Best Racing Wheel Compatible With PS5

Best Racing Wheel Compatible With PS5
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The next generation of console is upon us, and with that comes a whole host of powerful new racing games. We may not be getting any true next gen racing games at launch, but upcoming games such as F1 2021, Forza 8 and Gran Turismo 7 will soon be making their debut.

And that begs the question. Which racing wheels are compatible with PlayStation 5, and which is the best PS5 racing wheel. In this guide, we’ll try to answer both of those questions.

Best Racing Wheels Compatible With PS5

PlayStation 5 owners had to wait a long time before Sony announced which peripherals would be compatible with the PlayStation 5. But when they did, many sim racers were pleased to hear that most current gen racing wheels will be compatible.

With the knowledge that almost all racing wheels will continue to work on next gen consoles. Which wheel should you look to pick up for the next generation of racing games?

The best all-round racing wheel for PS5

We all know that Fanatec produce some of the best racing wheels on the market. And when it comes to the best all around PS5 exclusive racing wheel, there isn’t a better place to look than Fanatec.

The CSL Elite Racing Wheel F1 Esports (to give it it’s full name), is a solid all round performer, which is widely used in Esports events.

This wheel comes with an F1 inspired wheel design, which is exclusive to PlayStation. And connected to the steering wheel is the CSL Elite wheel base.

The CSL Elite wheel base is widely recognised as one of the best wheel base you can buy at a relative budget. It offers extremely strong performance within it’s respectable price range.

To summarise, if you are looking for a well priced racing wheel, which is exclusive to PS5, and offers exceptional force feedback. Then this F1 Esports wheel is for you.

As well as Sony confirming that this wheel will work on both PS4 and PS5. Fanatec themselves have also confirmed that their CSL Elite wheel bases will work with next gen consoles. Allowing us to buy with confidence.

Check out the price of the CSL Elite F1 Esports racing wheel here.

Best budget racing wheel for PS5

When it comes to shopping for a racing wheel on a budget, you have a few options. Mainly from sim racing experts Logitech and Thrustmaster. Both of these manufacturers have good quality, low budget racing wheels for sale.

Although out of the two, we would look at the brand spanking new Logitech G923. This wheel is an evolution of the already great Logitech G29, and brings a few new features to the table.

Buy the Logitech G923 wheel from your region below;

Firstly, it is the newest wheel on our list, so you can guarantee compatibility with the new generation of consoles.

Then, there is Logitech’s new Trueforce feature. This essentially adds a rumble to the wheel itself to simulate chassis vibration. We’ve tried this out on current gen consoles, and although it isn’t a game changer, it’s a nice touch.

If you aren’t too familiar with racing wheel lingo. Logitech’s wheels are the only racing wheels on the market to utilise gear driving force feedback. This means that there are a few gears inside the wheel base which are responsible for the force feedback in the wheel itself.

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And gear force feedback isn’t as smooth as belt driven force feedback, (which the Fanatec CSL Elite above uses). This means that the force feedback isn’t as detailed when compared to Fanatec wheels, hence why it is more of a beginner racing wheel.

Don’t get me wrong, the force feedback in the G923 is still decent for its price range. And when coupled with the lovely design of the wheel itself, makes this a super strong contender for the best budget racing wheel on the market.

Plus, once again, both Sony and Logitech have confirmed that the Logitech G923 is compatible with PS5 consoles.

Check the price of the Logitech G923 racing wheel here.

Best high end racing wheel for PS5

If you are truly serious about sim racing, and you fancy picking up the best racing wheel you can. Then you should look no further than the incredible Fanatec Podium F1 racing wheel.

This racing wheel uses a technology called direct drive, which produces the strongest, and most detailed force feedback on the market.

This outstanding force feedback, coupled with a stunningly high quality steering wheel make for one hell of a good package.

Just like the CSL F1 Esports wheel above, the Podium F1 racing wheel is PlayStation exclusive. Meaning Xbox owners are a little out of luck here. And it will 100% work with current generation PS4’s as well as next gen PS5 consoles. This has been confirmed by Fanatec and Sony.

The Podium F1 racing wheel features one of the nicest steering wheels around. This wheel is fully inspired by F1 wheels of today, and is instantly recognisable as a racing wheel the first time you see it.

It features a wide range of buttons, dials and switches, just like real racing wheels do. This allows you to adjust a multitude of different car setup options while driving, without taking your hands off the wheel.

Connected to this stunning steering wheel is one of the best direct drive wheel bases money can buy.

And to this day, this wheel base is the only true plug and play direct drive wheel base that is compatible with PS5.

The direct drive technology inside the Podium F1 wheel base is capable of creating forces that exceed 20Nm! To put this in perspective, the Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base that we spoke about earlier only puts out 6Nm, and even that is enough to give your arms a work out!

And on top of the strength, the level of detail that you feel through the steering wheel is incredible. You will truly feel every connection your car has with the track. From small bumps, to understeer, you will truly be at one with your car.

If you are looking for the absolute best racing wheel for PS5, go for the Fanatec Podium F1 racing wheel.

Check the price of the Podium F1 racing wheel here.

All PS5 compatible racing wheels

If you don’t fancy any of the three racing wheels above, or you are just interested to see if your current racing wheel will be PS5 compatible. Check out the list below of every racing wheel that is compatible with PS5 at launch.

Racing WheelPS5 Compatible?Price
Logitech G923 / G29Check Price
Thrustmaster T150Check Price
Thrustmaster TMXCheck Price
Thrustmaster T300Check Price
Thrustmaster TXCheck Price
Thrustmaster T-GTCheck Price
Thrustmaster TS-XWCheck Price
Fanatec CSL Elite V1.1Check Price
Fanatec CSL Elite +Check Price
Fanatec ClubSportCheck Price
Fanatec DD1Check Price
Fanatec DD2Check Price
Fanatec Podium F1Check Price

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Disclaimer: The links above are our affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission from any sales used via these links. Buying after clicking one of our links will never affect the price you pay.
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