Best Gran Turismo 7 Logitech Pro Racing Wheel Force Feedback Settings

This guide runs through the best Gran Turismo 7 force feedback settings for the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel. This wheel is direct drive and PS5 compatible, making for a fantastic sim racing experience.

Gran Turismo 7 McLaren F1 Car
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In this racing wheel settings guide, I’m going to show you the best force feedback settings for Gran Turismo 7 when using the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel.

I’ll run through how to set up and connect your Pro Racing Wheel to ensure it is working with Gran Turismo 7. I’ll then look at the best in-game settings and the best wheel settings. Ensuring you have changed the settings on both your wheel and in-game will result in the best force feedback.

How to change force feedback settings in GT7

The first important thing to note is that you can only change the force feedback settings of your racing wheel while racing. The only way to currently access these options is by pausing the action when you’re on track. From here, you can access your controller settings and make adjustments.

  • Step 1 – Pause the game while racing
  • Step 2 – Go to settings, then controller settings
  • Step 3 – Adjust your settings and then back out of the menu to save

Logitech Pro Racing Wheel settings

The Logitech Pro Racing Wheel is up there with the best racing wheels for Gran Turismo 7. It offers direct drive force feedback meaning that the wheel is much more powerful than many PlayStation 5 racing wheels.

It also offers incredibly detailed force feedback allowing you to feel exactly how your car is behaving with the road in Gran Turismo 7.

The term direct drive refers to there being a large internal motor which generates a strong amount of force feedback torque. In the case of the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel, it generates 11Nm of peak torque. This motor is directly mounted to the drive shaft and steering wheel leading to the term direct drive.

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The Logitech G Pro Wheel comes in two formats, an Xbox compatible version, and a separate PS5 compatible wheel.

The reason for this is that both the Xbox and PS5 console architecture present different challenges for peripheral designers, making it hard to create a single product that works well across both consoles.

This means that is often easier to produce two separate versions of racing wheels, with each wheel specifically tuned to work with an individual console.

Both Xbox and PS5 versions of the Logitech Pro Wheel work with PC, so no matter which you buy it will be PC compatible.

Wheel Settings:

  • TrueForce Torque: 6.0nm
  • TrueForce Audio: 35
  • TrueForce Filter: 11
  • FFB Torque: 6.0nm
  • FFB Filter: 11
  • Dampner: 15
  • Angle: 900
  • Brake force: 18

Gran Turismo 7 wheel settings

These in-game settings can be found in the settings menu when you are in a race or an event.

Gran Turismo 7 doesn’t offer many options to affect how your racing wheel feels. In fact, there are only two settings that have an impact on your force feedback.

The maximum torque setting can be viewed as an overall strength setting. The higher this is set, the stronger the maximum force feedback will be. If you are finding that the Logitech Pro racing Wheel feels too strong or heavy while racing in GT7, you can lower this setting.

The sensitivity setting affects the level of detail that you feel within the force feedback. Lowering this setting in Gran Turismo 7 will reduce how many fine details are sent to your wheel. If your racing wheel feels too lively, you can lower this setting.

Controller Settings:

  • Maximum Torque: 6
  • Sensitivity: 5

How to set up the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel with Gran Turismo 7

Much like its smaller sibling, the Logitech G923, the Logitech Pro Wheel is plug-and-play compatible with Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5. This makes setting up this racing wheel a very quick and easy process.

  1. Connect your Logitech Wheel to your PS5

    The first step is to simply connect your Logitech Pro Wheel to your PS5 via USB, and ensure it is connected to the mains power. Once its connected power on the Logitech Pro Wheel using the red start/stop button on the front.

  2. Adjust your wheel settings

    The next step is to adjust your wheel settings on the Logitech G Pro Wheel. This can be done using the tuning menu on the wheel itself.

    Start by pressing the settings button to the right of the screen. This will enter the settings menu. Then use the rotary encoder on the steering wheel to scroll through and change settings.

    Click the rotary encoder to enter each individual setting, and press it again to confirm the setting.
    Use the settings listed above under the wheel settings heading for this step.

  3. Adjust your Gran Turismo 7 wheel settings

    Next step is to start up Gran Turismo 7, and change the force feedback settings in game. Do this by starting up a race or event, then pause the game and head over to the settings menu.

The best racing wheels for Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the best racing simulations available on PlayStation 5. It is widely compatible with a range of racing wheels, from budget wheels through to premium direct drive wheels similar to this Logitech Pro Racing Wheel.

We have created an ultimate guide on the best racing wheels for Gran Turismo 7. I’d recommend giving it a read if you are thinking about purchasing a new racing wheel to race on PlayStation 5.

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