The Ultimate Guide To The Best Racing Wheels For F1 24 For Xbox, PS5 & PC

This buyers guide runs through our recommendations for the best racing wheels for F1 24 on Xbox, PS5 and PC. Includes racing wheels for a range of different budgets.

Best racing wheels f1 24

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Last year’s F1 game was one of the most popular racing games of the year, giving us a lot of hope that this year’s game will be a nice step forward. Now that the F1 24 game has been announced, here is our ultimate guide to the very best racing wheels for F1 24.

I’m going to look at the best Formula 1 racing wheels across a range of categories, including the best budget-friendly F1 racing wheel, along with the best racing wheels for Xbox, PS5 and PC individually.

If you are looking to pick up a racing wheel for the new F1 game, check out our recommendations below. Use the quick links below to jump to the best category for you.

Best Racing Wheels For F1 24

Before jumping right into my detailed reasoning behind each racing wheel pick, I first want to show you a quick overview of the racing wheels and steering wheels that I’ll be recommending in this guide. These quick overviews will help If you’re short on time.

This F1 24 buyer’s guide will be a long one as I look at each category in detail, however, if you don’t have time to read about each wheel in detail, below is a quick look at our recommended wheels for each category.

“Do I need a steering wheel and a racing wheel/wheel base?” – A wheel base is the part of your racing wheel that houses the motor and produces the force feedback. This is generally the larger box that gets mounted to your sim rig or desk. The steering wheel is then attached to the front of the wheel base and is responsible for all of your inputs.

Best Steering Wheel For Xbox, PS5 and PC

Below are the best F1 24 steering wheels for Xbox, PS5 and PC. Each of these F1-style steering wheels makes up part of a complete racing wheel, and each requires a wheel base to produce the force feedback.

Below are our top three recommended steering wheels for F1 24.

Best Xbox Steering WheelBest PS5 Steering WheelBest PC Steering Wheel
Thrustmaster SF1000Fanatec F1 Esports V2MOZA FSR
Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000Fanatec F1 Esports V2 Steering wheelMOZA FSR Formula Wheel
Xbox, PS4, PS5, PCPS4, PS5, PCPC Only
Official Ferrari F1 steering wheel replicaFormula 1 licensed Esports steering wheelExtremely high quality Formula 1 steering wheel
Buy SF1000Buy F1 Esports V2Buy FSR Wheel

Best F1 24 Racing Wheel For Xbox, PS5 and PC

Once you have chosen a steering wheel above, you will need a wheel base to complete your F1 24 racing wheel setup. Below are our top three recommended wheel bases.

A key point to remember is that your will almost always require a wheel base that is the same brand as the steering wheel you choose. For example, a Thrustmaster steering wheel almost always requires a Thrustmaster wheel base.

Each of these racing wheels delivers the best combination of performance and price, to make for the ultimate racing wheel for each specific console.

Best Xbox Racing WheelBest PS5 Racing WheelBest PC Racing Wheel
Fanatec ClubSport DDFanatec GT DD ProMoza R12
Fanatec ClubSport DDFanatec GT DD Pro Racing WheelMOZA R12 Wheel Base
Xbox, PCPS4, PS5, Xbox, PCPC Only
One of the very best Xbox racing wheelsGreat all-round PS5 direct drive wheelSome of the best force feedback effects ever
Buy ClubSport DDBuy GT DD ProBuy MOZA R12

Best Racing Wheel For Every Budget

Our final recommendations for the best F1 24 racing wheel are separated into different budget categories. Choosing a racing wheel within your budget is incredibly important, especially given how expensive some racing wheels can be.

Below are the best racing wheels for F1 24 in the budget, mid-range and premium categories. For racing wheels where you can purchase the steering wheel and wheel base individually, I have listed both items I’d recommend.

Best Budget WheelBest Mid-Range WheelBest Premium Wheel
Racing wheel: Logitech G923Wheel base: Thrustmaster T300RSWheel base: Asetek Invicta
Logitech G923 Racing WheelThrustmaster T300RSAsetek Invicta Direct Drive Wheel Base
Wheel rim: Thrustmaster SF1000Wheel rim: Forte Formula Wheel
Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000Asetek Forte Steering Wheel
2.2Nm peak torque3.9Nm peak torque27Nm peak torque
PS4, PS5, Xbox, PCPS4, PS5, PCPC Only
£379 / $399£560 / $650€1399 / $1399

Best Racing Wheel For F1 24 on PS5

Sim racing on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 has really taken off since the launch of Gran Turismo 7 a few years ago. Previously, the best racing games on PS5 were GT Sport and Assetto Corsa Competizione. But now, with the F1 24 this year and Gran Turismo 7 a few years ago, sim racers on PS5 have a great selection of racing games to choose from.

