focusing on performance, I’ll still show you all of the prices and costs involved for these high-end options.

You can click on each sim wheel, pedal or rig in the table above for more information on any individual item. Or scroll down to read about each bundle in more detail.

Do I need a high-end sim racing setup?

When it comes to sim racing games, there are a couple of things that many gamers strive for, and that is both realism and immersion. Adding immersion to your racing games will transform the way you play, and transform your entire experience with a game. The main way you can achieve this immersion is to carefully select the type of racing wheel you play with along with opting for more realistic sim racing gear such as load cell pedals and H-pattern shifters.

Most sim racers start out playing racing games with a regular controller, be it an Xbox pad or a Playstation Dualshock controller. But it may get to a stage where you want to immerse yourself in the game further, and fully embrace your inner racing driver. There is only one way to really do this, and that is to upgrade to a racing wheel.

Adding a racing wheel to your gaming repertoire will add a level of realism and enjoyment that racing with a controller can’t offer. When you first sit in your own sim racing rig it will feel as though you are truly driving the car, rather than racing in a game.

However, when you’re looking to buy a sim racing rig you may be overwhelmed with the sheer number of options as well as the high price tags that many sim racing wheels, rigs and pedals cost. You can opt for lower-cost, more budget-friendly options such as a budget racing wheel that comes with pedals included.

This is a great way to experience sim racing without breaking the bank. As you progress and once you know that you enjoy sim racing, you can start to upgrade your gear to more premium and realistic equipment.

Now, I’m going to jump into our 4 different sim racing setup recommendations, with each one covering a different budget. I have highlighted our top recommendation for the best sim racing products which can be purchased within each budget and why you should choose these options.

Formula Sim Racing Rig Under £4000 / $4000

I’m going to start our racing simulator setup recommendations with our formula-style setup. This configuration is designed for those looking to replicate a Formula 1 driving position and experience as closely as they can.

This setup will include a sim racing cockpit that positions the seat, wheel and pedals in a formula-style position. You’ll be almost lying down while racing in this simulator!

You will also find some of the most premium and realistic sim racing gear in this build. The high price tag means you will be able to include some extremely impressive products to maximise realism and immersion. This build is ideal for those who are looking to race in Esports, or sim race every day.

This formula-style sim racing setup consists of the following products.

Racing wheelAsetek Invicta Wheel Base£1300 / $1550
Steering wheelAsetek Forte Steering Wheel£545 / $650
PedalsHuesinkveld Ultimate+ (2 pedals)£1080 / $1099
Sim rigPlayseat Formula£999 / $999
Total Cost£3925 / $4298

Formula racing wheel – Asetek Invicta & Forte

Starting with the wheel base and steering wheel, at this high price point, you can mix and match your wheel base and steering wheel by purchasing them individually. I would highly recommend the Asetek Invicta wheel base that is capable of producing up to 27Nm of peak torque. And I would pair this with the fantastic Asetek Forte formula steering wheel.

The Invicta wheel base is a 27Nm direct drive wheel base that is capable of producing some incredibly detailed force feedback. This wheel base is easily one of the smoothest racing wheels I’ve been lucky enough to use.

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    The force feedback allows you to feel every bump in the track and every surface change. And it is incredibly responsive. The peak slew rate is 9.4 Nm/ms which is impressive for any racing wheel. This allows for lightning-fast changes in the force feedback to relay what is happening on track almost instantaniously.

    I’ve chosen to pair this wheel base with the Asetek Forte steering wheel which is again, one of the nicest steering wheels I’ve used, and is the wheel I currently use most on my sim racing setup. This Asetek Forte steering wheel was designed specifically to be used with Asetek wheel bases, meaning you can connect it and everything will work right away.

    You can also use the same RaceHub software to configure both the wheel base and steering wheel which makes changing settings a really easy process. One of the best elements of Asetek’s wheel bases and steering wheels is the quick release. The Asetek QR is one of the easiest-to-use quick releases in all of sim racing, allowing you to remove and swap your steering wheel in just seconds with one hand.

