Best MOZA Racing Wheel: Buyers Guide 2024

MOZA Racing has a range of different racing wheels to choose from. All make great options but which is right for you? I compare all to find the best MOZA racing wheel.

MOZA RS V2 wheel buttons and inputs

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In 2024, sim racers have a larger choice of hardware than ever before. The revolution of small direct drive racing wheels started a couple of years ago and has led to there being a lot of choice.

MOZA Racing have been at the forefront of all the new sim racing products that have come available. Last year alone, MOZA released upgrades and brand new products throughout the year. But which MOZA Racing wheel is best? In this MOZA buyers guide, I’ll look at the best MOZA wheels across a range of budgets.

An introduction to MOZA Racing

MOZA Racing launched a few years ago with their powerful direct drive R16 and R21 wheel bases. These new racing wheels really announced MOZA’s arrival by being incredibly powerful and providing excellent force feedback.

Since that moment, MOZA has launched a whole ecosystem of sim racing products that range from racing wheels and steering wheels to sim racing pedals, shifters and more. Now, they have a fully fledged sim racing ecosystem giving sim racers a wide choice.

Unlike some brands such as Asetek and Fanatec that have product ranges, MOZA doesn’t separate its racing wheels into different pre-defined ranges. Instead, each racing wheel sits on its own as its own entity.

MOZA Racing’s current racing wheel lineup

Below is an overview of all of MOZA’s current lineup of sim racing wheels. These range from the least powerful R3 wheel base to the most powerful R21 wheel base. All of MOZA’s racing wheels utilise direct drive technology which is vastly better than cheaper gear or belt driven racing wheels.







MOZA Racing R9
MOZA Racing R16
  • £399/$399

  • 3Nm

  • £319/$396

  • 5Nm

  • £409/$508

  • 9Nm

  • £589/$589

  • 12Nm

  • £849/$1055

  • 16Nm

  • £1039/$1292

  • 21Nm

Best budget MOZA wheels

Out of all of MOZA’s racing wheels, the R3 is currently the cheapest. However, you can only purchase the R3 as part of a bundle that includes a rather budget feeling steering wheel and pedal set. Because of this, I would recommend opting for the MOZA R5 as the best budget MOZA Racing wheel.

Best budget wheel base – MOZA R5

Much like the cheaper R3 bundle, you can purchase the R5 as part of a bundle. This pairs the racing wheel with the ES steering wheel and a set of SR-P light pedals. These are the same steering wheel and pedal set that make the R3 feel a little on the cheaper side.

I would recommend opting for buying the MOZA R5 individually and then choosing a better steering wheel to pair with it. This may cost a little more than purchasing the R5 bundle, however, will result in a more premium feeling sim racing setup.

The MOZA R5 wheel base produces 5Nm of peak torque from its direct drive motor. This results in strong yet not too overwhelming force feedback along with incredible clarity from the force feedback itself. The force feedback strength is on par with the Fanatec CSL DD, and performs incredibly well.

If you are worried about the 5Nm R5 racing wheel feeling too underpowered, you do have the option of choosing a MOZA R9 wheel base which will set you back around £/$100 more.

Racing Wheel – MOZA R5
Compatibility – PC
Price – £299/$299
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Best budget steering wheel – KS Steering wheel

Moving away from the wheel base, the best budget MOZA steering wheel has to be the KS wheel. This is a formula-style steering wheel that comes in at 300mm across and boasts a range of premium features. These include multiple rotary encoders, thumb encoders and dual clutch paddles. Many of these features normally only appear on more premium steering wheels.

Check out our review of the MOZA KS steering wheel below.

The design of the MOZA KS steering wheel is stunning, and possibly one of MOZA’s cleanest looking steering wheels. The chassis of the wheel is constructed from a soft feeling carbon fibre composite which looks and feels great. There are then TPE rubber hand grips and metal paddle shifters on the rear.

My only complaint when using this steering wheel was the rather small gap behind the rear of the wheel itself and the paddle shifters. Other than that, this is one of the nicest budget formula steering wheels around.

Steering Wheel – MOZA KS Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – €299/$259
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Best mid-range MOZA wheels

Moving up the price range a little bit opens up a larger choice of MOZA wheels. In the mid-range category, you get access to much more power from the wheel bases, and this boost in power also results in better force feedback detail and effects.

Best mid-range wheel base – MOZA R12

The MOZA R12 remains to this day one of my favourite sim racing wheels. It was launched over a year ago, but came with a whole host of new force feedback technology and an entirely new algorithm. This allows the R12 to introduce extra force feedback sensations such as vibration and rumble effects.

The MOZA R9 was released before the R12 and doesn’t feature too much less peak strength, 9Nm instead of 12Nm. However, the older R9 wheel base utilises an older algorthim resulting in force feedback that just isn’t as immersive as the FFB from the MOZA R12.

Check out the video above to see my comparison of the slightly more premium MOZA R12 vs R9.

I would still speak very highly of the MOZA R9, especially at over £/$150 cheaper than the newer R12. The force feedback from the MOZA R12 is so immersive and good that MOZA recently re-released the more powerful R16 and R21 with the algorithm from the R12 to incorporate these extra details.

Racing Wheel – MOZA R12
Compatibility – PC
Price – €589/$589
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Best mid-range steering wheel – MOZA RS V2 wheel

When it comes to pairing a mid-range steering wheel with either the R9 or R12 wheel bases you can choose from any MOZA wheel rims. Howver, I would highly recommend either the RS V2 steering wheel or the GS GT wheel. Both of these cost the same at around £/$430, and both feature the same high quality.

