Best Sim Racing Game For Beginners

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Best Sim Racing Game For Beginners
Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are our affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission from any sales used via these links. Buying after clicking one of our links will never affect the price you pay.

Sim racing is becoming more popular than ever. As a sim racer myself, this is great to see. Gone are the days when I tried to explain what sim racing is to friends. Now they only look half as confused when I start talking about Assetto Corsa and mastering the racing line!

Esports has risen sharply in popularity, and it has taken sim racing with it. This is in part due to more high profile drivers participating in Esports events. And Formula 1 hosting their own official Esports events has helped.

With the rise in sim racing, brings with it a host of new sim racers. It is fantastic to see online lobbies fuller than ever, and seeing new racing leagues popping up all over the place.

One of the first questions that many potential new sim racers ask, is what is the best sim racing game to start playing. In this guide we will show you our recommendations for the best sim racing game. We’ve broken this guide down in to segments including the best racing sim for PC, Xbox and PS4. 

Some of the games are cross platform, however we have only included them once in our list. We will note next to each game which console platform they are compatible with.

Best sim racing game for PC

Sim racing games were designed to be played on PCs. With a PC game come a lot of positives that consoles just can’t match. PCs allow for much better graphics and performance. And you can also get much better compatibility with racing wheels and controllers. So it is no surprise that the majority of sim racers choose PC sim racing as their platform of choice.

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There are some major sim racing games, which are only available on PC. Including the mighty iRacing and rFactor 2. These are two racing simulators which go above and beyond being just a game. They host organised events, with full driver ratings and unique subscription and DLC services.

Lets take a closer look at the best sim racing games for PC.


iRacing Best Racing Game PC

Compatibility – PC Only

iRacing is much applauded as the pinnacle of sim racing games. Many racers will say it is the best sim racing game available. To some extent this is true. iRacing boasts some of/if not the most competitive racing game available.

It utilises a unique platform where sim racers have to pay a subscription fee to participate in events. On top of this subscription, racers will also have to spend extra on DLC. The add-on cars and tracks are required to be able to move up through the rankings and participate in more competitive seasons and events.

The way iRacing works is that you buy a basic subscription. This subscription includes everything you need to start your racing journey. You then jump in to exclusively online events, which are arranged at specific times. You choose a car and race a complete season in that car.

If you are competitive enough and skilled enough you move up through the rankings. This in turn, opens up the game to allow you to drive in faster cars. Some of which you will have to purchase. As you move out of the beginner leagues, you will be required to buy new tracks as well. As higher level championships require different tracks to those you are given at the beginning.

If you are unfamiliar with Assetto Corsa Competizione, it is unique in that it is solely licensed by the GT World Challenge Series. This means it features only GT3 cars from both the 2018 and 2019 GT Challenge Series.

Although this limits the cars available in game, you should look at it in a similar light to the F1 series. Every car, track, team and driver is represented in game, and you can race through complete GT Challenge seasons. It also helps that ACC features some of the best driving physics available.

Without a shadow of a doubt, ACC features the best tyre model of any other sim racing game. The complexity of its tyre model exceeds even iRacing, and it makes it one of the most realistic representations of GT3 cars.

This is a racing game which any sim racer should own. It features a great multiplayer rating system which pairs you with real drivers with similar skill to your own. There is a full online progression system allowing you to track your improvement as a driver. The fact that ACC is now making its way on to console, gives console gamers a great opportunity to experience this fantastic sim.

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Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 Pit stop

Compatibility – PC, Xbox One & PS4

Project Cars 2 is a racing game which divides opinion within the community. It is designed to be one of the most accessible sim racing games available. And it really achieves this. It is available on every console, includes a wide variety of cars and motorsports and a simulation physics engine.

The physics engine itself is focused heavily on real world simulation, making Project Cars 2 much harder to drive than games such as Forza. The reason I say it divides opinion is that there are a few glaring omissions from PCars.

The overall driving experience isn’t as accurate or simulation heavy as games such as iRacing or ACC. And most of the tracks aren’t laser scanned. This is a big thing for a sim racing game, as it means a lot of the tracks in PCars 2 aren’t as accurately represented. This is especially true compared to games such as ACC, where every single track is laser scanned for 100% accuracy.

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Disclaimer: The links above are our affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission from any sales used via these links. Buying after clicking one of our links will never affect the price you pay.
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