    The Forte Formula steering wheel features a range of inputs including various push buttons, multiple rotary encoders and thumb encoders and a couple of joysticks that Asetek like to call Kinky switches. Each of these inputs let you control your car while racing, with each input being configurable via RaceHub.

    Asetek Invicta Direct Drive Wheel Base

    Racing Wheel – Asetek Invicta 27Nm
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – €1302/$1549
    Where to buyBuy from Asetek

    Asetek Forte Steering Wheel

    Steering Wheel – Asetek Forte Steering Wheel
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – €546/$649
    Where to buyBuy from Asetek

    Formula pedals – Heusinkveld Ultimate+

    As this direct drive wheel doesn’t come with pedals bundled in, we’ll have to buy the pedals separately. If you are going for pure performance and compatibility, I’d highly recommend the Heusinkveld Ultimate+ Pedals. In particular the two-pedal set.

    Being a primarily formula-style sim racing setup, I have only added the two-pedal set of Heusinkveld Ultimate+ pedals. This will save money compared to purchasing a complete three-pedal set, and while racing almost any formula or open-wheeled car, you’ll only be using two pedals, making the third pedal largely redundant.

    These high-end pedals offer a huge range of customisation, along with extremely high built quality and performance. They feature an extremely strong 200kg load-cell brake pedal for ultimate precision and consistent braking. This load cell can handle up to 140kg of force being applied at the brake pedal which is an awful lot! You can always detune the pressure to make braking a little less intensive if you find it hard to hit the full 140kg of pressure.

    Along with the mighty load cell sensor, you get hydraulic damping across the pedals to emulate a real-world car’s pedals. The throttle pedal features a 1-way hydraulic damper which is designed to produce extremely smooth throttle input.

    The brake pedal increases this by including a 2-way hydraulic damper. This assembly replicates the dampers found in real brake pedals. It is paired with an adjustable spring providing a two-stage braking feel. The spring replicates the initial pedal travel when the pads move to meet the brake discs. The damper then simulates the resistance that you get while increasing the input pressure.

    The Heusinkveld Ultimate+ pedals look like they may have been ripped right out of a real-world race car. And they’re among the best sim racing pedals you can buy in 2024. They certainly offer extra realism to your sim racing compared to other pedals.

    You also get a huge amount of adjustability in these sim racing pedals. Heusinkveld’s SmartControl software lets you adjust the input curves, pedal resistance and more to allow you to configure these pedals to your own preference.

    Pedals – Heusinkveld Ultimate+
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – From €/$900
    Where to buyBuy Heusinkveld Pedals

    Formula sim rig – Playseat Formula

    The final piece of this formula-style racing simulator setup is the sim rig itself. To really make this a formula focused sim racing setup, I’ve opted for a sim racing cockpit that replicates the driving position of a Formula 1 or open-wheeled car.

    The real benefits of a formula-style sim rig are that it allows for an immense amount of immersion by positioning you in a reclined seating position just like real F1 drivers. If you like the premium racing wheel and pedals in this category, but prefer a more upright seating position, you can use any of the sim rigs from the other categories, and they will work perfectly fine. However, with this formula sim racing setup, we are aiming for maximum immersion.

    This is where the Playseat Formula comes in. This full simulator racing cockpit has been designed to replicate a real Formula 1 driving position closely. This cockpit also has sim racing pedigree, as it is widely used in Esports competitions across the world, including the official F1 Esports series.

    Priced at almost £999 or $999, this sim racing cockpit boasts excellent build quality and has the most realistic formula-style seating position of any racing cockpit I’ve used. The driving position is one of the main selling points of this officially licensed Formula 1 cockpit. It is fully adjustable so you can get the perfect distance from the seat to the pedals.

    Unlike many high-end sim racing cockpits or sim rigs, this Playseat Formula includes the racing seat as part of the cockpit. This saves some money on having to buy an additional racing seat which is a common issue with many aluminium profile sim rigs.

