Best Forza Motorsport Racing Wheel: Buyers Guide 2024

In this guide to the best racing wheels for Forza Motorsport, I'll show you our recommended racing wheels from popular brands including Logitech, MOZA and Fanatec, all of which are compatible with Forza Motorsport 8.

Forza Motorsport Best Racing Wheels

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Forza Motorsport launched on the 10th October 2023, and it’s possibly the most important racing title on Xbox in a long while. With the success of Gran Turismo 7, Forza has some big shoes to follow.

Much like Gran Turismo 7 before it, one of the best ways to enjoy Forza Motorsport as a true sim racing game is by using a racing wheel.

In this guide, I’ll run through the very best racing wheels for Forza Motorsport in 2024. This guide includes both Xbox racing wheels and some PC racing wheels for those racing the new Forza on PC.

In this guide, I’ll include some of the best and most popular racing wheels from brands including Fanatec, MOZA, Logitech and more. I’ll also look at the best budget racing wheel for Forza and more premium options.

Best racing wheels for Forza Motorsport 8

Sim racers have a good choice of racing wheel to use with Forza Motorsport thanks to it releasing on both Xbox consoles and PC. If you are a Game Pass member, you can access Forza on all platforms.

Some of the very best racing wheels are only compatible with PC, meaning you’ll need to play Forza Motorsport on PC. If you only plan to race the new Forza Motorsport game on Xbox, there are still a good range of racing wheels to choose from.

Below are our top picks for the very best racing wheels for Forza Motorsport. I’ve included our favourite PC racing wheel, our favourite Xbox racing wheel and our overall wheel recommendation.

Best Xbox Racing Wheel

Fanatec CSL DD

Best PC Wheel


Best Premium Racing Wheel

Asetek Invicta

Fanatec CSL DD
MOZA R12 Racing Wheel
Asetek Invicta


Up to 8Nm


Up to 12Nm


Up to 27Nm


Xbox, PC


PC Only




From €349 / $349


From €649 / $589


From €/$1,300

Best Forza Motorsport racing wheel on Xbox

If you’re racing on an Xbox Series S or X, you’ll want a racing wheel that works perfectly on your console. The Fanatec CSL DD is the perfect example of a brilliant direct drive racing wheel that is perfectly Xbox-compatible.

The Fanatec CSL DD was the German sim racing company’s first small form factor direct drive racing wheel. It heralded in a new wave of small direct drive wheel bases from both Fanatec and other sim racing companies.

It remains one of the very best small racing wheels, and one of the only direct drive racing wheels on Xbox.

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You can pick up the Fanatec CSL DD in two versions, the first is a 5Nm version, and the second increases the power to 8Nm. This is an important number as it is the peak torque that the wheel can generate. Essentially, the higher the peak torque number, the more powerful the in-game force feedback will be.

This racing wheel is compatible with almost all Fanatec steering wheels, but if you’re racing Forza Motorsport 8 on an Xbox, you need to make sure you pick a steering wheel that is Xbox-compatible.

Fanatec actually have an official Forza steering wheel which features the Forza Motorsport branding. The ClubSport GT Forza V2 wheel works perfectly with the CSL DD and makes for the ultimate combination to race the new Forza Motorsport with.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec CSL DD
Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – From €/$349.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best Forza Motorsport racing wheel on PC

Sim racing on PC opens up a whole new world of available sim racing gear to choose from. Making a console-compatible racing wheel is tricky, and it’s why so many sim racing manufacturers choose to make their products PC-compatible only.

The choice of which racing wheel on PC is best suited for Forza Motorsport is a tricky choice. I have chosen the MOZA Racing R12 racing wheel as the perfect Forza Motorsport wheel on PC.

This racing wheel is similar to the Fanatec CSL DD that I mentioned above in that it is also a smaller racing wheel. However, this MOZA R12 racing wheel is significantly more powerful. It can produce peak torque of up to 12Nm.

This increased power means the force feedback is certainly stronger. This is important as a stronger racing wheel has much more range to produce finer force feedback details.

And the MOZA R12 really excels in this category. The force feedback detail from the R12 is among the best around. The details are incredible and there is a layer of vibration that the MOZA R12 produces that many racing wheels miss out on.

Typically, MOZA Racing wheels have been a little tricky to set up with Forza games. Thankfully, it is very easy to configure the MOZA R12 to work with Forza Motorsport on PC.

If you do fancy picking up a MOZA Racing wheel to race Forza Motorsport on Xbox, the newly released MOZA R3 is fully Xbox-compatible.

Racing Wheel – MOZA R12
Compatibility – PC
Price – €589/$589
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Best high-end Forza Motorsport racing wheel

If you are looking for a high-end premium racing wheel to race Forza Motorsport on, you have a good amount of choice. Brands such as MOZA, Fanatec, Simucube and Asetek all have high-end wheel bases.

These are wheel bases that produce over 20Nm of peak torque and use the latest direct drive technology. The majority of these high-end racing wheels are limited to being PC-only, with one major exception.

The Fanatec DD1 and DD2 are two wheel bases which both produce extremely high force feedback strength. And even better, both of these wheel bases are compatible with Xbox consoles.

The fact that both the DD1 and DD2 are Xbox-compatible allows for anyone racing Forza Motorsport after its release on the 10th October can use these racing wheels.

Both racing wheels have been around for a long while, but remain among the best high-performance wheel bases in 2024. Fanatec has recently released their second generation quick release, the QR2. And if you buy a new DD1 or DD2, you will automatically receive this new quick release.