This is helped with the fact that many sim racing brands have produced excellent racing wheels for PS5. You can view the very best PS5 racing wheels in our comprehensive guide.

Below I’ll recommend the best racing wheel suited for F1 24.

Fanatec GT DD Pro + F1 Esports V2

There are a good number of options for a PlayStation 5 racing wheel, however, one of the best combinations for F1 24 has to be the officially licensed F1 Esports V2 steering wheel paired with the Fanatec GT DD Pro wheel base. This is an excellent mid-range option that provides top-tier force feedback with a true Formula 1 experience.

Wheel BaseSteering Wheel
Fanatec GT DD ProFanatec F1 Esports V2
Fanatec GT DD Pro Racing WheelFanatec F1 Esports V2 Steering wheel
– Excellent FFB
– Mid-range price
– Small direct drive wheel
– Compatible with PS5, PS4 & PC
– Officially licensed by Formula 1
– Perfect size and shape
– Plenty of inputs
Buy GT DD ProBuy F1 Esports V2
Best PS5 Steering wheel – Fanatec F1 Esports V2

Currently, Fanatec is the only sim racing company that offers official Formula 1 licensed racing wheels. And that instantly makes recommending the Fanatec F1 Esports V2 wheel our pick for PS5.

The F1 Esports V2 steering wheel has been updated recently to include better paddle shifters, along with a few other tweaks that make it one of the best sim racing steering wheels for F1 24 currently.

This steering wheel has been used across a wide range of officially licensed Formula 1 Esports events. Meaning that professional sim racers around the world have competed with the F1 Esports steering wheel. That’s a pretty good recommendation right there!

The design of the F1 Esports V2 is sleek and minimal, with a few push buttons on the front of the steering wheel to allow for quick inputs and adjustments mid-race.

On the front of the anodised aluminium body is the official Formula 1 logo, and at the top of the body is a digital screen. The screen will provide live telemetry such as RPM or current speed, and can be used to tune your wheel settings at any time.

There are a series of individual LED rev lights just above the screen, which will give you an indicator on when the perfect time to change gear is. And there are F1-style flag lights on either side of the display. These flash to warn you of yellow flags, just like they would on a real Formula 1 steering wheel.

The upgraded parts of the F1 Esports V2 steering wheel include the paddle shifters, which are now magnetic to give excellent feedback each time you shift. They’re also contactless meaning that they won’t wear as fast over time, creating a very durable steering wheel.

For any Formula 1 fan, having this officially licensed steering wheel is a great option for racing F1 24 on a PS5. Unfortunately for Xbox sim racers, this steering wheel is only compatible with PS4/PS5 and PC.

Steering Wheel – Fanatec F1 Esports V2
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC
Price – €/$269.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best PS5 Wheel base – Fanatec GT DD Pro

To pair with the outstanding F1 Esports V2 steering wheel, I’d recommend the Fanatec GT DD Pro wheel base. This wheel base is one of the very best small form-factor direct drive racing wheels available in 2024, and was created in partnership with the developers of Gran Turismo (hence the GT in the name).

The GT DD Pro is Fanatec’s PlayStation-compatible direct drive wheel base and is the PS5 sim racers answer to the CSL DD that was released a year earlier. Inside both of these wheel bases is the same motor capable of the same 8Nm of peak torque.

From such a small form factor, the 8Nm peak torque is incredibly impressive. Internally there are no cooling fans allowing the GT DD Pro to be almost silent during use. This is made possible thanks to the all-metal outer casing which acts as a heat sink, and does a very good job of dispersing heat.

The Fanatec GT DD Pro is the cheapest way for PlayStation sim racers to pick up a PS5-compatible direct drive racing wheel in 2024, and it works right out of the box with F1 24.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – From €/$599.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best Racing Wheel For F1 24 on Xbox Series X|S / One

When it comes to racing F1 24 on Xbox consoles, sim racers have a few more budget-friendly options available across a selection of sim racing brands.

Below is my recommendation for the best overall racing wheel on Xbox for F1 24. This wheel combines both affordability and ultimate performance to create the ultimate racing wheel for most sim racers.

