Best PS5 Steering Wheel: Buyers Guide 2024

In this buyer's guide I'll recommend the best steering wheel for PS5. I'll look at the best budget, mid-range and premium PS5 racing wheels for 2024.

Best Racing Wheel PS5

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When it comes to sim racing on PS5, it used to be hard to find a sim racing wheel that was fully compatible with the latest PS5 console. However, with the PlayStation 5 console being around for a few years now, there are now a good number of PS5 steering wheels available from a range of different sim racing brands.

With big racing games such as Gran Turismo 7 and F1 23 being launched over the past few years, now that we’re in 2024, it is the perfect time to upgrade your PS5 steering wheel setup.

This guide will run you through the best steering wheel for ps5. I’ll only show you racing wheels that are compatible with PS5 consoles.

I’ll cover the best wheels that can be used in a PS5 steering wheel setup across a range of budgets and brands, including popular brands Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster.

Best PS5 racing wheel overview

PS5 owners had to wait a long time before Sony announced which peripherals would be compatible with the PS5. But when they did, many sim racers were pleased to hear that most PS4 steering wheels work on PS5.

Sony revealed in a statement back in 2020 that “speciality peripherals, such as officially licensed racing wheels will work with PS5 games and supported PS4 games.”

With the knowledge that almost all PS4 compatible racing wheels will continue to work on PS5 consoles, and big product announcements from brands such as Fanatec… Which PS5 steering wheel should you look to pick up for the next generation of racing games?

Below are our top picks for the best steering wheel for PS5. I thought I’d drop this here in case you didn’t have time to read our complete guide below.

Best Budget Racing Wheel

Logitech G923

Best Mid-Range Wheel

Fanatec GT DD Pro

Best Premium Racing Wheel

Fanatec ClubSport DD+

Logitech G923
Fanatec GT DD Pro
Fanatec ClubSport DD+


Up to 2.2Nm


Up to 8Nm


Up to 15Nm


PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC


PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC


PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC


From £269 / $350


From €/$599.95


From €/$999

While the three PS5 racing wheels are the best in each of their respective budgets, some other racing wheels deserve a mention. Below is a table of the best PS5 steering wheels that provides a few additional categories and racing wheel options.

CategoryRacing wheelPrice
Best overall wheelFanatec GT DD Pro€/$599
Best premiumFanatec ClubSport DD+€/$999
Best budgetLogitech G923€250/$350
Best mid-rangeThrustmaster T-GT 2€/$599
Best F1 wheelFanatec Formula V2.5X€/$349
Best Fanatec wheelFanatec ClubSport DD+€/$999
Best Thrustmaster wheelThrustmaster T248€/$299

Overall best racing wheel for PS5

The past few years have been pretty big for sim racing giant Fanatec. They released a range of new products including the new ClubSport DD+ wheel base. However, the wheel I’m recommending as the best steering wheel for PS5 is the Fanatec GT DD Pro.

The GT DD Pro is the long-anticipated PS5-compatible version of the popular CSL DD wheel base. Fanatec made a huge splash with the launch of the CSL DD wheel base a few months before announcing the GT DD Pro, as it became the cheapest console-compatible direct drive wheel base on the market.

The PS5-compatible GT DD Pro takes the formula laid out by the CSL DD and adds full PS5 compatibility. Fanatec even worked alongside Polyphony Digital, the developer behind Gran Turismo to ensure this new racing wheel bundle works perfectly with Gran Turismo 7.

To celebrate the launch of the GT DD Pro and Gran Turismo 7, Fanatec and Polyphony Digital created a complete sim racing bundle with the GT DD Pro. This PS5 sim racing bundle offered a Gran Turismo licensed steering wheel along with the PS5-compatible GT DD Pro wheel base and a set of Fanatec CSL Pedals.

To this day, this bundle is currently the best PS5-compatible racing wheel bundle Fanatec offers, especially since they discontinued the impressive Podium F1 racing wheel.