Racing Wheel – Fanatec DD2
Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – From €/$1199.95
Where to buyBuy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

Best budget Forza Motorsport racing wheel

Investing in a racing wheel to play Forza Motorsport can be an expensive thing to do. However, there are a range of racing wheels that are completely compatible with Forza Motorsport on Xbox and PC that are budget-friendly.

One of the very best budget-friendly racing wheels for Forza is the Logitech G923. This racing wheel has been around for a good few years and is one of the most popular racing wheels around. And it’s for good reason.

This racing wheel can be picked up for around £200 / $200 depending on where and when you buy it. Although it does have an RRP of around £350/$350 so definitely keep an eye out for a deal.

It provides a very good sim racing experience thanks to its good force feedback and Trueforce technology. Trueforce is the name given to Logitech’s own vibration technology. It takes the audio channel that includes the engine noise and translates it into vibrations.

These vibrations can be felt through the steering wheel directly. Every time you rev your car, the vibrations become stronger. And every gear shift can be felt in the steering wheel. This pairs with the force feedback to produce an immersive driving experience.

With the Logitech G923 being one of the most popular racing wheels, it means it’s widely compatible with almost every racing game. And that is no different with Forza Motorsport. It works perfectly with the Logitech G923, and allows you to customise the buttons to control various aspects of the game on both Xbox and PC.

Racing Wheel – Logitech G923
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – £379/$399
Where to buyBuy Logitech G923 UK/EU / Buy Logitech G923 US

Best Forza branded racing wheel

If you would like total immersion, you do have the option of racing the new Forza Motorsport game with a Forza branded steering wheel. Fanatec make this possible with their Clubsport GT Forza V2 steering wheel.

This steering wheel carries the official Forza Motorsport branding stitched into the leather hand grips. The Forza logo is also present on the center of the steering wheel.

This wheel represents an official partnership between Forza Motorsport and Fanatec. In fact, this is actually a rather old steering wheel rim, and wasn’t commissioned as part of the new Forza Motorsport release.

Despite being an older steering wheel, this wheel has recently seen improvements as part of the version 2 release. This is because the wheel rim comes with the updated Universal Hub. This Universal hub allows for almost any wheel rim to be attached, whilst still maintaining functional buttons and shifters.

Paired with a wheel base such as the Fanatec CSL DD, and this Fora Motorsport steering wheel makes for the ultimate wheel combo for the new Forza game.

Steering Wheel – Fanatec Clubsport Forza Wheel V2
Compatibility – PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5
Price – From €/$399.95
Where to buy – Buy from Fanatec EU / Buy from Fanatec US

What to look for when buying a racing wheel for Forza Motorsport

Forza Motorsport is designed to be the most realistic racing simulation that Turn 10 has created. To really feel each car and how each car feels different to one another, choosing a good racing wheel is important.

Choosing the best racing wheel within your budget is the aim of the game. But also, you’ll want to ensure the racing wheel you choose is compatible with your console, and is suitable for your requirements and any future plans.

Force Feedback

The force feedback that a racing wheel generates is possibly the most important factor when deciding on a new racing wheel. This is the name given to the forces that the wheel generates.

More detailed force feedback will allow you to feel more details of how your car is reacting to the track surface. Stronger force feedback will make the wheel more powerful and heavier during racing.

There are a few categories which all racing wheels fit into. The further into the high-end category a racing wheel is, generally the more expensive it will be.

Entry-level racing wheels like the Logitech G923 generate between 2-5Nm of torque. This allows you to feel how the car is reacting but can feel slightly underpowered in certain scenarios.

Mid-level racing wheels like small direct drive wheels generate between 5-12Nm of torque. These racing wheels are right in the sweet spot. They have brilliant strength and a much wider range of force feedback detail.

High-end racing wheels are generally high-powered direct drive wheel with over 20Nm of torque. These are the most powerful racing wheels available, but they normally cost in excess of £1000 / $1000.

Direct drive vs gear and belt driven racing wheels

Direct drive is a term given to the internal motor which produces the force feedback being attached directly to the motor shaft. This produces the most detailed force feedback and strongest forces.

Budget racing wheels often utilise a smaller motor which is linked to the motor shaft via gears or belts. These restrict the overall power a wheel can produce, and some force feedback details can be lost in translation.


Compatibility is an incredibly important area to look at when buying a racing wheel. Many racing wheels are restricted to a single platform. Generally, most high-end racing wheels are only PC compatible although there are some exceptions such as the Fanatec DD1 and DD2.

Also, many racing wheels have multiple versions available. Normally there are separate Xbox and PlayStation wheel versions. Buying the wrong one can prevent you from using it with your console.

Additional peripherals

As you grow as a sim racer, you may want to purchase additional accessories. You can add a variety of peripherals to your sim racing setup including gear shifters, handbrakes, dashboard and more.

When racing on PC, you can add whichever peripherals you like regardless of brand as you can connect them directly to your PC. When racing on a console, all peripherals have to be attached via your wheelbase. This means you almost always need to buy peripherals from the same brand as your racing wheel.


The price of your racing wheel is one of the most important decisions. It will affect which racing wheel is in your budget, and you definitely don’t want to over-stretch your budget.

Above, I’ve recommended a variety of racing wheels across different budgets to ensure you can race Forza Motorsport with a wheel regardless of your budget.

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