Fanatec CSL DD + Formula V2.5X

My recommendation for the best Xbox racing wheel for F1 24 is the new Fanatec ClubSport DD wheel base and the brilliant Formula 2.5X steering wheel. I wanted to recommend the older CSL DD wheel base as it delivers great performance at a cheaper price, however, the newer Clubsport DD improves on the CSL DD in every way.

Wheel BaseSteering Wheel
Fanatec ClubSport DDFanatec Formula V2.5X
Fanatec ClubSport DDFanatec Formula V2.5 X
– The best Fanatec FFB
– Excellent thermal performance
– Compatible with Xbox & PC
– An upgrade over the F1 Esports V2
– High build quality
– More inputs than you’ll ever need
Buy ClubSport DDBuy Formula V2.5X
Best Xbox steering wheel – Fanatec Formula V2.5X

The combination of the brilliant Fanatec ClubSport DD and the feature-packed Formula V2.5X steering wheel make for the ultimate Xbox racing wheel for F1 24.

I want to start by talking about the Formula V2.5X steering wheel. It has one of the biggest selections of inputs on the steering wheel itself from rotary encoders to push buttons and joysticks. In fact, there are 67 individual functions that can be adjusted directly from the steering wheel.

These inputs allow sim racers on PC to control various aspects of their car in F1 24 with a simple push of a button or turn of a dial, just like a real Formula 1 driver would.

The wheel itself is constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium making for a pretty realistic recreation of a high-quality steering wheel from a real race car. The size of the steering wheel at 280mm across is about perfect for racing open-wheel cars such as those in F1 24.

Much like the F1 Esports V2 wheel that I mentioned above in the PS5 recommendation, this Formula V2.5X features a series of individually lit LED rev lights, along with separate flag lights and an OLED screen.

It is important to bear in mind that due to Xbox’s limited accessory compatibility, some of the functionality of this steering wheel won’t work on Xbox consoles. This is due to Xbox’s internal architecture and applies to all steering wheels from every brand. However, the core steering wheel functions will work on Xbox, and all functions work perfectly on PC. But this is something to keep in mind when buying any racing wheel for Xbox.

Steering Wheel – Fanatec Formula V2.5X
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – €/$349.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best Xbox wheel base – Fanatec ClubSport DD

Paired with the Fanatec Formula V2.5X is the new and mighty ClubSport DD wheel base. This wheel base is the most recent release from Fanatec and has brought with it incredible improvements to the force feedback detail and algorithm.

My initial recommendation for an Xbox racing wheel was going to be the Fanatec CSL DD due to its small size and lower price point. However, the ClubSport DD is a few years newer and that is evident when you start racing with it.

The new and upgraded force feedback delivers an immersive experience that no other past Fanatec wheel base has been able to do. The clarity of the force feedback is better than ever before, and there are improvements to the response rate and better thermal degradation.

One of the main party tricks of the new ClubSport DD wheel is the introduction of FullForce. This new technology adds a layer of rumbling and vibration to the force feedback. This is always underlying and lets you feel sensations such as engine revs and tyre slip in more detail than before.

The ClubSport DD is an expensive choice coming in at over double the price of the CSL DD. I do think the improvements are worth the extra price, however, it is a steep jump.

If the ClubSport DD is too expensive, then Fanatec CSL DD is a fantastic alternate option. That wheel base delivers a good punch for such a small wheel base and can be purchased at a much lower price than the ClubSport DD.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec ClubSport DD
Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – From €/$799.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best Racing Wheel For F1 24 on PC

When it comes to sim racing on PC, there is a much wider range of products available. Many sim racers focus on producing the best racing wheels that work on a PC rather than focusing on adding console compatibility.

Compatibility with Xbox and PlayStation consoles adds an additional layer of complexity which takes time to overcome and can increase the price of the product due to the additional time and components involved.

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This is why there is a larger selection of PC-only racing wheels available, and these can often be cheaper than their console counterparts. This is true of the racing wheel that I’m going to recommend for F1 24 on PC.

Moza Racing R12 + FSR Steering Wheel

My recommendation for the best F1 24 wheel on PC is the MOZA R12 and the FSR Formula wheel. The FSR wheel is one of the most impressive steering wheels I’ve used over the past few years. It replicates a real-world Formula 1 steering wheel nicely with its large screen. The MOZA R12 was also innovative when it arrived due to the vast improvement of the force feedback compared to previous MZOA wheels.