    Due to this cockpit being used in official F1 Esports competitions, you can get this cockpit in a variety of styles. There are unbranded versions which come in black or silver. Or you can opt for a branded version. There are official Formula 1 branded options as well as Red Bull Racing and Mercedes AMG F1 variants to choose between.

    The only major downside of this cockpit is its size. Because the seat puts you into a reclined driving position, this rig is quite long. If you are short on space, you may not be able to fit this sim cockpit in your gaming space.

    Sim Rig – Playseat F1
    Compatibility – Xbox, PS5, PC
    Price – From €/$999.95
    Where to buyBuy from Amazon

    High-End Sim Racing Setup Under £2500 / $2500

    For those who sim race often and are after maximum immersion, a high-end sim racing setup is the goal. If you are progressing up from a budget racing simulator, you can upgrade your setup in increments rather than spending a lot of money in one go.

    I’d recommend starting with your sim racing cockpit as this is the foundation for your entire setup. Then look to upgrade your sim racing pedals as these can often make the biggest impact on your consistency and lap time, and finally look to upgrade your wheel base or racing wheel.

    At around the £2500 / $2500 mark, you should be able to create a high-end sim racing setup with some of the best equipment available. However with that said, some of the most premium racing wheels and pedals can cost upwards of £1000 / $1000 just for a single piece of equipment.

    I have included the most premium racing wheels and pedals in our Formula sim racing setup, while in this high-end setup, I’ve opted for premium gear that still fits within our overall budget. This means that this configuration will provide excellent performance without breaking the bank as much as with our formula sim racing setup.

    You can pick up this complete high-end racing simulator setup for around £2500 / $2500 depending on the retailers you buy from. Below is an overview of each piece of equipment in this high-end sim racing setup.

    Racing wheelFanatec ClubSport DD£799 / $799
    Steering wheelFanatec Formula V2.5X£350 / $350
    PedalsFanatec ClubSport V3 Pedals£399/ $399
    Sim rigSim-Lab GT1 Pro£399 / $399
    Racing SeatSim-Lab Speed 3 Bucket Seat£399 / $399
    Total Cost£2346 / $2346

    At this price point, you’ll be picking up one of the best sim racing setups that is capable of performing incredibly well whilst offering great immersion and flexibility. While many sim racers will be racing on PC, there are a lot of console sim racers. So we have ensured that this recommendation includes console compatibility.

    High-end racing wheel – ClubSport DD + Formula V2.5X

    Starting with the racing wheels for this high-end setup, I have opted to pick both a wheel base and steering wheel from sim racing giant Fanatec. The German manufacturer has one of the biggest ecosystems of products with a range of products across all budgets.

    Many of Fanatec’s products also offer console compatibility which is important for those who prefer to race on an Xbox or PlayStation rather than gaming PC.

    The racing wheel I’ve opted for is a combination of Fanatec’s newest wheel base, the ClubSport DD, and the Formula V2.5X steering wheel. This combination provides some of the best force feedback around thanks to Fanatec’s new wheel base which introduced new internal technology.

    The ClubSport DD is an Xbox and PC-compatible direct drive wheel base that is capable of producing up to 12Nm of consistent torque. There is a PlayStation-compatible version called the ClubSport DD+ and this version also boosts the power output to 15Nm of consistent torque. However, the DD+ does come with an increased price tag which would increase this racing simulator setup to over our £2500 budget.

    Whichever wheel base you opt for, both the ClubSport DD and ClubSport DD+ use the new force feedback technology called Fullforce and force feedback 2.0. This is Fanatec’s term for the new protocol that is used in this direct drive wheel base. It allows sim racers to truly feel the engine revs and road details like no other Fanatec wheel base has done in the past.

