Best Racing Wheel For F1 2020

Best Racing Wheel F1 2020

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With the F1 2020 game release now upon, and Formula 1 racing under way again. Many sim racers are asking the question of which sim racing wheel is best for F1 2020, on each console.

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We’ve been playing F1 2020 for a while now, since the beta and the press release version of the game. So we’ve had a good chance to test a variety of sim racing wheels with this years F1 game.

We thought it’d be great to answer your question of which racing wheel is best for F1 2020. Allowing you to start your F1 career with the absolute best sim racing gear!

We have chosen our top picks for the best sim racing wheel for F1 2020 on each console. We have our best for Xbox One / Series X, PS4 / PS5, and our favourite for PC racers.

Best Racing Wheel For F1 2020 – PS4 / PS5

Fanatec CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2

The Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 is Fanatec’s second iteration of the McLaren GT3 wheel. They took the fantastic formula which worked from the original wheel, and improved on almost all areas.

Not only is this formula style racing wheel an improvement on the original, it is also ridiculously well priced for a licensed Fanatec wheel rim. Coming in at under $200 allows this wheel rim to be more accessible to a wide range of sim racers.

The wheel itself uses the design of the real-world McLaren GT3 steering wheel, and it replicates it well. All buttons and toggles are in the exact same place as the wheel it is imitating, other than the addition of an OLED screen.

This wheel fits perfectly into your hand, again using the same dimensions that the real-world wheel uses. And it feels lively when hooked up to a Fanatec wheel base.

The improvements over the previous wheel come in the form of the vastly upgraded shifters and dual clutch mechanism. The new shifters are machined from a single piece of metal, and provide very positive shifts. And of course, they’re finished in bright orange, because, well, McLaren!

Another improvement is with the quick release. The upgraded quick release adapter comes in a much simpler form than its predecessor. And it now allows you to attach and detach the wheel without the need for tools.

The compatibility of this wheel is another area where it shines. It is compatible with all consoles, including the recent Xbox Series X, and PlayStation 5. And, it’s also compatible with every current wheel base that Fanatec manufacture.

If you want to jump into racing with a formula style wheel rim, then this is easily the most budget friendly Fanatec option.

Best Racing Wheel For F1 2020 – PC

When it comes to sim racing on a PC, everything really starts to open up. All of the restrictions which are placed on console sim racers, such as limited inputs, are lifted. And the variety of products you can use is much larger.

That being said, when choosing the best PC racing wheel for F1 2020, we still recommend a racing wheel which is console compatible. Our recommendation would be the stunning Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2.

Fanatec Formula V2

Just from looking at this wheel rim, you can get a sense of just how good it is to drive with. The sheer amount of flexibility it offers is unparalleled. There are numerous buttons, dials, encoders and switches that can all be used in game to control various aspects of your car.

The thumb encoders for instance, allow you to change fuel mix and ERS deployment modes, without having to take your hand off the wheel. This gives the most immersive feeling when hurtling towards Eau Rouge at extreme speeds.

The ability to quickly and easily increase your fuel mix to perform and overtake. Or hit the pit lane speed limiter, just like a real F1 driver would. It’s that feeling that really increases the enjoyment of sim racing.

Again, in terms of attaching this steering wheel to a wheel base, this formula style steering wheel doesn’t come as part of a bundle. Instead it features a quick release on the back side of the rim, to attach to a wheel base.

You can quite easily attach this steering wheel to any Fanatec wheel base, and it will simply work. However we would recommend the CSL Elite that we mentioned in our PS4 section above. This is quite simply the best value wheel base for any Fanatec sim racer.

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Best Racing Wheel For F1 2020 – Xbox One / Series X

Choosing a racing wheel can be tricky enough, as there are so many good wheels on the market. Then choosing a racing wheel designed for Formula 1 racing, is even harder.

When you enter the realm of buying a formula style steering wheel, there are a wide selection of products to look at. However many of the F1 style steering wheels come as add-ons. This means that you need to already own a wheel base to connect these F1 steering wheels to.