Wheel BaseSteering Wheel
MOZA R12 Wheel BaseMOZA FSR Formula Wheel
– Incredible force feedback
– Small form factor
– Excellent build quality
– Great design
– Realistic large display
– Great ergonomics
Buy MOZA R12Buy FSR Wheel
Best F1 24 steering wheel for PC – MOZA Racing FSR

The first part of our recommended PC racing wheel for F1 24 is the stunning MOZA Racing FSR steering wheel. This is easily one of the most impressive-looking steering wheels that are available to buy in 2024, thanks in part to its huge 4.3-inch display.

MOZA Racing are one of the newer sim racing brands, having been around for just a few years, however, they already have a wide ecosystem of products. These include various racing wheels, wheel bases, steering wheels, pedals and more.

However, the pick of the bunch when looking at the best racing wheels for F1 24 has to be the FSR formula wheel. This wheel was almost designed directly for an F1 game, using a design that is very similar to real-world Formula 1 cars.

The large display on the front of the steering wheel can show various different screen layouts, which display information such as lap times, tyre temperatures, fuel levels and much more.

However, its real party piece is that it has one design that almost replicates the in-game HUD found in the F1 games. It shows a large overtake bar that shows your current ERS battery level and ERS deployment mode. This bar changes from orange to green as you deploy overtake mode in F1 24, just like it does on the in-game steering wheel.

But the FSR wheel isn’t just about its large screen. It is also packed with other features, all designed to improve your immersion and overall F1 24 sim racing experience.

There are a range of individually backlit LED buttons, rotary encoders, carbon paddle shifters and even dual clutch paddles built right into the steering wheel. These are features that often come as additional accessories with many brands, but not with this MOZA steering wheel.

You can probably tell from the above that this is easily one of our favourite steering wheels in 2024. And when paired with F1 24, this steering wheel works flawlessly.

Steering Wheel – MOZA FSR Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £649/$649
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Best F1 24 wheel base for PC – MOZA R12

The second piece of this PC racing wheel recommendation is the MOZA Racing R12 wheel base. This wheel base takes on a similar small form factor to those from other brands, but it outputs stronger peak force feedback and costs less than all direct competitors.

The MOZA R12 sits right in the middle of the company’s lineup of direct drive wheel bases. It produces a total of 12Nm of peak torque making it stronger than the smaller R5 and R9 wheel bases, but not as powerful as the much larger R16 and R21.

But honestly, this MOZA R12 is right in the sweet spot in terms of its price-to-performance ratio. Other than its performance that beats its direct competition in a head-to-head fight and its price which is lower, MOZA Racing also offers one of the best pieces of software that allows you to fully customise every part of your racing wheel.

MOZA Pit House is a free piece of software that allows you to program your racing wheel, fine-tuning exactly how it performs in every area. You can tweak everything from the overall strength, how strong the force feedback is at different frequencies and more. You can also use it to change the display on the FSR formula wheel and customise the rev light behaviour.

Overall, the MOZA R12 and FSR wheel is an excellent combination for anyone racing F1 24 on PC. Unfortunately, it isn’t console-compatible which is the one downside of this racing wheel.

Racing Wheel – MOZA R12
Compatibility – PC
Price – €589/$589
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Best Premium Racing Wheel For F1 24

Premium racing wheels can offer a huge performance increase over budget or mid-range wheels. They’re almost always using direct drive technology and large motors capable of peak torque in excess of 20Nm.

When you think that the 8 or 9Nm that is on offer from mid-range racing wheels can be too much in some instances. It is crazy to think of running a racing wheel up at over 20Nm.

Those who are looking to maximise immersion, and optimise their racing wheel and sim racing setup, these are the racing wheels that really shine. The added performance on offer, can make it feel like you’re really racing a Formula 1 car in F1 24.

Asetek Forte Bundle

For our pick of the best premium racing wheels for F1 24, I’ve gone for a relatively new brand and product, the Asetek Forte racing wheel bundle. This is a high-performing direct drive racing wheel that we have been using for the past few months.

You can watch our review of the Asetek Forte racing wheel below to find out why I love this wheel so much.

Asetek does sell their products individually, however, they also offer a complete sim racing bundle. The Asetek Forte bundle includes the Forte wheel base, the Forte steering wheel and Forte pedals. This is a complete sim racing bundle that lets you start sim racing right away.