    This new and improved force feedback is extremely detailed and much smoother than more budget-friendly wheels. As standard, the ClubSport DD comes with Fanatec’s new quick release, the QR2. And you can also choose to purchase Fanatec steering wheels with the QR2 adapter included.

    This gives you a huge number of steering wheels that can be attached to the wheel base. For this sim racing setup, I’ve opted for the Fanatec Formula V2.5X wheel which is one of my all-time favourite sim racing steering wheels.

    The Formula V2.5X provides a near-flawless formula-style experience thanks to a range of different inputs from buttons to encoders and toggle switches. The build quality is extremely high and consists of real carbon fibre and premium materials like Alcantara.

    If you prefer to opt for a circular steering wheel which can be a better choice if you race road cars or like to rally or drift in your simulator, there are different options. Fanatec’s Porsche 911 wheel rims can be purchased for a similar price to the Formula V2.5X or you can mix and match thanks to Fanatec’s button modules.

    Fanatec ClubSport DD

    Racing Wheel – Fanatec ClubSport DD
    Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S
    Price – From €/$799.95
    Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

    Fanatec Formula V2.5 X

    Steering Wheel – Fanatec Formula V2.5X
    Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
    Price – €/$349.95
    Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

    High-end pedals – Fanatec ClubSport V3

    When it comes to high-end sim racing pedals, there aren’t many better than Fanatec’s ClubSport V3 pedal set. This premium sim racing pedal set is built with a custom 90kg load cell sensor, which is extremely durable and precise. the best part is the load cell is completely adjustable so you can set your own preference with ease.

    This load cell sensor allows you to apply consistent braking force and can help you improve your braking compared to a non-load cell pedal set. There is a tonne of adjustability with both the load cell and in each pedal to allow you to create your perfect set of pedals.

    You can adjust the tilt and position of each pedal to suit your driving style as well as the height of each pedal plate. You can even change out the pedal plates to a different style if you fancy.

    Once you dive into the Fanatec software, you can adjust the pedals even further. You can change the sensitivity, dead zones and more. And if you fancy adjusting the brake pressure itself, you can do that without the need for any tools or disassembly.

    You can also purchase a set of inverted ClubSport V3 pedals which are more in line with the pedal configuration that you would find in a real-world car. The inverted pedals do carry a premium price tag due to the additional adjustments available but are a great option if you want to prioritise realism.

    Much like the ClubSport DD wheel base, the ClubSport V3 pedals are compatible with consoles as well as PC. They can be used on PlayStation and Xbox consoles by being connected directly to your wheel base. Paired with the ClubSport DD wheel base, this entire sim racing setup becomes Xbox compatible. And if you opt for the ClubSport DD+ wheel base, it also becomes PlayStation compatible as well.

    Pedals – Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3
    Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
    Price – €/$399.95
    Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

    High-end sim racing cockpit – Sim-Lab GT1 Pro

    If you are progressing up to a high-end sim racing setup, you may already have a sim rig which you are currently using. If you have already invested in a good quality sim rig, you may not need to upgrade. As long as it is comfortable and is rigid enough to support the power of the Fanatec direct drive racing wheel, you should be good to go.

    However, if you are still bolting your wheel to a desk or using a budget sim racing rig like the Playseat Challenge for example, now is the perfect time to try and find a more durable and high-quality sim rig.

    The sim rig that I have included in this high-end racing simulator build is the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro. This is a high-quality mid-range aluminium profile sim rig that punches well above its weight. Sim-Lab is one of the most well-respected sim rig manufacturers thanks primarily to their incredibly sturdy P1X and P1X Pro sim rigs.

    The GT1 Pro sits just below the flagship P1X Pro in size, price and performance. However, it can certainly hold its own when competing directly with more expensive sim rigs. I used a Sim-Lab GT1 Pro for around a year, and in that time I had powerful direct drive wheels attached to it and the rig barely flexed at all.

    You can watch my review of the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro sim rig here.

    The aluminium profile construction adds both rigidity and customizability to this sim rig. The lengths of profile used range from 40x40mm up to 80x40mm and are all finished in a powder-coated black which gives the sim rig a premium look.