You can order the Fanatec GT DD Pro the complete bundle that I just mentioned which includes the wheel base, steering wheel, pedals and table clamp. It is also available to purchase individually should you wish to buy the wheel base and steering wheel separately.

So if you’re after an all-in-one racing wheel and pedal bundle for your PS5 or the best all-round racing wheel for PS5, you won’t find a much better wheel than the GT DD Pro.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – From €/$599.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best high-end racing wheel for PS5

Previously, I would have recommended the Fanatec Podium F1 racing wheel as the best high-end PS5 racing wheel. However, during 2023, Fanatec discontinued this product, and instead released the ClubSport DD+ wheel base.

While the newer ClubSport DD+ isn’t a direct replacement for the Podium F1 racing wheel, it does bring new technology which results in improved force feedback detail and quality.

If you are truly serious about sim racing, and you fancy picking up the best steering wheel for PS5 you can. Then you should look no further than the incredible Fanatec ClubSport DD+ racing wheel.

This racing wheel utilises direct drive technology, which produces the strongest, and most detailed force feedback on the market. With the launch of the ClubSport DD+, Fanatec has also revolutionised force feedback technology by introducing FullForce and force feedback 2.0. These are terms that Fanatec has assigned to the technology inside the ClubSport DD+ to describe the new style of force feedback that this wheel has introduced.

The Fanatec ClubSport DD+ is a PlayStation exclusive racing wheel. Meaning Xbox owners are a little out of luck here. And it works with older PS4 consoles as well as next-gen PS5 consoles. This has been confirmed by Fanatec and Sony.

The Fanatec ClubSport DD+ is an evolution of its underpowered ClubSport DD sibling. While the ClubSport DD is both PC and Xbox compatible and produces 12Nm of consistent torque. The ClubSport DD+ is PC and PS5 compatible and increases the strength output to 15Nm of consistent torque.

The torque figure represents the maximum strength that any racing wheel can produce. I often say that my ideal torque range sits at around 10-12Nm, so this PS5 steering wheel by Fanatec is more than strong enough. You can adjust the maximum strength output in Fanatec’s software if you find 15Nm of torque a little too strong.

The only real downside of this premium racing wheel is that it doesn’t include a steering wheel or a pedal set. It is only available to purchase as an individual wheel base. This does give you the option of adding whichever PS5 steering wheel you fancy to create your own perfect PS5 steering wheel setup.

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I would highly recommend the Formula V2.5X steering wheel which I will talk more about later in this guide. It is one of the very best formula steering wheels for PS5, and is compatible with the ClubSport DD+ thanks to Fanatec’s new QR2 quick release.

If you are looking for the absolute best racing wheel for PS5, go for the Fanatec ClubSport DD+ racing wheel.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec ClubSport DD+
Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation
Price – From €/$999.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best budget racing wheel for PS5

When it comes to shopping for a cheap PS5 steering wheel, you have a few options. Mainly from sim racing experts Logitech and Thrustmaster. Both of these manufacturers have good quality, low-budget PS5 racing wheels for sale.

Although out of the two, I would recommend the Logitech G923. This wheel is an evolution of the already great Logitech G29 and brings a few new features to the table.

The headline feature of this Logitech G923 racing wheel is the new Trueforce feature. This essentially adds a rumble to the wheel itself to simulate chassis vibration. We’ve tried this out with Gran Turismo 7 on PS5, and although it isn’t a game-changer, it’s a nice touch that does add to the overall immersion.

If you aren’t too familiar with racing wheels and the internal technology, Logitech’s wheels are the only racing wheels on the market to utilise gear driving force feedback. This means that there are a range of gears inside the wheel which are responsible for the force feedback in the wheel itself.

Gear force feedback typically isn’t as smooth as belt-driven force feedback (which Thrustmaster wheels use). This means that the force feedback isn’t as detailed when compared to other racing wheels like the Fanatec GT DD Pro, hence why it is more of a beginner racing wheel.

