Best Racing Wheel Compatible With Xbox Series X

Best Racing Wheels Compatible With xbox Series X
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With the announcement that the Xbox Series X will officially launch on November 10th. Gamers across the world are readying themselves for the latest consoles.

With the upcoming next gen console from Microsoft, we will soon see exclusive racing games such as Forza Motorsport 8. And even third party games such as F1 2021 will be with us in no time.

So, when it comes to next generation consoles, which racing wheels will be compatible, and are there any new racing wheels?

This guide will run through the most popular Xbox Series X compatible racing wheels, and give you our recommendation for best racing wheel for Xbox Series X.

Best Racing Wheels Compatible With Xbox Series X

Microsoft released a statement quite early on, saying that almost all peripherals that current work with Xbox consoles will continue to work with next gen consoles.

This is a huge relief to those who have already invested heavily in high end racing wheels. And it’s good news for new sim racers who are looking to pick up a racing wheel that will work with both current and next gen Xbox consoles.

There are a large selection of very good racing wheels which are Xbox compatible. Including some Xbox exclusive wheels which aren’t compatible with PlayStation consoles.

Check out our full compatibility list below.

But before you see which wheels are compatible, let’s take a look at the racing wheels that we would recommend for Xbox Series X.

Just a note, all of the wheels in this guide are compatible with both the powerful Xbox Series X, and the cheaper Xbox Series S.

Best all-round racing wheel for Xbox Series X

If you are a sim racer who is looking to upgrade from a base spec racing wheel into something a little special, then Fanatec is your way to go.  Fanatec produce the best racing wheels available on the market, and cater for a wide range of budgets and technology.

The Fanatec ClubSport Racing Wheel BMW GT2 is a great option to look at, due to its mid level offering, and reasonable price tag.

Included in the ClubSport Racing Wheel BMW GT2 is Fantatec’s ClubSport wheel base. This is their mid level wheel base, and offers the best belt driven force feedback you can get today.

If you have already tried a CSL Elite wheel base, you will know just how good Fanatec’s belt driven wheels are. And the ClubSport wheel base is an upgrade in almost every capacity compared to the CSL Elite.

If you want to learn the differences between the Fanatec CSL Elite and ClubSport wheel bases, we created a detailed comparison here.

Included in this bundle is an Xbox compatible BMW branded steering wheel. The BMW GT2 wheel rim has been one of Fanatec’s most popular wheel rims since it went into production.

It’s as close as you can get to having a real BMW touring car wheel rim attached to your sim rig. It features identical proportions to the real world GT2 wheel rim. And it’s finished in real Alcantara all around the rim.

There is an LED screen on the wheel itself which can display a multitude of functionality. And as a whole it gives you everything you need from a premium steering wheel.

Of course, the beauty of the Fanatec ClubSport wheel base, is that you can always upgrade and interchange steering wheels. If you fancied a different style wheel rim, all you need to do is purchase a new steering wheel. And everything will be plug and play.

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As a whole, this sim racing wheel setup is a great option for any sim racer looking for a good mid range racing wheel. And once you are in the Fanatec ecosystem, you have a lot of opportunities to customise your setup.

And finally, all of Fanatec’s racing wheels have been confirmed to be compatible with Xbox Series X and Series S.

Check out the price of the Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 Wheel here.

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Best high end racing wheel for Xbox Series X

In our PS5 compatibility racing wheel guide, we included the sublime Fanatec Podium F1 direct drive wheel. Unfortunately that exact wheel isn’t Xbox compatible.

But don’t fear, as you can purchase almost the exact same direct drive racing wheel which is Xbox Series X compatible! The Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel Formula for Xbox & PC (not the easiest name to remember!) is the Xbox compatible version of the Podium F1.

Just like its PlayStation brother, this version of the Podium racing wheel features the DD1 direct drive wheel base. This wheel base is one of the most powerful racing wheels on the market. And along with the huge power output, it also offers an immense amount of force feedback detail.

If you are looking for the creme de la creme of racing wheel bases, you can’t get too much better than the Fanatec DD1.

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Paired with this is a the outstanding Formula V2 wheel, and Podium advance paddle module.

This wheel is a monster! It features a huge amount of buttons, switches and toggles to allow you full customisability even while racing. And if it couldn’t get much better, the advanced paddle module adds another layer of control and realism.

These add magnetic shifters and hall sensors to your shifts, making every shift feel positive and realistic. And you’ll also get a full F1 style dual clutch system.

The only real downside of this direct drive racing wheel, (other than the price) is that this bundle doesn’t include a pedal set. Meaning unless you already have a Fanatec compatible pedal set, you will need to budget an extra cost on top of this racing wheel.

But as a whole, you really can’t beat this racing wheel bundle when it comes to immersion and realism.

Through in the guaranteed compatibility with all modern Xbox consoles including the Xbox Series X and Series S. This is one hell of a good offering.

Check the price of the Fanatec Podium Racing Wheel for Xbox here.

Best budget racing wheel for Xbox Series X

If you are shopping for the best budget racing wheel, no wheel gets recommended more than Logitech’s G923.

Logitech have been king of the low end racing wheel for over a decade now. With previous racing wheels such as the G25 and G27 being huge successes.

The latest Logitech racing wheel, the G923, is a slight upgrade on the five year old G29. And it offers a few small improvements, mainly on the brake pedal, and Logitech’s new Trueforce feature.

These improvements have been very well received, and add to what was already a solid budget racing wheel.

The Logitech G923 package comes with both a racing wheel and pedal set. Allowing you to get up and running straight away, without the need for any other peripherals.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can always purchase the add-on shifter to give you full H-pattern and clutch capabilities. And we would recommend doing so, especially if you are a fan of slower track and GT cars.

Overall, you wont find a wheel as polished as the Logitech G923 within this price range. Meaning this is our favourite pick for a low end racing wheel. In fact we still have a G923 which we periodically use!

And, just like Fanatec wheels, the Logitech G923 is fully compatible with Xbox Series X and Series S.

Check the price of the Logitech G923 racing wheel here.

All Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S compatible racing wheels

If you simply want to check whether your current existing racing wheel will be compatible with the new Xbox Series X and S. Check out our compatibility list below, showing every mainstream racing wheel which is Xbox Series X compatible.

Racing WheelSeries X Compatible?Price
Logitech G923 / G29Check Price
Thrustmaster T150Check Price
Thrustmaster TMXCheck Price
Thrustmaster T300Check Price
Thrustmaster TXCheck Price
Thrustmaster T-GTCheck Price
Thrustmaster TS-XWCheck Price
Fanatec CSL Elite V1.1Check Price
Fanatec CSL Elite +Check Price
Fanatec ClubSportCheck Price
Fanatec DD1Check Price
Fanatec DD2Check Price
Fanatec Podium F1Check Price

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