    Running along each strip of profile are grooves which allow you to mount almost any peripheral you have. You can mount shifters, button boxes and more directly to the sim rig, or use an attachment module.

    The pedal plate is extremely sturdy and is pre-drilled allowing you to mount a huge variety of sim racing pedals. You can choose between a variety of different wheel mounting options from a wheel deck to front and side mounting brackets. The wheel deck is a great choice as it is also pre-drilled and can accommodate most racing wheels.

    Sim Rig – Sim-Lab GT1 Pro
    Price – From €589/$699
    Where to buyBuy from Sim-Lab

    High-end racing seat – Sim-Lab Speed3 Seat

    Rounding out this high-end sim racing setup build is a high-quality racing seat. Most aluminium profile sim rigs don’t include a racing seat as standard allowing you to pick and choose whichever seat you like. I have opted to keep the racing seat the same brand as the sim rig by opting for the Speed3 racing seat.

    This racing seat is a fibreglass bucket seat that emulates the same style of racing seats that are found in real-world motorsports. The seat itself isn’t FIA-approved like some racing seats, but that doesn’t matter while sim racing. The design itself does follow the same trend as FIA-approved seats using a fibreglass shell and even including slots to mount a five-point racing harness.

    The seat is covered in a soft foam on both the bottom and back of the seat for maximum comfort whilst sim racing. The foam is finished with an open mesh style fabric which is designed to allow for good air flow to avoid you getting too hot.

    Overall, this racing seat is a fantastic choice and can be paired with pretty much any sim rig. It can be mounted from the side using bucket seat brackets, and Sim-Lab also sells a seat slider if you want to be able to easily adjust your seat, especially useful if more than one person uses the sim rig often.

    Sim Racing Seat – Sim-Lab Speed3
    Price – From €399
    Where to buy – Buy from Sim-Lab

    Mid-range Sim Racing Setup Under £1000 / $1000

    When you approach building the best sim racing setup with a mid-range budget you will find your money can purchase a lot in terms of performance whilst still keeping your overall budget under control.

    A good mid-range sim racing setup can be picked up for around £1000. At this price point, you won’t be looking at the best racing wheels, however, you will get a much better racing wheel than the one in our budget build.

    I have chosen to mix sim racing products from both MOZA Racing and Fanatec to create a racing wheel and pedal bundle, and I’ve opted for a GT Omega sim racing cockpit to attach everything to.

    This mid-range sim racing build does come in just over our £1000 / $1000 budget price point, however, there are some alternative products that can push it below this budget. Below you will see the products that I’ve opted for.

    I chose to pair the MOZA Racing R5 direct drive wheel base with the MOZA CS V2 steering wheel. You can swap this steering wheel out with the MOZA ES steering wheel which would lower the price to below £1000 by saving £140. Below are all of the products that make up this mid-range setup.

    Racing wheelMOZA R5 Wheel Base£299 / $299
    Steering wheelMOZA CS V2 Wheel£269 / $269
    PedalsFanatec CSL Pedals LC£199/ $199
    Sim rigGT Omega ART Cockpit£350 / $450
    Total Cost£1117 / $1217

    Our Advanced Wheel Recommendation – MOZA R5 + CS V2 Steering Wheel

    Trying to keep our whole setup under £1000 is tricky. But we will look at MOZA to help us out. MOZA Racing are a newer sim racing brand, but they already have a large product lineup. And I’d recommend their small direct drive wheel base, the MOZA R5 for this setup.

    The MOZA R5 is a direct competitor for other small direct drive wheel bases that have become available across the past few years. It features an incredibly small footprint, making it one of the smallest wheel bases on the market in 2024, only really beaten by the MOZA R3 wheel base.

    Inside the small case is a direct drive motor that is capable of producing up to 5.5nm of torque. The force feedback created by this wheel base is incredibly impressive given its small form factor.