Don’t get me wrong, the force feedback in the Logitech G923 is still decent for its price range making it one of the best steering wheels for PS5 when shopping on a budget. When coupled with the lovely design of the wheel itself, makes this a super strong contender for the best budget racing wheel on the market.

There are some PS5 racing wheels that are cheaper than the Logitech G923 such as the Hori Apex wheel, however, these super-budget racing wheels don’t come with force feedback. I would highly recommend trying to purchase a racing wheel that does have force feedback, otherwise, you won’t be able to feel how your car is reacting in game.

Racing Wheel – Logitech G923
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – £379/$399
Where to buyBuy Logitech G923 UK/EU / Buy Logitech G923 US

Best F1 steering wheel for PS5

I have to talk about two fantastic PS5 F1 steering wheel recommendations that compete to be the best formula-style steering wheel. Those steering wheels are the Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 and the Fanatec Formula V2.5X.

The reason I have included two steering wheels for the best F1 steering wheel for PS5, is that both of these steering wheels are fantastic, but both sit at different price points. The McLaren GT3 V2 is close to 50% of the price of the Formula V2.5X.

Both steering wheels wouldn’t look out of place in a real-world open-wheeled race car, and both feel great to race with. The Formula V2.5X does include a wider range of inputs and is built to a slightly higher quality. But both steering wheels excel within their respective price ranges.

Fanatec Formula V2.5X

The Formula V2.5X wheel is Fanatec’s ultimate formula-style racing wheel. It takes the outstanding base that the Formula V2 set, and improves on it.

There is a new colourway for this upgraded wheel, which sports a classy all-black appearance. Fanatec has also changed the handle material from Alcantara to perforated leather. This has been a highly requested change by many sim racers, and it should improve overall durability.

There is also the inclusion of magnetic paddles which greatly improve the shifts when compared to the older wheel. And there’s the inclusion of an exchangeable V1 quick-release. This will allow sim racers to upgrade to the quick-release V2 once it releases soon.

With all of these features, the Formula V2.5X is one of the best PS5 F1 steering wheels available in 2024.

Steering Wheel – Fanatec Formula V2.5X
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – €/$349.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2

The new and improved Fanatec CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 is a marvellous steering wheel that is completely PS5 compatible. It is extremely well priced, looks and feels good, and this new model improves on the old wheel in almost every way!

So with that said, let’s look a little closer to why this is the best all-around steering wheel for PS5. Let’s get the compatibility out of the way first. This McLaren GT3 V2 wheel is fully compatible with both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. And, it’s also compatible with every current Fanatec wheel base.

The original McLaren GT3 wheel was great however, the improvements that Fanatec has made put this wheel in a class of its own.

Starting with the shifters, the new and improved paddles and dual-clutch system comprise of a single piece of metal that runs across both sides of the wheel. It feels positive every time you upshift or downshift and utilises a push-pull mechanism. This allows you to shift up and down with one hand. Perfect for when you need a mid-endurance race drink!

Just underneath the paddle shifters are two additional individual paddles that can be used as a dual clutch. Then there is the upgraded screen which is now using modern OLED technology. It displays a bright white readout of elements such as your speed, RPM and more.

And then there are completely new features such as a new quick-release system. The old quick release system wasn’t so quick as you needed a tool to use it. The new quick-release allows you to attach or detach this wheel completely by hand. You can also attach the new Fanatec QR2 quick release to the McLaren GT3 V2 wheel to future proof it.

The final point I want to touch on is the price. This wheel is very competitively priced at under €200/$200. It’s one of the cheapest wheel rims Fanatec manufactures today.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – £199.95/$199.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best Thrustmaster PS5 racing wheel

You may have noticed that so far we haven’t included a Thrustmaster product in our recommendations for the best steering wheel for PS5. The reason for this is purely down to how good some wheels from other brands currently are. Logitech has you covered for the best budget PS5 steering wheel, and Fantaec has a variety of options as you move up the price range.