If you are looking for more of a versatile sim racing steering wheel, the MOZA RS V2 is definitely the better choice. This is a circular steering wheel that is ideal for a range of different sim racing disciplines. You can go rallying or drifting with this wheel, and all of the inputs make it a great choice for racing GT or road cars.

With the MOZA RS V2 steering wheel, you get an extremely high build quality. The chassis is constructed from a mixture of carbon fibre and aluminium making it very sturdy with little to no flexing. The hand grips are wrapped in genuine leather that feels plush, and all of the inputs feel high quality.

Around the back of the steering wheel you get a set of carbon fibre shifter paddles that utilise a contactless magnetic activation. Just below these are a set of dual clutch paddles that allow for the perfect launch off the line, or you can map them to different in game functions.

If you are more of an open-wheel sim racer or race a lot of F1 games, then the GS GT wheel may be a better choice. That steering wheel boasts more functionality than the RS V2 with additional rotary encoders and thumb encoders. It also utilises a rectangonal formula-style design making it ideal for that style of sim racing.

Steering Wheel – MOZA RS V2 Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £449/$449
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Best premium MOZA wheels

Expanding our budget right up to the most premium sim racing wheels, now I want to look at the best premium MOZA wheel. At this price range, circa £/$1000, any sim racing purchase needs to be a considered purchase, and you need to ensure the wheel you choose is right for you. MOZA has two racing wheels that fit into this category, and thankfully they’re both very good!

Best premium wheel base – MOZA R21

The R21 racing wheel is MOZA’s most premium wheel base you can buy currently. This is an absolute monster of a sim racing wheel producing a mighty 21Nm of peak torque. That is more than enough to race with for any length of time, however, you may wish to dial the peak torque down if competing in a lengthy race.

Both the MOZA R16 and R21 were MOZA’s first ever racing wheels, and they announced the companies arrival with a bang. They hit the sim racing market initially in 2021 at a very competitive price point with the goal of being one of the best premium direct drive racing wheels.

Since that moment in 2021, MOZA has expanded its product lineup a lot, and has improved their force feedback technology. This led to a re-release of both the MOZA R16 and R21 in late 2023 to incorporate the improved technology.

This re-release improved upon the already great foundation that the R21 had. The peak torque of 21Nm is more than most sim racers will need, and with the introduction of the upgraded force feedback algorithm, this is one of the best premium racing wheels you can buy today.

Racing Wheel – MOZA R21
Compatibility – PC
Price – £999/$999
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Best premium steering wheel – FSR Formula wheel

MOZA Racing currently sells one of the very best formula-style steering wheels around, making it no surprise that this steering wheel landed our award of the best premium MOZA steering wheel.

The FSR Formula wheel features a huge built-in display that is capable of showing live telemetry from in game. There are a range of layouts and designs you can choose from, with some mimicking real-world cars and others replicating the steering wheel display from the F1 game.

The rest of the steering wheel is incredibly high-quality, borrowing a lot of its design and construction inspiration from the older GS GT wheel. You will find the same number of inputs, buttons and encoders on the FSR as you would on the GS wheel, just laid out slightly differently to accommodate the screen.

The build quality of the FSR is just as high if not better than other MOZA steering wheels. You get a carbon fibre faceplate featuring a nice weave pattern. The hand grips are wrapped in soft perforated leather, and all inputs activate with nice positive feedback.

If you are a fan of F1 games or GT racing in Assetto Corsa Competizione or iRacing, this MOZA FSR steering wheel is easily one of the very best you can race with.

Steering Wheel – MOZA FSR Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – £649/$649
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Our recommendation – What would we buy?

Now that we have looked at the best MOZA Racing wheels and steering wheels across a range of different budgets, which wheel combination would I actually recommend? If you were to buy any of the wheels that I mentioned above, you wouldn’t be disappointed. They all have outstanding build quality and perform well within their given price range.

I would highly recommend looking at the R9 and R12 bundles that MOZA Racing offer. These bundles include either the R9 or R12 wheel base with your choice of steering wheel.

You can get these bundles with the CS, RS V2, KS and GS GT steering wheels, with all of those steering wheel options with either the R9 or R12 wheel base.

I would personally choose the R12 as it has the newer force feedback algorithm that leads to extra vibrations and rumbles that the R9 does not have. I would pair that with the budget-friendly KS steering wheel. This helps to keep the overall cost down but results in a fantastic sim racing setup.

Racing Wheel – MOZA R12
Compatibility – PC
Price – €589/$589
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Steering Wheel – MOZA KS Wheel
Compatibility – PC
Price – €299/$259
Where to buyBuy from MOZA

Will a more expensive racing wheel make you faster?

Opting for a more premium racing wheel with the sole intention of improving your pace on track may not be the best option. Higher performing direct drive racing wheels will provide you with increased feedback allowing you to react faster and more accurately.

However, this is often offset by the increased strength of higher-performance racing wheels which can cause you to have to fight the steering wheel more. This in itself can cause you to initially be a bit slower while you adjust to the increased performance.

If you are hunting for extra performance from your sim racing setup, I would recommend considering a load cell brake pedal. Upgrading from a potentiometer brake to a load cell brake can provide one of the biggest jumps in performance that any hardware upgrade can offer.

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