    Much like wheels from Fanatec, you can utilise a few different steering wheels with the R5, as long as they are MOZA wheels. To help keep costs down I would look at either the CS V2 or the ES steering wheel.

    The MOZA CS V2 would be my recommendation as it is a full-sized steering wheel that is incredibly versatile. It features a range of push buttons and rotary encoders and is 330mm across which feels the perfect size in your hands.

    Choosing the MOZA CS V2 steering wheel does push us slightly over the £1000 budget that I am working to. You can alternatively opt for the smaller and cheaper MOZA ES steering wheel. The ES wheel is a small, budget-friendly steering wheel from MOZA, and it was originally launched alongside the R5 as a part of a bundle. And now it is available to purchase individually.

    It features a range of inputs on the front to allow you to adjust your in-game settings while driving. There is a nice RGB light strip which is fully customisable and usable as a rev indicator. It is all brought together by its metal and leather design, and importantly it costs around £140 less than the CS V2 steering wheel.

    MOZA R5 Wheel Base

    Racing Wheel – MOZA R5
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – £299/$299
    Where to buyBuy from MOZA

    MOZA Racing CS Steering Wheel

    Steering Wheel – MOZA CS Wheel
    Compatibility – PC
    Price – £269/$269
    Where to buyBuy from MOZA

    Mid-range pedals – Fanatec CSL Load Cell

    The MOZA Racing R5 wheel base is only compatible with PC and not with any console. This allows us more freedom when choosing the pedals that we use as we can connect the pedals directly to the PC and they’ll work with any racing wheel.

    With this open compatibility, I have opted for the Fanatec CSL Load Cell pedals, as I think they are ever so slightly better than MOZA’s equivalent at this price point. The CSL pedals originally come in a two-pedal layout but can be upgraded by adding a load cell brake to make it a true three-pedal set.

    I would highly recommend opting for the three-pedal load cell set as the load cell brake is what makes this pedal set truly shine. A load cell pedal is one of the single biggest improvements you can make to your sim racing setup as it will almost certainly improve your braking technique compared to a more budget-focused potentiometer pedal.

    The Fanatec CSL Load Cell pedals utilise an all-metal construction for maximum durability and the sensors are all contactless reducing any wear. There is also a lot of customisation as you can move the position of each pedal across the pedal plate or even mount each pedal individually.

    Pedals – Fanatec CSL Pedals
    Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
    Price – From €/$79.95
    Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

    Mid-range sim rig – GT Omega ART

    To be able to use a direct drive racing wheel, you really need a dedicated sim rig. This means that if you are currently mounting your racing wheel to a desk or table, now is the point to start looking at sim rigs and cockpits. You can still mount your MOZA R5 to your desk, however, adding a dedicated sim rig adds a lot of extra immersion.

    You have a couple of options when it comes to purchasing a mid-level racing rig. The option we would look at is the sturdy GT Omega ART Racing Simulator Cockpit.

    This GT Omega sim rig offers all of the bells and whistles you could require from a decent sim rig. You have mounts for all of your peripherals including optional monitor mounts. This is essentially a full chassis to encompass your entire sim racing setup.

    The RS6 seat in particular was a stand out, as it is extremely comfy. Compared to the seat on the Playseat Evolution, this RS6 seat by GT Omega wins every time. The rig itself is also much sturdier and provides more support when compared to the Playseat.

    In a similar fashion to the Playseat, the GT Omega rig does have one glaring disappointment. And once again that is the pedal plate. It is a little cheap feeling when compared to the rest of the otherwise brilliant rig. And it also tends to flex under heavy pressure.

    However, for the money, this GT Omega sim rig will serve you very well for years, and it’s a great platform to expand your sim racing rig onto.

    Sim Rig – GT Omega ART Cockpit
    Price – From £239 / $215
    Where to buy – Buy from GT Omega UK / Buy from GT Omega US

    Budget Sim Racing Setup Under £400

    If you are entering the world of sim racing and looking to do so on a budget, there are plenty of options. You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed or feel like you can’t afford to buy a sim racing setup as there are a good number of budget racing wheels and sim rigs available.