However, Thrustmaster has a PS5 racing wheel that gives the Logitech G923 a run for its money. That racing wheel is the Thrustmaster T248.

The T248 racing wheel offers stronger force feedback than the Logitech G923 via a hybrid force feedback system. Rather than using gears to translate force feedback from the motor to the steering wheel, the T248 utilises both gears and a belt in a system they call Hybrid Drive.

This does work well and manages to beat the Logitech G923 in the force feedback strength category. The T248 also includes a few nice features in its design too.

There is a screen implanted directly into the wheel itself. This can portray a wide range of telemetry including speed, revs and more. This is a really nice touch and one which is rarely found on racing wheels at this price point.

The Thrustmaster T248 is also completely compatible with PS4 and PS5 consoles. It is plug-and-play, so simply requires a few wires to be connected between the pedals and wheel base. Then it connects directly to your PS5 with a single USB cable.

While the Thrustmaster T248 does slightly beat the Logitech G923 in its overall performance, I do think the quality of design and finish still lies with the G923. Whichever racing wheel you prefer, both the T248 and G923 offer great console racing performance at a reasonable price.

Racing Wheel – Thrustmaster T248
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – £299/$299
Where to buyBuy from Amazon UK/EU / Buy from Amazon US

What to look for when buying a PS5 steering wheel setup

If you’re looking for your perfect PS5 steering wheel, there are a few key areas to keep an eye on when browsing different options. These key elements will dictate the feature set of the wheel you buy, and can drastically change your overall experience with the wheel.

Force Feedback

Force feedback is the term given to the forces that the racing wheel generates. These are created to simulate the real forces that you’d feel in a real-world car. Force feedback will send forces from the motor inside the wheel base to the steering wheel.

It can generate a huge range of forces, from road surface bumps to the weight of your car as you steer at speed. Good force feedback is one of the most important parts of a racing wheel. It will dictate how much information you receive from your steering wheel, and how strong and detailed that information is.

The more force feedback detail that you feel, the better you will be able to react to what is happening in-game.

Force feedback is measured in NM (Newton-metre) with this value dictating how strong the torque generated is. Stronger amounts of torque result in a racing wheel that can send more force through to your steering wheel. This will make the steering wheel turn with more power.

  • Entry-level racing wheels such as the Logitech G923 generate around 2.5Nm of torque. This is enough to feel the basic forces that are being felt through your car.
  • Mid-level racing wheels such as the Fanatec CSL DD and GT DD Pro generate around 5-8Nm of torque. This is strong enough for a lot of sim racers. This will portray most of the forces felt in-game to a strong level.
  • High-end racing wheels such as the Fanatec ClubSport DD+ and Simucube racing wheels can generate up to and over 20Nm of torque. This amount of torque is strong enough to give you a true workout while racing.

Direct drive racing wheels

Direct drive technology is the term given to racing wheels where the motor is directly connected to the steering column. Direct drive technology is generally found in higher-end racing wheels and is seen as the pinnacle of sim racing wheel technology.

When racing with a direct drive racing wheel, you’ll feel stronger forces and more detail from your wheel. There are fewer areas for force feedback detail to be lost in between the motor and steering wheel.

Lower-cost PS5 racing wheels generally use belts, pulleys and gears to transfer the force feedback from the motor to the steering wheel. These allow for the motor to be smaller, using the gears and belts to upscale the strength.

Belt and gear racing wheels are commonly seen as worse than direct drive as you don’t have a true 1:1 connection with the motor. Some force feedback detail can be lost in the gears and belts that sit between the motor and steering wheel. However, smaller motors lead to lower prices.


Steering wheel rotation refers to the amount that your steering wheel will turn from side to side. In a real-world road car, your steering lock (degrees of rotation) is normally 1080 degrees. This means you have 3 full turns from lock to lock when rotating your steering wheel.

Race cars can differ in the amount of steering lock they use. Formula 1 cars for example only have around 360 degrees of rotation. This means the wheel turns once from lock to lock. This is designed so the driver avoids taking their hands off the steering wheel.