This complicates the buying process slightly, as not only do you need to find a steering wheel that you like, and is reviewed well. But you also need to then ensure you buy a wheel base which it is compatible with, and is also highly rated.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On

What better product to recommend for F1 2020 gamers on Xbox One, than a replica Ferrari steering wheel. The Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 add-on is a steering wheel which is a replica of Fernando Alonso’s 2014 Ferrari wheel.

The steering wheel itself looks as good as a replica can get, with all of the real button and dial detailing included. Some of the facing dials aren’t functional, unfortunately. As they have only been included for the sake of aesthetics. I don’t quite think us sim racers need quite as much control as a real F1 driver!

Despite this, there are a wide selection of buttons and dials which are functional, and the wheel as a whole looks stunning. It wouldn’t be out of place as a decorative piece on any Formula 1 fan’s shelf!

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Thrustmaster TX RW

This steering wheel is an add-on attachment, as mentioned above. And will require a wheel base to attach to. For Xbox owners, the Thrustmaster TX RW is the way to go.

Thrustmaster make a variety of wheel bases, which are all console specific. Both the TX RW and T300 are Thrustmaster’s high end wheel offerings for consoles. And both are great wheel base.

The TX RW is the Xbox One varient, and it has been confirmed to be compatible with Xbox Series X. So you know it can be used even if you upgrade to the new Xbox this winter!

The TX RW uses belt driven force feedback, which produces really smooth and quite powerful force feedback. The belt system allows smooth transfer of the force feedback in to the wheel, allowing you to feel even the smallest bumps and track details.

Best Budget Racing Wheel For F1 2020

When it comes to budget sim racing, there really is only one winner. The Logitech G923. This racing wheel isn’t a super budget racing wheel with no force feedback. It is a fully fleshed out racing wheel, with decent force feedback, and comes bundled with a set of pedals.

Ask any sim racer what racing wheel they started out with, and I guarantee that most will say a Logitech wheel. Logitech have perfected the art of creating very good budget racing wheels.

Their wheel bases use gear driven force feedback technology, which isn’t as good as belt driven wheels. However, the pure build quality and the design of Logitech wheels still make them a stunningly good purchase. Especially for the first time sim racer.

Logitech G923

Much like many sim racers, we started with a humble Logitech wheel. And it lasted for many happy years. As mentioned, the build quality of these products are fantastic.

We have gone on to test, and break many sim racing wheel. Yet our humble Logitech racing wheel hasn’t faltered once. Despite racing some of the best racing wheels on the market, we still went out and bought the latest Logitech G29. And it still gets regular rotation in to our sim rig.

Best High End Racing Wheel For F1 2020

The creme de la creme of sim racing wheels. Direct drive.

If you want to experience the most thrilling and involved driving in F1 2020, and try to emulate what Lewis and Seb have been perfecting for years. Then you want a direct drive Fanatec racing wheel.

In particular, the Podium F1 racing wheel.

Fanatec Podium F1

The Fanatec Podium F1 racing wheel has a selection of very good reasons why you should buy it. First of all, it utilises Fanatec’s direct drive technology.

Direct drive is the term for when a large motor is attached directly to the steering wheel. The larger motor outputs much stronger force feedback. And by connecting it to the steering wheel directly, none of the force feedback detail is lost in translation.

This results in the absolute most immersive sim racing experience you can get today.

The second reason why this product is perfect to race with F1 2020. Is that it is officially licensed by Formula 1. Just like our PS4 suggestion, this racing wheel bares the F1 logo, and has been used in official Esports events.

Not only does this direct drive racing wheel bare the F1 logo, and output some of the best force feedback going. It is also compatible with PlayStation consoles. This world first, allows PS4 owners to experience the best force feedback, just like their PC counterparts.

Despite all of these great plus points. There is also one very big downside to buying this wheel. And that is the cost of it. Buying direct drive wheels isn’t cheap, as they are the best on the market. However, if you can afford this stunning racing wheel, you certainly wont be disappointed.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.