Racing Wheel – Asetek Forte 18Nm
Pedals – Forte Sim Racing Pedals
Compatibility – PC
Price – €1680/$1999
Where to buyBuy from Asetek

I’ll talk about each part of this complete sim racing bundle in more detail below.

The Forte wheel base

Asetek currently sell three different wheel bases, all of them direct drive, with each outputting a different amount of peak torque.

The entry-level Asetek wheel base is the La Prima which creates 12Nm of peak torque. Then you have the Forte wheel base that I’m recommending for F1 24 which creates up to 18Nm of peak torque. Finally, there is the range-topping Invicta wheel base that is capable of forces up to 27Nm.

Each of the Asetek wheel bases include the same technology and platform, with certain elements detuned as you move down the product lineup. This unique approach allows you to enter the Asetek ecosystem with a lower-performing model at a better cost, and then upgrade if required.

This upgrade path allows you to unlock extra performance from your wheel base without having to sell your current wheel base and buy a new one.

And this upgrade path is one of the reasons why I would recommend picking up the Asetek Forte racing wheel for F1 24. It is the mid-tier wheel base in Asetek’s product lineup, albeit still very powerful at 18Nm of peak torque. Then over time, you can upgrade if you want to unlock further force feedback performance.

The Forte wheel base is a traditional-looking direct drive wheel base, with a long rectangular body that houses the high-performing motor, and all electronics.

The force feedback on offer is incredibly impressive, as are other parts of this wheel base such as the unique quick release. I actually think is one of the very best quick releases on the market today allowing for compatibility with a wide range of steering wheels from different brands.

Overall, this wheel base is a fantastic starting point for anyone looking to piece together a high-performance racing wheel for F1 24. And it is a great upgrade if you already own a selection of steering wheels from any brand due to its compatibility.

The Forte steering wheel

The second part of this racing bundle is the Forte formula steering wheel. This wheel is perfect for racing F1 24 with, and is directly compatible with any of Asetek’s wheel bases. Watch our Asetek Forte steering wheel review below.

The face of the steering wheel features a variety of inputs including push buttons that feature unique LED lit labels just above each one. Across the front of the steering wheel is a 2mm thick piece of carbon fibre which looks right at home in a Formula 1 setting.

There are also a selection of rotary encoders, thumb encoders, toggle switches and two aptly named kinky switches. All of these inputs can be individually programmed to control different elements of your car in F1 24 using the included RaceHub software.

This steering wheel is one of the nicest-looking wheels on this list, and other than the lack of a display, it is designed to look just like a real-world Formula 1 steering wheel. In fact, it looks very similar to the steering wheels that Alex Albon and Logan Seargant used in the Williams F1 car during 2023!

The Forte pedals

Despite this guide being on the best racing wheels for F1 24, I have to mention the third part of this Asetek bundle. You also receive their Forte throttle and brake pedal set.

This pedal set looks incredibly different from other pedal sets that are commonplace within sim racing. They look much more realistic with longer pedal arms, and the use of a uniquely engineered brake cylinder.

I have to say, features aside, that this Asetek Forte pedal set is one of the nicest looking in the whole sim racing ecosystem in 2024. The dark powder-coated finish and orange accents really stand out. And there is even an LED light bar built into the base of the pedals.

You can purchase the Asetek Forte wheel base, steering wheel and pedals all individually, but I would highly recommend picking up one of the bundles available from Asetek. The Forte bundle that I have linked to above includes everything you need to go sim racing in F1 24. You’ll receive the Forte wheel base, the Forte formula steering wheel and the Forte pedals.

This bundle is an extremely high-performing sim racing bundle, with each part optimised for the most immersive F1 24 racing.

Racing Wheel – Asetek Forte 18Nm
Pedals – Forte Sim Racing Pedals
Compatibility – PC
Price – €1680/$1999
Where to buyBuy from Asetek

Best Mid-Range Racing Wheel

When it comes to mid-range racing wheels for F1 24, there are a few great contenders. This price range typically spans from around £/$300-£/$600 and is a very populated category for sim racing wheels.

You have a range of racing wheels from Fanatec that I have already recommended above including the CSL DD. You also have racing wheels from MOZA Racing and Thrustmaster that fall into the mid-range category.

However, it is the last brand that I mentioned that I’m going to recommend for F1 24 in this price range. One of the best sim racing brands over the past few years within this mid-range category is Thrustmaster. They have a huge range of sim racing products, with possibly a bigger product ecosystem than any other sim racing brand.