Sim racing wheels come with different steering locks. Generally, budget steering wheels can come with only 360 degrees of rotation while more premium wheels can have unlimited rotation.

The Hori Apex racing wheel for example has just 270 degrees of rotation. This means that you have much less range of motion, giving you less precise control. It also isn’t overly immersive, especially if you are racing a road car or drifting for example where much higher steering rotation is required.

Whichever racing wheel you opt for, try to ensure it has a minimum of 900 degrees of rotation. Most PS5 racing wheels meet these criteria, while many have 1080 degrees of rotation and some have unlimited rotation.

Additional peripherals

With many racing wheels, you can connect additional peripherals such as gear shifters and handbrakes. These add to the levels of immersion that you experience. Shifting manually with a H-pattern shifter and clutch can increase your levels of control as well as immersion. And handbrakes are crucial if you are drifting or rallying.

Most racing wheel bases have connection ports on the rear of the wheel base where these additional peripherals can be connected to. For most brands, adding an additional peripheral is as simple as connecting it to the wheel base and mounting the peripheral to your sim rig.

In most cases, you will require these additional peripherals to be from the same brand as your racing wheel. If you have a Logitech G923 for example, only a Logitech shifter will be compatible. And if you race with a Fanatec CSL DD wheel base, only a Fanatec shifter will be directly compatible on PS5.

If you’re sim racing on PC you do have the option of mixing peripherals from different brands as they can all be directly connected to your PC via USB. However, on PS5 we don’t have that option.


As mentioned above in the peripherals section, compatibility is a key thing to check when combining products from different brands. This is also something to look out for when shopping for a racing wheel.

Not all racing wheels are directly compatible with PS5 consoles. Some racing wheels are Xbox compatible while most are PC compatible. Both Xbox and PS5 consoles utilise different internal software and architecture, making cross-compatibility is tricky.

If you’re shopping for a PS5 racing wheel, ensure that it is 100% compatible with your PlayStation console. Some racing wheels such as the Logitech G923 come in two forms, an Xbox version and a PlayStation version.


Finally, price is possibly one of the more important aspects when shopping for a racing wheel. Different wheels from different brands carry vastly different price tags. You can find budget racing wheels from just £100 / $100, all the way up to premium racing wheels costing £1000 / $1000 upwards.

The difference between budget and premium racing wheels is normally the features that are included as well as the overall build quality. Super budget racing wheels such as the Hori Apex don’t offer important features such as force feedback.

The key point is to limit yourself to a budget that you feel comfortable with. Sim racing can be an expensive hobby, but ensure you’re comfortable with the amount you’re spending.

How to pick the best PS5 steering wheel for your needs

Knowing exactly what you are looking for when buying a racing wheel is important. Sim racing wheels come in a huge variety. They vary across a wide range of prices from very affordable up to extremely expensive. And steering wheels also offer a range of different features.

All of these differences can make a huge difference to your overall racing experience. So knowing what you are shopping for can help you narrow down your options. This will make the shopping process much simpler as you can immediately rule out a large number of racing wheels.

Often, your buying decisions can come down to your budget, with the main aim being to maximise the performance of your racing wheel within the budget you have.

Racing wheelPrice
Best possible racing wheelFanatec ClubSport DD+€/$999
Huge Formula 1 fanThrustmaster SF1000€/$350
Casual sim racerLogitech G923€250/$350
Best budget PS5 racing wheelThrustmaster T128€/$150

I’d like the best racing wheel possible

If budget isn’t an overly important factor, and you’d simply like the best PS5 racing wheel you can buy, then that’s a great position to be in. There are a few options for the best money no object racing wheel, but ultimately it has to be the Fanatec ClubSport DD+.

The Fanatec ClubSport DD+ racing wheel is a PS5 compatible racing wheel that offers extreme performance. It doesn’t come with a steering wheel or pedals included, so you will have to purchase them separately. But Fanatec offers some great sim racing pedals that are also PS5 compatible.