    There are plenty of cheap racing wheels available to buy on a budget, with some of them being very good. The bundle that I have put together for around £400/$400 is the best budget sim racing setup and could be looked at as the ultimate sim racing starter bundle. It contains everything you need to get started with sim racing.

    Below is an overview of each product in this budget sim racing setup.

    Racing wheel BundleLogitech G923From £249 / $249
    Sim rigPlayseat Challenge£170 / $170
    Total Cost£419 / $419

    Budget sim racing wheel – Logitech G923

    The main element of a budget sim racing rig that you will need to purchase when getting started is your wheel. This alone can be a tricky place to start, as there is a selection of decent budget wheels. These all circulate around the £200 mark or cheaper and come in a variety of formats.

    Some budget racing wheels will give you no force feedback at all, and these are the most budget wheels you can buy. I would highly recommend staying away from these wheels as you won’t be able to learn how the car is behaving on track.

    Above the non-force feedback wheels sit a selection of racing wheels from heavy hitters such as Logitech and Thrustmaster. Logitech offers possibly the best budget racing wheel with their G923 racing wheel.

    The Logitech G923 wheel would be our go-to entry-level racing wheel for creating your budget sim racing setup. Although there are cheaper sim racing wheels, the G923 wheel is where racing wheels start to get serious. You get full 1080 degree rotation, simulating a real car’s wheel and you get good quality force feedback.

    There are two versions of the G923 that both look identical. There is both a PS5 version of the G923, and an Xbox version. And you have to choose which to go for based on which console you race on. Both wheels offer PC compatibility.

    One of the great things about the Logitech G923 is that it also includes a full three-pedal set and a racing wheel. The pedals are rather good given the price of the whole bundle.

    Both the clutch and throttle offer relatively linear resistance, while the brake has a slightly more progressive feel to it. The brake pedal is much stiffer on the G923 than it was on older Logitech wheels. It may take a little getting used to but allows for pretty consistent braking over time.

    Racing Wheel – Logitech G923
    Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
    Price – £379/$399
    Where to buyBuy Logitech G923 UK/EU / Buy Logitech G923 US

    Budget sim rig – Playseat Challenge

    When you first start sim racing you can opt for the classic combination of mounting your wheel to your desk. There isn’t anything overly wrong with this approach and is a great way to test out a new racing wheel and sim racing as a whole.

    If you do go down this route, ensure you have a strong clamp for your wheel, and push the pedals up against something sturdy to stop them from slipping whilst driving. There isn’t anything worse than pressing the brake and your pedal set runs away from you!

    Once you progress to the level of mounting your wheel and pedals to a full rig with a racing seat, you truly get a sense of immersion, that a wheel mounted to a desk just can’t give you.

    If you have the room available and want to immerse yourself even further, there are a couple of cheaper rigs you can buy. Our pick of the bunch is the Playseat Challenge. The Challenge is an excellent choice, especially if you don’t have the room to place a full rig. One of the perks of the Playseat Challenge is that it will fold down, so you can pack it away when not in use to save space!

    It may not scream comfort when you first look at it, but once you are sitting in it, ready to go with your wheel and pedals mounted, you will soon be surprised at how good of a driving position the Challenge gives you.

    This budget sim racing rig comes with three main elements, the seat, the wheel stand and the pedal mount. All of which attach together to form a complete stand-alone rig. Whilst driving, we have never found the wheel stand to wobble, and the pedals stay firmly in place as well. The thick metal poles ensure everything stays exactly where it should through the entirety of your play session.

    For a budget sim rig you can’t beat this entry-level Playseat. All in all, this budget sim racing rig can be purchased for under £400. It includes a great starter wheel, and can all be packed away for storage should you need to.

    Grab Your Sim Racing Gear Here

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