Thrustmaster T300RS + Ferrari SF1000

The combination of the T300RS wheel base and the SF1000 steering wheel makes for one of the most realistic Formula 1 experiences. This is mainly due to the officially licensed Ferrari steering wheel which is almost identical to the wheel used by Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel.

Wheel BaseSteering Wheel
Thrustmaster T300RSThrustmaster SF1000
Thrustmaster T300RSThrustmaster Ferrari SF1000
– Good FFB strength
– Very well priced
– Smooth belt-driven FFB
– Realistic F1 design
– Official replica
– Display works well
Buy T300RSBuy SF1000
Steering wheel – Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000

Thrustmaster has partnered with a range of brands over the years to produce some nice looking official branded racing wheels. One of the very best official partnerships comes from Thrustmaster’s partnership with Ferrari to produce the SF1000 steering wheel.

This steering wheel is a 1:1 replica of the real steering wheel that Sebastian Vettel used during his time with Ferrari in Formula 1. It looks almost identical to the real-world steering wheel, including details such as the screen, the rotary encoders and buttons all in the correct place.

What’s even better is that every input on this wheel works as it should. None are there just for appearance. The rotary encoders can be used mid-race in F1 24 to change settings such as your on-throttle differential and brake bias.

In total, there are 25 push buttons and 7 rotary encoders. When racing with this wheel on PC or PS5, all of these inputs can be mapped in F1 24 to control your car.

The SF1000 steering wheel is compatible with all platforms including PS5, Xbox and PC. However, much like the Fanatec Formula V2.5X above, when using this steering wheel on Xbox consoles, some of the inputs such as the rotary encoders won’t be functional. But all important features such as shifters and core buttons will work.

Steering Wheel – Thrustmaster SF1000
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – £349/$349
Where to buyBuy from Amazon UK/EU / Buy from Amazon US

Wheel base – Thrustmaster T300RS

The wheel base that I would recommend pairing with the SF1000 steering wheel for F1 24 is the Thrustmaster T300RS. Now, this is a slightly older racing wheel, the oldest on this list in fact. However, it is still available to buy today, and hasn’t been replaced by a newer product.

The T300RS utilises a belt-drive system to produce its force feedback and is capable of very respectable forces up to 3.9Nm of peak torque.

This racing wheel sits firmly above more budget-friendly racing wheels by outperforming almost all of the very best budget wheels. And this is still a very solid purchase in 2024.

Best Budget Racing Wheel for F1 24

If F1 24 is one of your first sim racing games, you may not have a racing wheel or have used one before. If this is the case, investing a lot of money right away into some of the more premium racing wheels that I’ve recommended in this guide may not be a wise choice.

If you want to try out sim racing first, then a budget racing wheel is a great way to test the waters. And there is no better entry-point to sim racing than the Logitech G923 racing wheel. This is a wheel that has been around for a good number of years but is consistently one of the best-selling racing wheels every year.

Logitech G923

The G923 racing wheel comes as a complete sim racing bundle which includes the wheel base, a steering wheel and a set of pedals. And the quality you get in this bundle is surprisingly good given its low price point.

When the Logitech G923 was released, it was revolutionary with its introduction of Trueforce. This is a force feedback feature that translated in-game audio into vibrations that could be felt through the steering wheel. When it launched, no other racing wheel was producing force feedback in this way.

TrueForce allowed the overall force feedback to be incredibly immersive as you could feel your car revving. Many games utilise TrueForce and support it including the F1 games.

Unlike all of the other recommendations on this list, the Logitech G923 is the only racing wheel that doesn’t feature an interchangeable steering wheel. You cannot remove it unless you take the wheel apart, and this means you cannot get an official Formula-style wheel rim for the G923.

The included steering wheel is incredibly high quality though. It incorporates a metal chassis, genuine leather hand grips and a good range of inputs that let you control your car in F1 24.

Racing Wheel – Logitech G923
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – £379/$399
Where to buyBuy Logitech G923 UK/EU / Buy Logitech G923 US

Final verdict

Below is our final verdict on the best F1 24 racing wheels.

  • Best Budget Wheel – Logitech G923
  • Best Mid-Range Wheel – Thrustmaster T300RS & SF1000 Wheel
  • Best Premium Wheel – Asetek Invicta & Forte Formula Wheel
  • Best Xbox Wheel – Fanatec ClubSport DD & McLaren GT3 V2
  • Best PS5 Wheel – Fanatec GT DD Pro & F1 Esports V2

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