Best racing wheel in this scenario – Fanatec ClubSport DD+

I’m a huge F1 fan and love racing the F1 games

If you predominantly race F1 games such as F1 23, you can look at PS5 racing wheels that emulate the same look and feel as real Formula 1 wheels. There are plenty of F1-style racing wheel options across a range of different budgets.

The Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2.5X mentioned above is a great Formula 1 licensed product, however, it sits on the premium end of the market. Then there is the F1 Esports V2 steering wheel that is also licensed by Formula 1 and compatible with PS5.

However, there is one steering wheel that is a must-have if you are an F1 fan. The Thrustmaster SF1000 steering wheel is a replica of the 2020 Ferrari F1 steering wheel used by Sebastian Vettel.

Best racing wheel in this scenario – Thrustmaster SF1000

I’m a casual sim racer

If you are a casual sim racer and like to race games occasional for fun, you can look at steering wheels that are more budget-friendly, and easily compatible. Having a racing wheel that is easy to set up and plug and play is key. Especially if you plan to pack your wheel away when not in use.

Steering wheels such as the Logitech G923 and Thrustmaster T248 are perfect for this situation. Both are PS5 compatible racing wheels, both come with pedals and are plug and play compatible with your console.

The difference between the two products isn’t huge. Both wheels offer comparable force feedback, with the T248 providing slightly smoother force feedback. Your choice comes down to personal preference.

Best racing wheel in this scenario – Thrustmaster T248 or Logitech G923

I’m looking for the most budget-friendly racing wheel

If budget is the key decision when looking at buying a PS5 racing wheel, both of the options mentioned above are solid choices. The Thrustmaster T248 and Logitech G923 offer immersive sim racing at a low price.

There are racing wheels that are cheaper than these such as the Hori Apex or Thrustmaster T80, however, neither of these steering wheels offers force feedback. Both of them sit below the £100 / $100 mark and are the most budget-friendly PS5 racing wheels you can buy, but I would recommend staying away from these non force feedback racing wheels.

The lack of force feedback will make racing with them a less than immersive experience. You won’t feel the car through the steering wheel without force feedback and may find it difficult to race at speed with these wheels.

I would recommend trying to stretch to the Logitech G923 or T248 racing wheels as they are so much better. However, Thrustmaster do offer a more budget PS5 racing wheel, the T128. This racing wheel is less powerful than the T248 but does offer force feedback making it the cheapest force feedback racing wheel you can buy for PS5.

Best racing wheel in this scenario – Thrustmaster T128

Are PS4 steering wheels compatible with PS5?

Sony and PlayStation confirmed in a press release shortly before the release of the PS5 that all current PS4 racing wheels will be compatible with PS5. This includes working with backwards compatible PS4 software.

See the image below for the full announcement of PS4 racing wheels working with PS5 consoles.

PS5 Fanatec Compatibility Statement

Best PS5 sim racing cockpits

Choosing a way of mounting your PS5 racing wheel and pedals can be just as important as deciding which wheel to buy. You can mount most racing wheels to a desk or table using a table clamp, but at a certain point, racing wheels can become too powerful for a desk clamp and will require hard mounting to a dedicated sim racing cockpit.

The good news for PlayStation sim racers is that all sim racing cockpits and sim rigs are compatible with every platform as they just serve as a base to mount your equipment. Most sim racing cockpits come with pre-drilled holes to mount your pedals and racing wheel, and most PS5 steering wheels are supported by the majority of cockpits.

Below is an overview of the best sim racing cockpits for PS5. For more information on each of these cockpits and why I’d recommend them, read our guide on the best sim racing cockpit in 2024.

Racing CockpitPrice
Best overall sim racing cockpitSim-Lab P1X Pro$800
Best budget sim racing cockpitNext Level Racing F-GT Lite$240
Best racing wheel standGT Omega Apex Wheel Stand$115
Best Formula 1 cockpitPlaySeat Formula Pro$1200

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